How to Get Cursed Bone in LEGO Fortnite

In Short
  • Cursed bone is an essential endgame resource to craft powerful charms like the Regeneration Charm and the Charm of Resilience.
  • Find the bone wolf (cursed wolf) in the caves of Frostland area in LEGO Fortnite and defeat it to get the cursed bone.
  • Use items like chili peppers, burgers, or inner fire charm to resist cold while fighting the bone wolf.

As you keep progressing in LEGO Fortnite, you unlock a lot of vital resources and tools. This also includes various resources like the cursed bone, which you get in the advanced stages of the game. The cursed bone is important in crafting items such as the Regeneration Charm and the Charm of Resilience, which are extremely powerful. However, to use cursed bone, you first need to get it by slaying the bone wolf in LEGO Fortnite.

Find Cursed Bone in LEGO Fortnite

In LEGO Fortnite, you can get cursed bone by killing the bone wolf (cursed wolf). However, the cursed wolf is only found in the deep caves of Frostland (winter biome). As such, you have a journey ahead of you.

In your map, identify the north direction using the compass and go towards it to find the Frostlands. However, make sure to prep for LEGO Fortnite’s extreme temperatures before you head out. Similar to other caves in LEGO Fortnite, the Frostland caves can also be hard to locate. That is why you will need to do a fair bit of exploring before you chance upon one.

Enter the Frostland Cave

However, just finding the cave is not the only task. Inside the caves, you will find a lot of different and strong skeletons.

Once you defeat or evade them, you will notice some white wolves made of skeletons. Despite being an epic rarity creature in LEGO Fortnite, cursed wolves can be easy to spot inside these caves. Defeat them to get the cursed bone. However, before you proceed, have a look below at the tools and tips you need to get it.

Cursed Bone Wolf in LEGO Fortnite

Tools to Get Cursed Bone in LEGO Fortnite

Now that you know where to find the cursed wolf, you must also learn how to obtain cursed bones without losing hearts. Follow the steps below to learn that:

1. Keep Yourself Warm: Cold Resistance

As mentioned above, when making a trip to the north, you will notice you are cold and losing health points. This effect goes higher once you enter the Frostland caves. For cold prevention, you will have to keep yourself warm.

The first thing you can use to prevent cold is eating hot food. You can travel down the southwest Dry Valley to find chili peppers. Eat them raw to receive a cold resistance effect. You can also use chili peppers, flour, and meat to make burgers. Burgers will grant you temporary health points and cold resistance for a longer duration.

Cold Resistance items in LEGO Fortnite

A cold resistance effect that you receive from the food item is for a limited time. That is why you can craft an Inner Fire Charm. This will prevent you from cold passively without consuming other food items.

You can craft an Inner Fire Charm using 3 heavy wool threads, 30 brightcores, 10 Blast Cores, and a Frost Brute Scale. However, these resources can be difficult to find. So we suggest carrying burgers if you must enter the Frostland caves.

2. Craft Stronger Weapons & Armor

With the cold resistance out of the way, you need to defeat the cursed wolf to obtain the cursed bone. The bone wolf is the strongest in the LEGO Fortnite wolf variety. However, you will notice that the bone wolves are slower than the other wolves. This will allow you to hit the wolf longer till it reaches you.

The ideal LEGO Fortnite weapon to fight the bone wolf is the curved crossbow, as you can take advantage of the slow movement of the wolf. Remember, the cursed wolf deals more damage and comes with a ton of bonus health points. That is why ensure you have one finger on the dodge button always while you maintain distance.

Attack bone wolf in LEGO Fortnite using crossbow

Before starting a fight with the bone wolf, ensure you have enough health points and armor. Craft a higher rarity knight shield to prevent incoming damage. As you already have the Inner Fire Charm to prevent cold, it will also grant you armor and health points.

And with that, you are now ready to find the cursed bone in LEGO Fortnite. Still having difficulties? Drop your problems in the comments below!

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