How to Use Sony Camera as Webcam on Windows PC or Laptop

Sony camera as a webcam feat.

As more and more people have started to work from home due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, companies are trying their best to help people around the world with their technology. So, following the boom of the video-conferencing saga, to improve the quality of video calls of users, major camera companies like GoPro, Panasonic, and Canon have launched dedicated software that enables users to use their DSLR and digital cameras as webcams.

Now, Sony recently jumped on the bandwagon and released the “Imaging Edge Webcam” software to enable existing Sony camera owners to use them as webcams.

How to Use Your Sony Camera as a Webcam

Before you get started, you must download Sony’s new “Imaging Edge Webcam” software from its official website after selecting your camera model.

So now that you’re all set up, follow the steps below to use your Sony camera as a webcam to get crystal clear video quality on your next Zoom or Skype call.

  • First, you have to enable the necessary settings on your Sony camera to connect it to your personal computer. 

Note: Every camera model has different settings. So, you can use Sony’s official guide to perform the necessary actions on your camera to connect it to your computer.

  • Now, take your camera and physically connect it to your PC using the included data cable.
  • Then, launch the new “Imaging Edge Webcam” software on your PC.
  • In the live distribution/web conferencing software by Sony, change the relevant settings to use your Sony camera as the default camera instead of the built-in camera of your PC or laptop.
  • Now, you can start your next video call with, as described by my colleague Akshay, “the crispiest” video.

By following these steps, you can easily start to use your Sony Camera as a webcam for your PC. Moreover, you can even use it as a face-cam when you are streaming your favorite games on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming.

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