Valorant Clove Confirmed Release Date and Agent Gear

In Short
  • Valorant's new Controller agent, Clove, arrives in Episode 8 Act 2 on Tuesday, March 26th, 2024.
  • Clove will join the Valorant agent pool as the 25th agent and the 6th controller.
  • Clove comes with a set of unique agent gear that can be unlocked after you acquire the agent in-game.

After spreading their signature butterflies all over social media, Clove is finally joining Valorant’s agent roster. They will be the 25th agent and the sixth controller in the agent pool. After releasing ISO in the previous Episode, the arrival of Clove is expected to bring a lot of meta shifts and might make players play controllers more, much like their favorite aggressive duelists. Thanks to Clove’s exciting new abilities, death will not be the end for you in Valorant. So, if you are also as impatient as us, find out the release date and agent gear for Clove.

Valorant Agent Clove Release Date

Riot Games has officially confirmed that Clove will be added to Valorant on March 26, 2024, in Episode 8 Act 2. They will be a mid-act release to be a part of Episode 8 Act 2.

After being revealed in the gameplay trailer a few hours ago, Clove has set its eyes on the Valorant agent pool. The update is expected to go live after a maintenance break of two hours. Here are the regional timings for the maintenance that will lead to the Clove update release:

  • Asia Pacific: March 26, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. PT.
  • Brazil: March 26, 2024, at 06:00 p.m. Brasilia
  • Europe: March 26, 2024, at 11:00 p.m. CET
  • Japan: March 27, 2024, at 6:00 a.m. JST.
  • India: March 27, 2024, at 2:30 a.m. IST.

Unlock Clove & Their Agent Gear in Valorant

Once Clove is released, you can acquire them by spending 1,000 VP from the agent tab. You can also get them for free by completing the Agent Recruitment Event. For that, you will have to play and complete the dailies and acquire a total of 200,000 XP.

Once the recruitment event is over, you can unlock Clove using Kingdom Credits in Valorant. You need to spend 8,000 Kingdom Credits to unlock the new agent. Once you unlock them, you’ll access their agent gear. Check out the agent gear for Clove in Valorant from the table below:

Gear ImageName
VALORANT Clove agent card for release dateClove Agent Card
Metamorphosis Agent gear card for Clove on release dateClove (Metamorphosis) Agent Card
Flutter Ghost Skin CloveFlutter Ghost Skin
Clove SprayClove Spray
Gloomheart SprayGloomheart Spray
We Punk SprayWee Punk Spray
Metal Wings Clove Gunbuddy agent gearMetal Wings Gun Buddy

So, these are the regional release dates and times for Clove, who joins the game on Tuesday, March 26. Are you excited to try out Clove and their self-revive after death and smoke abilities? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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