How to Get Clay in Minecraft & Make Clay Blocks

In Short
  • Clay blocks naturally generate underwater in rivers, lakes, oceans, swamps, beaches, and in large quantities in lush caves.
  • To make clay blocks in Minecraft, simply fill a 2x2 crafting grid with clay balls, be it your inventory or crafting table.
  • If mud is on top of a block that has pointed dripstones attached to its underside, it will convert into a clay block.

Clay is one of the most commonly found resources in Minecraft. It is abandoned, but only in select locations around the Overworld. It provides users with useful products and opportunities that help make the gameplay experience easier, and your builds more beautiful. So, we’ve made this guide to inform you of everything you should know about clay, where to find it, what to do with it, and even how to make clay blocks in Minecraft. So, let’s begin!

Where to Find Clay in Minecraft

Clay generates naturally in your world in the form of bluish blocks. These blocks appear underwater in rivers, swamp Minecraft biomes, oceans, beaches, and lakes. So, the easiest and fastest way to get clay is to search those areas.

However, the location where you will find clay blocks in very large quantities is lush caves. They are underground biomes that contain moss blocks, glow berries, spore blossoms, axolotls, and of course lots and lots of clay blocks.

You can find this biome pretty easily, as there are always several azalea trees on the surface that generate right above the lush cave. Dig down underneath one of these trees and if you find a large lush cave, you will have enough clay for the rest of your world’s lifetime.

Mining Clay Blocks

Clay blocks are pretty soft, so you can quickly mine them with your hand. But you can use a shovel to mine it even faster. Once you break a clay block, you will always receive four clay balls. This number is not affected by the fortune enchantment.

However, if you want to directly collect the clay block, you can do it using a silk touch enchanted tool. Clay blocks have very low blast resistance, so any nearby explosions will break them and turn them into clay balls.

Other Ways to Get Clay Blocks and Clay Balls

The most common sources of clay are explained above, but that doesn’t mean there are no other ones available in Minecraft. Here are some alternative ways to get clay blocks and clay balls:

  • Clay blocks generate in mason or stone mason villager houses in plains, savanna, and desert villages, as well as under fisher cottages in taiga villages.
  • You’ll find clay balls in desert houses’ chests and mason houses’ chests in Java edition. While in the Bedrock edition, you’ll also find them occasionally in trail ruins‘ suspicious gravel.
  • Killing an Enderman that’s holding a clay block will make it drop that block.
  • If you’ve got the Hero of the Village status effect for defeating a Minecraft raid, mason villagers may throw clay blocks at you.
  • It’s possible to craft clay blocks yourself (see section below).
  • You can convert mud into clay blocks (see section below).

Items Required to Make Clay Blocks

Now that you know where to find clay, let’s focus on the clay blocks. Both clay balls and clay blocks have their own uses in the game, but you’ll probably mostly collect clay balls instead of clay blocks. So the question is: How to get clay blocks?

Well, apart from mining with a silk touch tool, there is a crafting recipe that produces clay blocks, and it’s pretty straightforward. All you need for it is four clay balls.

So, every clay block you break will always supply you with enough clay balls to craft it. The crafting table is not required either, as your 2×2 crafting grid is more than enough.

How to Craft Clay Block in Minecraft

When you’re ready to craft clay blocks, follow the steps below:

  • Open your inventory with the E key.
  • Take the clay balls and place one in each of the slots in the 2×2 crafting grid.
  • Once you do that, the clay block will appear on the right. Click and move it to your inventory.
Crafting recipe for clay blocks in Minecraft.

Minecraft Clay Farm: Make Clay From Mud

Even though clay blocks are very much abandoned in lush caves and underwater areas, it doesn’t make them endless. So that’s why there is a way to renewably create clay, which you have to learn more about. This process involves mud blocks and pointed dripstone. We’ve described a little clay farm design below, so check out the following steps to make clay out of mud.

  • Place nine full blocks or bottom half slabs in a 3×3 configuration at least one block above the surface. You can also place them several blocks above.
Platform of oak planks
  • Attach pointed dripstone to the underside of those blocks.
Pointed dripstone attached to the platform of oak planks
  • Then, place mud blocks on top. They can even rest floating above the bottom half slabs, as this is not at all important.
  • Now, all that’s left to do is wait. After some time, mud blocks will convert into clay blocks.
  • You are free to expand this clay farm to process as many mud blocks as you want at the time.
Mud blocks on top of the oak planks that slowly started turning into clay blocks in Minecraft

Uses for Clay and Clay Blocks

1. Make Bricks

Now that you’re aware of how to get and even farm clay blocks and balls, it’s time you learn how to use them. Besides being part of the crafting recipe for clay blocks, clay balls can also be smelted in a furnace. They will then turn into bricks, which you can then use for various building and decorating purposes.

2. Get Emeralds

If you’re short on emeralds, you can choose to sell ten clay balls at a time to the mason villager for one emerald. Clay blocks, on the other hand, can be great building blocks.

3. Make Terracotta

But, what most players do with clay blocks is smelt them. When smelted, these clay blocks turn into terracotta. This is a rather convenient source of this colorful building block, especially if you live far away from a badlands biome.

  • Smelting clay balls to get bricks
  • Smelting clay blocks to get terracotta

With that, you now know how to find clay, make clay blocks, and use them in your Minecraft house ideas. Similarly to dirt, stone, and sand, clay blocks are one of the most commonly used materials in the game. So, if you haven’t already, go and play around with them to see their true potential.

Is clay common in Minecraft?

Yes, you’ll find clay fairly easily if you explore rivers, lakes, oceans, swamps, and beaches.

Does fortune work on clay?

No, you won’t get more clay balls if you mine clay blocks with a fortune-enchanted tool.

Do villagers trade clay?

Mason villagers will buy clay from you, but they won’t sell it to you. You will have to explore your world to find clay.

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