How to Lock Facebook Profile on iPhone, Android & Web (2024)

In Short
  • Facebook Profile Lock acts as a digital shield that prevents those outside your friend list from viewing your account info.
  • To enable the feature, tap on profile icon -> Facebook Profile name -> three-dot menu -> Lock Profile.
  • However, users can still search for you on the platform and send you friend requests and messages.

Social media can be an unsafe space, especially if you don’t do your bit and protect the privacy of your account. Facebook’s Profile Lock feature is one such very useful privacy-first feature that lets you create a shield around your account and prevent those who are not in your friend list from viewing any information. Whether you are new to Facebook or are just making a comeback after years, here’s how to lock your Facebook profile easily!

What Happens When You Lock Your Facebook Profile

  • Those not on your friend list will be unable to view your complete profile. Instead, they will see a very limited version of your About info. All of your content on the platform, from your stories to posts, is hidden from those outside of your friend list. Those outside of your friend list also don’t see the expanded view of your profile picture or cover picture.
  • Only those in your friend list will be able to view your full Facebook profile, stories, and posts.
  • All your Public Facebook posts will change to Friends.
  • Profile and tag reviews are turned on for you.

However, people will still be able to search for you on the platform and send you friend requests and messages. You will also appear in the People you may know section. But, that’s pretty much about it. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how you can use the feature in the first place!

Lock Facebook Profile on Android and iOS

The process of locking your Facebook Profile is very similar on both Android and iOS. Once you head over to the Facebook app on these platforms and sign in to the profile you want to lock, follow these steps:

  • From your Facebook Home page, tap on the profile icon at the top right (Android) or bottom right (iOS).
Facebook Profile Icon on Android and iOS
Facebook Profile icon placement on Android (L) vs iOS (R)
  • Next, tap on your Facebook Profile name that’s being displayed at the very top.
  • Tap on the three-dot menu option beside the Edit profile button.
Facebook Profile three-dot menu Android
  • Select the Lock profile section, and hit Lock your profile on the confirmation page.
Enabling Facebook Profile Lock on Android

That should do the trick and instantly lock your Facebook profile with a message that reads, “You locked your profile.”

Lock Facebook Profile on Web

  • Firstly, head over to Facebook on your desired desktop browser (we are using Microsoft Edge here).
  • In the left panel of the web version, you will see your Facebook Profile name being displayed. Click on it.
Facebook Profile Name Web Version
  • This will take you straight to your Facebook profile page, where you will need to click on the three-dot menu in your profile’s information panel.
Three-dot menu on Facebook Profile
  • Here, click on the Lock profile option.
Lock Facebook Profile option Web Version
  • Finally, in the confirmation window that pops up, click on Lock your profile. Hit OK in the pop-up window you see next, and that’s it.
  • Facebook Lock your profile window web
  • Locked Facebook Profile Activation Window Web

Now that you know how to lock your Facebook profile, we certainly do hope that you keep it enabled and take steps to protect your digital privacy. If you decide against it, you can simply retrace your steps to unlock your Facebook profile.

While that brings us to the end of this guide, you can take a look at our dedicated guide on how to make your Facebook account private to know about it all. If you have any other related queries, do take to the comments down below!

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    Can’t find it in ip xr facebook app

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    the social networking app has a decent armory of privacy tools.

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