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Starfield is all about space exploration and traversing through the vast and unknown. As such, the game is only expected to have numerous planets to explore while keeping things interesting. While players will naturally take their time exploring them all, it helps to know just how much you’re dealing with. We thought the same and wanted to know exactly how many planets Starfield contains. Keep reading as we talk about that and more.

Total Number of Planets in Starfield

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Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – how many planets are there in Starfield? Naturally, most people will have this thought, as Starfield boasts about planet and space exploration. During the deep dive, it was confirmed that Starfield will have over 1,000 planets for players to discover. This number includes a combination of procedurally-generated and certain hand-crafted planets.

The 1000 planets will be spread across 100 different star systems. The systems will all have unique characteristics, including weather, species, and more. Additionally, while the game won’t allow us to set bases on every planet, we can explore them in search of mineable materials or life forms. Furthermore, each of them might have some hand-crafted areas to explore.

How Many Planets on Starfield Are Habitable

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Naturally, not every planet in our observable universe is habitable, a knowledge that doesn’t take rocket science to conclude. In the same vein, Starfield won’t allow every single one of planets to be habitable either. However, you can explore them for materials for your own needs. Starfield Game Director Todd Howard was asked the same during an episode of the Kinda Funny podcast. In response, he clarified that only 10% of the 1000 planets are habitable.

Now, if we do simple math and put our Scott Steiner glasses on (those who know, know), roughly 100 planets will be habitable in the game. However, Howard said it’s not like the rest of the planets are useless or don’t hold value. As previously mentioned, players can still explore them for mining materials or in search of hand-crafted encounters. So for the avid explorers among you, there’s a lot of variety.

Confirmed Prominent Starfield Planets

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During the Starfield Direct deep dive, a few planets were confirmed habitable. Four of these planets house the settled colonies in the universe of Starfield. The first one is Jemison, located in the Alpha Centauri Star System. Jemison has New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies space in the game. On Mars, we have a mining colony called Cydonia. Cydonia is another major colony, housing the largest mining facility under the United Colonies.

Outside of the United Colonies, we have an independent star system coalition. Akila City is one such planet under the Freestar Collective space. Located in the Cheyenne Star System, this settlement takes its cues from numerous spaghetti western settings, radiating the energy of the Wild West. This is also the planet where you possibly meet one of your Starfield companions. Finally, we have Neon in the Volii Star System under the Freestar collective. Initially starting as a fishing settlement, it transformed into a pleasure city. Housing the shrewd and ruffians of the space, Neon is where you have the nightlife and humans with dubious intentions.

Additionally, as confirmed in the Starfield Direct, many more unclaimed planets outside these four will be there, with hostile factions, such as Red Mile in the Porrima System.

All Confirmed Planets in Starfield

As per the two trailers (Starfield gameplay reveal and Deep Dive), these are the confirmed planets discoverable in-game. All of them will be explorable, so keep your thrusters handy. We will update this list as more details come to light.

Sol System

PlanetType of Planet
MercuryBarren Planet
VenusHostile Planet
JupiterGas Giant
SaturnGas Giant
UranusGas Giant
NeptuneGas Giant
PlutoBarren Planet

Alpha Centauri

Planet NameType of Planet
OlivasGas Giant


Planet NameType of Planet
NiiraHostile Planet
MagrethBarren Planet

Cheyenne Star System

Planet NameType of Planet

Nirah Star System

Planet NameType of Planet

Tau Ceti

Planet NameType of Planet
Tau Ceti VIIIPlanet
Tau Ceti VIII-bMoon


Planet NameType of Planet
Nemeria IUnknown
Nemeria IIUnknown
Nemeria IIIUnknown
Nemeria IVPlanet
Nemeria IV-AMoon

Narion System

Planet NamePlanet Type

Tidacha System

Planet NamePlanet Type
Tidacha IPlanet

Alchiba System

Planet NamePlanet Type
Alchiba IVPlanet
Alchiba IV-AUnknown
Alchiba VII-BMoon
Alchiba X-BMoon

Porrima System

Planet NamePlanet Type
Porrima IBarren Planet
Porrima IIISemi-barren planet
Porrima IVPlanet
Porrima IV-CMoon
Porrima IV-DUnknown
Porrima V-AUnknown

Confirmed Planets

Planet NameStar SystemType of Planet
Al-Battani V-AUnknownUnknown
Altair IIUnknownUnknown
Alpha Andraste IIIUnknownUnknown
Algorab III-BUnknownUnknown
Barden IIIUnknownUnknown
Beta Ternion IIIUnknownUnknown
Cassiopeia IV-AUnknownUnknown
Charybois VUnknownUnknown
Freya IX-BUnknownUnknown
Groombridge VIII-AUnknownUnknown
Kumasi IIIUnknownUnknown
Nirvana IIUnknownUnknown
Montara LunaUnknownUnknown
Piazzi VII-bUnknownUnknown
Rasalhague IUnknownUnknown
Syrma IUnknownUnknown
Tidacha IUnknownUnknown
Verne IIUnknownUnknown
Volii AlphaUnknownUnknown
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