Hunter x Hunter: Nen Chart Explained

In Short
  • There are a total of six types of Nen in Hunter x Hunter, namely Enhancement, Transmutation, Emission, Conjuration, Manipulation, and Specialization.
  • There is an easy method called water divination that can be used to determine one's Nen type.
  • More advanced Nen variants can be made by combining or deriving from the basic four principles of Nen.

One of the most intricate and potent power systems in Shonen anime is the Nen power system from Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter. All HxH characters derive their powers through Nen. We have already explained the fundamentals of Nen in Hunter x Hunter, and now, it’s time to learn about its types and more advanced forms. If one wants to master the art of Nen, one must know all about the Nen Chart, Types of Aura, and more in Hunter x Hunter.

Spoiler Warning:

This article contains spoilers about the Nen power system and the story of Hunter x Hunter. We highly suggest you read the manga or anime to avoid ruining the intended experience.

What Is Nen Chart in Hunter x Hunter

Nen types in HxH.
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

As mentioned earlier, every single living being is born with life energy known as Aura or Nen. Also, everyone is born with a natural Nen type from the beginning. There are a total of six types of Nen in Hunter x Hunter. As mentioned in the Nen chart above, the six types of Nen are:

  • Enhancement
  • Transmutation
  • Emission
  • Conjuration
  • Manipulation
  • Specialization

After becoming proficient in the four principles, the next step for a Nen user is to find their natural Nen type. As a result, after finding it out, they can start honing their skills and moves based on their nature of aura.

Learn About the Sub-Types of Aura

Hunter x Hunter: Nen Chart Explained

Let’s explain this with an example. Imagine you are born an Enhancer. But you’re not only locked to perform Enhancement techniques. A Nen user can also learn Nen abilities other than their natural type. However, one should keep in mind that the percentage of power decreases the further the type is away from your natural type.

In this case, take a look at the diagram above. An enhancer can also replicate 80% of Emission or Transmutation techniques as it is next to enhancement in the Nen chart. Meanwhile, the user can only recreate 60% of Manipulation and Conjuration techniques and can’t do specialization. This is how the rules work based on the Nen chart!

Water Divination: Find Your Nen Type

Water Divination techniqe in HxH
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

Alright, to find out one’s aura type, there is a simple process called Water Divination. It only takes a few minutes to find out, and here is how it goes:

  • Take a glass and fill it completely with water.
  • Place a leaf on top of the water to make it afloat.
  • Now, the user needs to bring their hands near the glass (as shown in the image above) and use Ren.
  • As a result of this process, there will be a noticeable change, which should be noted to find the aura type.

There is a set of results already available that can help the user find their type. The changes they get out of the Water Divination can be compared with the below list of results:

ChangesType of Aura/Nen
If the water’s volume altersEnhancer
If the water’s flavor changesTransmuter
If the water’s hue shiftsEmitter
If contaminants are detected in the waterConjurer
If the leaf squirms while floating in the waterManipulator
If a behavior unrelated to those stated above emergesSpecialist

Water Divination is a famous and trusted method to find one’s aura type in Hunter x Hunter. There are a few more ways such as Hiso-Hiso’s Aura-based Personality Analysis (by Hisoka), telltale signs, and more with which someone can find a user’s type. But keep in mind that they aren’t as reliable as the water divination technique.

Types of Nen (Aura) in Hunter x Hunter

Now that you have learned about detecting a user’s nen type. It’s time to learn about the different types of Nen to get a more clear picture of their powers.

1. Enhancement

Gon using Jajanken
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

First up, we have the Enhancement type. An enhancer has the ability to greatly utilize their aura to reinforce their natural powers. It is widely known as the most balanced type than any other as the user can strengthen both the attack and defense as they wish.

As a result, the enhancer can vastly boost their powers over time. Enhancers can be considered to be those born with a silver spoon as they have the ability to fix any abilities they possess and become even more powerful characters. Some well-known Enhancers are:

Gon Freecs
Isaac Netero

2. Transmutation

Killua using transmutation
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

Transmuters can alter their aura to resemble the characteristics of a particular object. The attributes of elements of nature, artificial materials, etc., are only a few examples of what the Transmuted aura might mimic.

However, keep in mind that they can only mimic an object’s attributes, not totally reproduce it. The transmuters have the ability to change one or a combination of their aura’s qualities. As an example, Killua generates electricity whereas Hisoka combines the characteristics of rubber and gum.

Killua Zoldyck
Biscuit Krueger

3. Emission

Mereum's rage blast
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

Emitters possess the special ability to take out the aura inside their bodies and utilize it for various purposes such as combat, teleportation, and more. The aura released can be used to shoot beams, projectiles, etc., which will result in massive damage to the opponents.

Furthermore, the advanced abilities of Emission include even teleportation. The Emitters technique can be viewed as a simple one but with an innovative mind one can come up with brilliant strategies to utilize this ability to the fullest. There is one rule in emission that everyone should follow — “The greater the aura emitted from the user’s body, the smaller the distance it covers.”

Franklin Bordeau

4. Conjuration

Kurapika using Comjuration
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

Many fans confuse Conjuration and Transmutation as they appear to produce similar results. While transmuters can imitate the characteristics of an object through their aura, conjurers can recreate the desired object with their aura.

For example, Kurapika can conjure holy chains to use against his opponents. Once again, this ability is limited by the user’s creativity, however, they can’t create a godly object. IIzunavi, Kurapika’s Nen teacher, stated that a conjurer cannot create things that are extremely otherworldly.

