Hunter x Hunter Manga Ending: Author Togashi Reveals Four Endings

The Hunter x Hunter series has been crowned one of the greatest manga and anime despite never reaching its conclusion. The anime wrapped things up for the time being, adapting a good chunk of the material. However, the manga is still ongoing, with long periods of hiatus in between due to the author Yoshihiro Togashi’s health-related issues. As a result, due to the issues concerning his health, Togashi has revealed the different sets of endings for HxH in a variety show. Curious to know how it ends? Continue reading to learn more about the ending of Hunter x Hunter as disclosed by Togashi himself.

Yoshihiro Togashi Discusses the Ending of HxH Series

Hunter x Hunter Manga Ending: Author Togashi Reveals Four Endings

We all very well know about the saddening health issues of the mangaka, Yoshihiro Togashi. He has talked about how it greatly affects his workflow in many of his interviews. Consequently, the health issues have resulted in massive breaks in the Hunter x Hunter manga. The longest hiatus period we witnessed was from 2018-2022, a four-year-long waiting period. As his health is very concerning, it seems Togashi has decided to give away a major piece of information about the ending of Hunter x Hunter.

More importantly, it is not a single ending! Togashi has revealed key details on multiple endings he has in his mind for the Hunter x Hunter series via a letter in TV Asahi’s “Iwakura and Yoshizumi Program,” a variety show.

Along with answering different questions about his work, he mentioned the different endings as A, B, and C, respectively. These three endings are the currently planned ones, which will have different satisfaction numbers among fans according to him. However, he further dropped another big bomb by mentioning that there is a fourth ending (Ending D) as well.

The key takeaway in this revelation is that he has now confirmed in his own words that “In case fate took him before the manga’s completion,” he has asked readers to take Ending D, that is the fourth ending, as the epic denouement to this magnum opus HxH series. As a result, he has unveiled every detail about the fourth ending of HxH manga which you can read below.

The Multiple Endings of the Hunter x Hunter Revealed!

So as you are aware now, there are four endings planned for the HxH manga. Let’s take a look at all of them and how Togashi has predicted the fan reactions and described them in his latest revelation letter. They are as follows:

  • Ending A: It is kind of an optimistic ending where 80% of readers are satisfied and 20% of readers find it unsatisfactory.
  • Ending B: This ending is where fans will get divisive as 50% of readers can find it satisfactory and the other 50% dissatisfied.
  • Ending C: This is the personal favorite ending of Togashi and he mentioned that he personally prefers this one. However, he also mentioned that this ending would dissatisfy almost 90% of the fans. And that only 10% of his readers will find it satisfying. Maybe a dark ending awaits us based on what he said.
  • Ending D: This is the ending that has been scrapped but emphasized by apologizing first for the worst-case scenario. He added that this can be considered the ending to the series in case he passes away before he completes his beloved work. There was no mention of satisfaction ratings about this ending as he revealed it in its entirety to the show’s guests and his fans.

At this moment, these are the three endings that align with Togashi’s objective and desire. But he also stated that he would sincerely try to strive to think about a unique ending that is distinct from the current three endings. Thus, he asserted that he would pen down the ending that he found the most entertaining at the end of the day.

Hunter X Hunter’s Final Ending Explained

Hunter x Hunter Manga Ending: Author Togashi Reveals Four Endings
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter (IMDb)

So now that you have learned about Togashi’s message to the fans, it’s time to discuss the details of the fourth ending, which he has given away to us. This ending has been tossed out of his drafts for the conclusion, but as mentioned earlier, this will be considered the ending in case the author is unable to finish the HxH manga. That said, without any further ado, let’s begin breaking down on this ultimate ending.

Gon’s Future

So this ending takes place many years after the current timeline where our protagonist Gon Freeces has grown old. He has now become a grandfather. And surely this poses many questions about who did he end up with? and many more, isn’t it? Togashi answered that as well.

If you remember, there was a girl named Noko in Gon’s hometown (Whale Island). Gon mentioned her to Killua as his friend once. It’s implied that she was the only child besides Gon on the island, so when Gon retires, it is mentioned that he will end up marrying Noko and start a family together in their hometown.

Hunter x Hunter Manga Ending: Author Togashi Reveals Four Endings
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter (Fandom)

Descendants of Freecs Family

Since Gon is a grandfather now, we even got to hear about his granddaughter in the latest ending explainer. The descendants of the Freecs family were mentioned briefly throughout. Gon married Noko and that led to the birth of Gon’s son (name unknown). Down the road, his son tied the knot with an unknown woman, and Jin Freecs was born. Jin is the granddaughter of Gon Freecs.

Hunter x Hunter Manga Ending: Author Togashi Reveals Four Endings
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter (IMDb)

If that name sounds so familiar to you, it is no miracle. As we are aware, the name of Gon’s father was Ging Freecs. And the romaji (romanized) for his name is Jin Furīkusu. So, Gon’s son seems to have named his daughter in remembrance of his grandfather Jin. Ultimately, Jin shares so many resemblances to her grandfather, which we have discussed in the below section.

