Starfield how to unlock boost pack

How to Get and Use the Boost Pack in Starfield

Starfield is all about exploration, space, and planets. To explore any of these, a boost pack (or a jet pack) naturally sounds like a useful item to have in your inventory. Essentially a jet pack seen in numerous sci-fi games and movies, a boost pack in Starfield allows you to float mid-air or even perform a double jump in mid-air. Unfortunately, boost packs are not something you start the game with, and they require some additional gameplay to procure. So, in this article, we will explain how to find and use a boost pack in Starfield, so that you can float around in space.

If the Starfield Deep Dive video was any indication, you can perform some slick mid-air shooting shenanigans with the boost pack strapped to your back. Before we learn how to properly start using the jet pack, it’s time to learn how to get it.

Where to Find the Boost Pack in Starfield

When you first wake up at the Akila mining station, you will notice you do not have a boost pack. That means you cannot double-jump or suspend mid-air right away. When you start the game, you don’t have the boost pack in your inventory. Moreover, if you try to search for a boost pack, you won’t be able to find one. The reason is simple – you don’t have one. Fortunately, things speed up quickly in Starfield, and getting one isn’t complex. There are two ways to get a boost pack in the game.

1. Finish the ‘One Small Step’ Mission

Finishing the one small step mission

The easiest way to obtain a boost pack is by completing the mission called One Small Step. You receive it after meeting Barrett for the first time and taking out the group of Crimson Fleet. Upon doing so, Barrett instructs you to reach New Atlantis to meet with Constellation, a group of space explorers. As such, if you follow through with the whole mission and meet up with the group of Sarah Bond at The Lodge in New Atlantis, Jameson, you will receive a boost pack as a reward.

This is currently the easiest way to get yourself a boost pack in Starfield. Since the item usage is recurring in the game, Starfield ensures to give it to you during the supposed tutorial portion.

2. Get It from a Dead Crimson Fleet Bandit

The alternative way of receiving the boost pack is through looting. However, this is a lengthier process, and we don’t recommend relying on it early in the game.

In Starfield, you will encounter forces of Crimson Fleet attacking you on multiple occasions during the beginning hours. First at Akila, then in space. Shooting them down in Akila will allow you to loot bodies. Doing so lets you pick up items. Later, you take out a group of Crimson Fleet on the planet of Kreet. In both instances, you can get yourself a boost pack from the dead bodies of these bandits. However, as the loots is randomized, the chances of stumbling upon one depends on your luck.

How to Use the Boost Pack in Starfield

Starfield constellation boost pack

Naturally, when you pick up the boost pack, equip it, and try using it, you will notice that your Starfield character still jumps around the usual way. To use the boost pack, your character needs to be trained. For that, open up your skill page, navigate to the tech tree, and select the “Boost Pack Training” perk. Doing so will allow you to use the item whenever you feel like. If your character belongs to the Soldier or Bounty Hunter background in Starfield, you receive the skill by default.

The Boost Pack training skill in Starfield

Boost pack training has four different ranks in Starfield and selecting them improves the item usage. After you acquire this skill, use the boost pack and press space on the keyboard (Y on the controller) when you’re mid-air. Doing so will make you jump higher and sometimes float for a duration. Later in the game, you will receive various boost packs of different characteristics.

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