How to Make a Jukebox in Minecraft

In Short
  • Jukebox is a wooden block you may insert disc into and remove music discs from in Minecraft.
  • You can make it with 8 wooden planks of any type, one diamond and a crafting table.
  • Jukebox emits a redstone signal depending on the disc currently playing inside it. It can also interact with hoppers and droppers.

With every update, Minecraft gets several amazing soundtracks that play randomly throughout your gameplay. Though, in addition to those, there are also many music discs you can acquire and listen to with the help of a jukebox. This block is therefore necessary if you want to enjoy some of the best beats in the game like Otherside and Pigstep. So, in this guide, we will teach you how you can make a jukebox in Minecraft and how to use it.

Items You Need to Make a Jukebox

To craft a jukebox in Minecraft, you will need the following resources:

  • 8 Planks (of any type)
  • 1 Diamond
  • Crafting table

Wooden planks are one of the basic blocks in the game, which you can get from breaking down logs in the crafting grid. Diamonds are precious items you get after mining diamond ore with a non-silk touch pickaxe. Check out our guide on ore distribution in Minecraft to find these and all other ores easily. You’ll also come across them while looting chests in some structures.

The crafting table is a utility block you can make with four planks of any wood type.

Jukebox Crafting Recipe in Minecraft

Now that you’ve got all the needed resources, let’s make a jukebox.

  • Place the crafting table in your world and right-click it or use the secondary action button.
  • Then, place the diamond in the central slot of the 3×3 crafting grid.
  • After that, surround the diamond with wooden planks, so every remaining slot is filled.
  • And that’s it. Click on the jukebox to craft it and move it to your inventory.

You may also use a crafter in Minecraft 1.21 to make lots of jukeboxes automatically. However, as I always remind you, you have to provide it with redstone signal for it to spit out items.

How Does a Jukebox Work in Minecraft

Using a jukebox is pretty simple. Once you have a music disc, you can select it on your hotbar and right-click the jukebox with it. It’ll get inserted in the block and the corresponding soundtrack will start to play. You’ll also see note particles appear above the jukebox if it’s currently playing a music disc. To remove the disc from the jukebox, right-click it again.

Now, let’s cover some more advanced mechanics. Jukebox, believe it or not, also acts as a redstone component. It emits a redstone signal when there is a disc inside. The strength of the signal depends upon the disc itself.

Here’s a table showing the redstone signal strength levels for each music disc in Minecraft:

Music DiscPower Level
No disc0

You can view and utilize this redstone signal with the help of a redstone comparator. Place the comparator so it reads signal out of the jukebox and attach redstone dust to it. By accessing the F3 debug screen on Java edition, you can view the signal strength of that redstone dust.

Moreover, hoppers and droppers can interact with a jukebox, as they can remove discs from and insert discs into it. While a hopper is below an active jukebox, it’s locked since the jukebox emits a redstone signal.

But once the track finishes playing, the hopper will become active and will extract the disc from the jukebox. With a super simple hopper and dropper setup, as shown in the image below, you’ll be able to loop discs. So, when the disc finishes playing, it’ll be put back in the jukebox so it plays again. To stop the loop, power the hopper, and the disc will not be extracted.

Furthermore, while the jukebox is playing a song, any nearby tamed parrots and Allays will dance to the beat. Not only that, but an active jukebox is necessary for duplicating allays.

So, that’s how you can make and use a jukebox in Minecraft. If you have some discs lying around, go ahead and make this wooden block so you can enjoy them daily.

Why does jukebox need diamond?

Well, this may just be a funny feature, or perhaps it’s a reference to how phonographs often have diamond-tipped needles. There has been no official statement from Minecraft.

Do music discs play forever?

No, once the track reaches its end, the music disc will stop playing.

Do mobs drop music discs?

Not really. When a skeleton kills a creeper, only then one of the specific music discs will be dropped. Otherwise, there are other music discs you can find only while exploring structures.

How do you make a jukebox play forever?

You can use a hopper, two droppers, a redstone comparator and a repeater, and also three redstone dust to make a jukebox play forever.

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