Parallels Between Gon & Jin in HxH Ending

By now you must have understood everything about the Freecs family and their lineage. So, it’s now time to learn about the true meaning behind the final moments of HxH. It begins with Jin fishing on Whale Island trying to capture the Master of the Swamp (Lake Lord). This is the same fish we see Gon catching when we first meet him in the story.

Just like her grandfather, she also successfully captures the fish and brings it to a woman who is none other than Jin’s mom. While Jin’s mom is happy to see this, Jin calmly rejects that feeling by making a statement that her mother should never tell her again to become a “Hunter.” This clearly shows Jin’s resentment towards the job of Hunters, and you can understand more about this down the road.

Hunter x Hunter Manga Ending: Author Togashi Reveals Four Endings
Image Courtesy: Hunter x Hunter (IMDb)

Jin’s mom tells Jin’s dad that the true dream of Jin is to settle on this island, inherit their place, and never leave it at any cost. Jin’s dad laughs heavily upon hearing this and agrees to her daughter’s wishes. This makes Jin’s mother wonder, “Perhaps her desires will change later, but I want to know, you and Jin, why are you like this? Surely it’s because of the blood of Grandma Mito and Grandma Noko.”

She further emphasizes But grandpa Gon was a famous hunter… and this girl will one day leave the island. As you can see the tables have turned on Whale Island. When Gon wanted to take the hunter path, he was initially rejected by his foster mother Mito Freecs. In the future, Jin’s mother wants her daughter to become a Hunter, however, Jin like her father doesn’t want to tread on that path. This is a nice parallel and juxtaposition to see how things began and ended now.

While Jin left the discussion, she overhears the conversation between her parents from such a long distance. To which, Jin’s dad replies “You have a sharp eye.” This is just like how her grandfather was back in his days and these parallels couldn’t get more obvious.

The scene changes to a different place where the fish is cut and ready to cook. During this time, we can finally understand how things are now from the eyes of Jin. Jin’s perspective is mentioned as she goes on to express how the Hunter job has affected their lives.

In her words: “Mom never understands. When Grandpa speaks joyfully about his memories of being a hunter, Grandma Noko quietly moves away from her seat. Every time Grandpa Gon affirms, her belief is heard from someone. She strikes the cutting board forcefully with a knife (I’m tired of this!!) to wait for someone’s return after months and years of sadness crushes my heart… I make someone wait for me!”.

This monologue perfectly describes what it’s like to be a Hunter. Once Gon became a Hunter like his dad, he had to sacrifice the part of being there for their loved ones. It is a necessary sacrifice one has to make for the greater good.

However, these lines provide the perspective of the people waiting on the other side. How they have to wait a long time to see their kin. Things like this made Gon’s son and now Gon’s granddaughter never like the idea of becoming a Hunter. Gon had a purpose to become a hunter, i.e. to find his dad and meet him.

Unlike Gon, Jin doesn’t have any but if she finds one soon, she may become a hunter or just live a normal life on Whale Island. But Jin’s words about being with family tell us a lot about what she yearns for. She stated “I always… always wanted to be with the person I want to be with. together, always!”

A new chubby kid enters the place as things go by and is happy to see Jin catching the Lake Lord. They also agreed with what Jin said about her goals. As they begin to cook, a bird flies over their island and now over a town and its residents.

This is where Togashi describes the descendants of the other main characters such as Killua, Leorio, and Kurapika. In his words: The son of one of them, the daughter of another, and the grandchild of another live in different places, exchanging smiles. They might be the children of that character and the grandchildren of that character. The bird flies away into the distance. In the background, a figure watches the scene”.

This is the happy ending we all wanted our favorite characters to have. It is wholesome to see them smiling towards the end. And the figure who watches the scene from the background must be none other than Gon himself. This ending gives a major throwback to chapter 1 (episode 1) of Hunter x Hunter as evident from its parallel scenes. This is a deserving ending to the series, which I see will be liked by most of the fans for sure.

So that’s everything we know about the ending of the HxH manga. We hope Togashi sensei recovers from his health-related issues that are pulling him back from doing what he loves. Even with these health problems, he has tried his best and continued to deliver the manga chapters for us (the fans) after the hiatus.

So, let’s hope we will get to see the true ending of Hunter x Hunter as Togashi envisioned. That said, what do you think about the multiple endings? Let us know in the comments below.

Is the Hunter x Hunter story finished?

No! The story of HxH has not been concluded yet and is awaiting a fitting end from the creator, Yoshihiro Togashi.

What is the ending of HxH?

As of now, an alternate ending to the series incase if the author passes away has been released. It briefly offers a look at Gon’s children and grandchildren and how his life as a hunter has influenced them. You can read more about it in the ending explained section above.

Who did Gon marry in the end?

In the fourth ending of HxH, Gon marries Noko, a friend who lives in his hometown, Whale Island. She was first seen as the only kid besides Gon himself on the island during the first arc.

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