Does Zagreus Return in Hades 2? Answered

In Short
  • Unfortunately, Zagreus doesn't make an appearance in Hades 2, as per our playthrough of the current early access build.
  • The reason for Zargeus' disappearance has to be because of events that occur between Hades 1 and Hades 2, and the Titans attempting to take over Olympus.
  • Currently, Hades 2 players can only play as the new protagonist, Melinoe, in the Hades 2 early access.

One question many returning Hades players have been wondering about is the return of Zagreus in Hades 2. After all, the son of Hades played a huge role in the game’s first installment. He was the protagonist of the first game. However, with Hades 2 now in early access, we haven’t seen him in any promotional material. So, what is up with Zargeus? Will Zagreus return in Hades 2? It’s time to find out.

Spoiler Warning: Minor spoilers ahead. We suggest you play Hades 2 and understand the game’s basic lore before you proceed further.

Is Zagreus There in Hades 2?

To answer the question — no, Zagreus is not playable in Hades 2. Not yet. One of the major changes in Hades 2 is the inclusion of the new protagonist, Melinoe. She takes the mantle of being the main protagonist of the popular rogue-like dungeon-crawler.

In Hades 2, we follow Melinoe’s journey through the underworld to challenge the Titan Chronos. We haven’t heard a single thing about Zagreus in-game during our playthrough. Which is strange, seeing Melinoe is the sister of our spiky-haired protagonist from the first game.

Well, if you look at the family image at the crossroads, you will always hear a brief exposition from Melinoe about her family. It is here that the game vaguely reveals the disappearance of Zagreus. Between Hades 1 and Hades 2, the Titans seemingly attempt to take over Olympus and are behind the disappearance of Hades, Persephone, and Zagreus.

The family picture at Crossroads in Hades 2 gives a rough idea about the existence of Zagreus in-game

Hence, Melinoe is out to avenge what happened to all three of them, so maybe Zagreus doesn’t exist anymore. However, we exactly don’t know the reason for his disappearance right now. As the story evolves through the early access, we should have a sound answer to that question.

Who is Zagreus in The Hades Universe

If the Hades 2 early access is your first time diving into the universe created by Supergiant Games, then you’d be wondering who Zagreus is. He is the son of Hades and Persepoles, who tries to leave the underworld to meet with his immediate relatives sitting on top of Mount Olympus. However, in front of him stood multiple forces of enemies who wanted to ensure he returned to the Underworld, never leaving the confines.

I won’t go into detail about the first game’s plot to avoid spoiling the fun for you. But in every good sense, Hades is a game any seasoned gamer should try. Not only is there a lot of replayability, but you will also enjoy a story that slowly unravels as you repeat the cycle. Hades 2 aims to surpass the greatness to even greater heights in the sequel.

Well, my headcannon does say that Zagreus will return in the end when the first stable release of Hades 2 arrives. However, who knows what is waiting at the end for us? So, let us know if you’ve played the early access and your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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