But the special thing about Conjuration is that the user can increase the potency of their abilities by placing a condition on them. Let’s take Kurapika’s chains, for example. Kurapika made a vow that the Chain Jail can only be used against the Phantom Troupe organization and if he breaks this vow, he will immediately die as a result. We all know how that went in the Phantom Troupe arc, which is one of the best arcs in HxH. Here are some popular conjurers:


5. Manipulation

Manipulation by Shalnark
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

The art of manipulation is a fascinating Nen power that can get you to the top if you play your cards right. Manipulators are bestowed a gift that enables them to become puppet masters. They can take control of both living and non-living things by letting their aura into the target’s body. They do need a medium to operate though and there are three levels of controlling, they are:

  • Soliciting: While manipulators respect the victim’s free will, they prepare them to cooperate with them by rewriting their memories, brainwashing, etc.
  • Coercive: Manipulators take complete control of their target’s body and mind.
  • Pseudo-coercive: The victim’s body is either taken over by the manipulator or the victim is forced to obey the manipulator’s commands after being placed in a precarious situation.
  • Diffusive induction type: The complete details regarding this type are currently unavailable at this moment.
Illumi Zoldyck

6. Specialization

Specialist Chrollo Lucifer in HxH
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

Any power that is distinct under the above five types is qualified as a Specialization ability and the users are known as Specialists. As the title implies, these specialists are very rare and have special powers. These powers are often developed based on their characteristics, and we have only seen a handful of specialists.

For example, we have seen Chrollo developing his special ability to steal the Nen abilities from other users. Also, Neon Nostrade was able to predict the future with this ability. This ability is such a sight to behold!

Chrollo Lucifer
Neon Nostrade

Advanced Forms of Nen in Hunter x Hunter

The four fundamental principles can be combined or used to create more complex versions of Nen. One must learn the advanced forms of Nen if one wants to evolve into a powerful Nen user in their lifetime. They are:

1. Gyo

Zushi using Gyo
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

Gyo literally means Focus in Japanese. It is considered to be an advanced form of the Ren principle. With this technique, a user can concentrate their aura only on a certain part of their body depending on the situation they are in. But this leaves the other body parts completely vulnerable.

Gyo is often used to concentrate the aura around the eyes which can help the user see and track the aura of other Nen users. It is also stated that Gyo can be helpful in seeing things hidden by using the In technique (discussed below).

2. In

Kurapika using In against Uvogin
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

In translates to Conceal, and that must give you a clear meaning about this type. It is an advanced application of the Zetsu principle. In Zetsu, the user can stop their aura emission. Likewise, in this case, the user can make their aura hidden from others.

Concealing the aura and the aura constructs from others helps the user greatly in stealth missions and combat. However, the objects concealed by In are hidden against the normal five senses alone. The opponent can easily use ‘Gyo’ to counter In and track the aura.

3. En

Nobunaga using En
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

En means circle in Japanese and it is the perfect title for this technique. When the user combines the two principles Ten and Ren, it gives birth to this advanced form known as En. By using Ren, the user first extends the range of aura outside his body and at the same time applies Ten to make a sphere-shaped dome range.

Furthermore, Inside this dome, the user has complete control to sense anything that steps inside. It is extremely exhausting to perform this technique. However, we have seen some characters such as Neferpitou master this technique. Pitou had a range of over two Kilometers and can detect anything over this radius.

4. Shu

Gon using Shu on a shovel
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

Shu is an advanced form derived from the principle Ten. The translation for Shu is Enfold and as it implies Shu enables the Nen users to surround any item with their aura. After achieving this, users can use that item as an extension of their body.

Additionally, it is mentioned that Shu can be used to incorporate with other advanced forms, such as Ko.

5. Ko

Biscuit using Ko
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

When you combine Ten, Zetsu, Ren, Hatsu, and Gyo at the same time, it can be used to concentrate a massive amount of aura in one specific part of the user’s body.

At first, the user needs to use Gyo to concentrate the aura on the desired part. Next, he has to utilize Ten to prevent that aura from escaping. Then, the user uses Ren Zestu to stop the pipe of aura which is to stop the flow to other parts and finally, the user uses Ren to boost the aura at that specific part and apply Hatsu to develop their special technique.

This technique extremely powerful offensive attack and leaves the user vulnerable. However, with this ability, the user has the potential to one-shot their opponent.

6. Ken

Gon using Ken
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

If you wonder how one can protect themselves from the dangerous Ko attacks, Ken is the solution. Ken means fortify and is a defensive ability. It is also an advanced form achieved by combining the basics of Ten and Ren.

Furthermore, by using this technique, the user can maximize the aura they produce and maintain it around them, thus, forming a solid defensive wall around them. It is said to be 10x better than when using the normal Ten technique. This defensive technique comes in handy extremely during defense but alas it is very hard to maintain this form!

7. Ryu

Biscuit using Ryu
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter by Madhouse Studios (Fandom)

Ryu sounds so familiar to Ryou from One Piece, which is an advanced form of Haki. Ryu means flow and is exactly what we need in this technique. The Ryu technique is achieved when the user who is maintaining the Ken form uses Gyo at the same time to make up for the offensive work.

Since Ken is a purely defensive technique, the addition of Gyo is done to come up with an offensive attack. By flowing their aura to desired parts, for example, 70% to the right fist and 30% to other parts, the user can balance the offense and defense.

However, it is stated that this technique is super hard to master as it requires great levels of control of one’s aura. But once someone masters it, this doesn’t leave them vulnerable like other techniques and covers them in every aspect.

We hope we were able to explain Nen and its various user types in Hunter x Hunter with the help of the Nen chart. I agree that it’s a complex system, but it is easy to learn and now you can even master the art of Nen to become a powerful user. That sid, what is your favorite Nen technique? Do tell us in the comments below.

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