How to Enable Google Assistant on Any Android Smartphone (No Root)

Last Updated: June 15, 2017

Google Assistant arrived with Google’s Pixel smartphones and Android fans have been waiting for the voice assistant to arrive on their Android smartphones ever since. Well, Google recently confirmed that they are rolling out Google Assistant to almost all Android smartphones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher. However, the rollout has been pretty slow and people are still waiting for the Google Assistant to arrive on their smartphones. As you might have guessed, there is a workaround if you cannot wait for Google Assistant to arrive on your smartphone officially. Here are the steps to enable Google Assistant on your Android smartphone without root access:

Update: If you are looking to enable Google Assistant on Lollipop running devices, you can check out our other article on how to enable Google Assistant on Lollipop devices.

Enable Google Assistant Through Beta Apps

Note: I tried this method on the Moto G4 Plus, Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, LeEco Le Max 2, and Galaxy S7 and it worked out fine. 

1. Firstly, you will have to get the beta versions of Google Play Services and the Google app. To do this, head to Settings->Google, tap on the three-dot menu button on the top right and then, tap on “Help & Feedback“.

Google Settings Help and Feedback

2. In the “Help” page, tap on the three-dot menu button and tap “View in Google Play Store“. This will expectedly open up the Play Store page of Google Play Services. Here, you can just scroll down and tap on the “I’m in” button in “Become a beta tester” section.

Google Play Services Play Store

3. Then, tap on “Join“, after which the beta signup will be in progress. It should take a few minutes. It took me around 5 minutes, but your mileage may vary.

4. After that, search for the Google app in the Play Store and sign up for its beta program as well.

Google App Beta


5. Once done, wait for a few minutes and then, open up Play Store. Here, head to the “My apps & games” section and go to the “Beta” tab, where you will find Google and Google Play Services. Just make sure to update both of them.

Play Store Beta APps


6. After the apps are updated, head to Settings->Apps. Here, go to the Google->Storage->Manage Space and tap on “Clear All Data“.

Google App Clear Data

7. Then, go back and do the same for Google Play Services. Tap on “Manage Space” and “Clear All Data“.

Play Services Clear Data

8. Once you are done, open up the Google app, where you will be asked to set things up. Once done, you will see the app familiar Google page. Don’t be disappointed, open up the hamburger menu and tap on “Settings“.

Google App Settings

9. Here, you will find the Google Assistant settings. Just tap on it. The Google Assistant setup window should then pop-up. You can tap on “Continue” and then, press hold the home button to trigger the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Set up

That’s it. The Google Assistant will now be available to you. You can just ask the Assistant “What can you do” and it will bring up a list of things it can do. You can use the voice assistant to set reminders, get news, check the weather, get various info or even play games. If you’d like to do more with the Google Assistant, you can check out our detailed article on Google Assistant tricks.

Google Assistant Enabled

If the aforementioned method does not work out for you, you can try installing the beta versions of the Google app and Google Play Services through APK files.

Google App Beta APK (Download)
Google Play Services Beta APK (Download)

Also, you can check out our video on how to enable Google Assistant if you’d prefer watching the steps:

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Get Google Assistant on Your Android Smartphone

Well, that was pretty easy, right? So, try out these steps and get the cool new Google Assistant on your Android smartphone. Do keep in mind that the method only works on Android 6.0 or higher. Well, if you have any doubts, do let me know in the comments section below.


  1. Please tell me a there is a way to installed Google assistance in android lollipop 5.1.1 please I really like this assistance

  2. Wouldn’t work with language set to UK English. Make sure you set language to US English then clear data on both apps. Set language back to UK English and still have assistant. Worked great for me then. Galaxy S7 on EE network.

  3. Does not work, plus talked to Google and it is released in waves to devices. So this is kind of pointless anyways. Why go through all this when most likely you will have to wait anyways?

  4. Awsome. Works perfect on my s6. Can now control my smart lights with google home through my phone.

    Great intructions!!

  5. I have j7 2015.
    I tried those steps more than 10 times but it does not work. I changed the language to us also
    Please help me.
    Your kind helps will be highly appriciated

  6. I too tried it a lot. I do all the steps as like you said.
    But in the google app settings page, there is no option gor enabling google assistant.
    Iam using LG Magna with marshmallow 6.0.
    Can anyone help me please….

    • yea..bro.. i have also same problem…
      i also have phone 6.0 marshmallow updates J7.
      fkk google assistance..

    • Try setting the phones default language to English (US) first> then clear the google search apps data, clear the cache of google app too> the open the google search app again> now the google assistant option will appear….using LG Stylus 2 Plus.. google assistant works 😀

  7. Im almost done all process perfectly,

    After updating google beta, i can’t find the assistant setting inside the app😞.

    Is it available in lollipop 5.0??

    Please reply me, 😭😭

    • After install these apps
      Go to language&input -select English(us)
      Then clear the memory of these apps then after follow the instructions ……..✌
      Or watch the video …..I’ll make simple

  8. So far not working on my Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro, and followed all steps and still did it again on storage clear cache twice and nothing at all, with Marshmallow.

  9. “NOT WORKING” I installed Google beta and Google play service bete from Google play store and clear all deta and cache then i open Google app > three dot >settings> there no Google assistant settings here showing normal Google app settings i am using mi 3s Prime please help

    Hello Guys,

    I was also trying this and it did not work. Then what I did is as follows:

    1. Disabled only the Google app. So it restores to factory app(non-Beta).
    2. Enable it again
    3. Changed the language to English US.(GOOGLE ACCOUNT,GBOARD,PHONE)- I DON’T SURE WHICH ONE
    4. Now in Play store again updated latest to Beta app.
    5. Cleared Data for Play service and Google App as mentioned.
    6. And done. I am able to see Assistant now on my S7 edge.

  11. Not working in my Mi note 4

    Updated to beta(Google& playservices)
    But ni Google setting Google assist not showing up
    Wat to do ?

  12. Guys guys , Chnage your Region , language , keyboard setting to that of US , and then go into the Google app and do the same . I found it myself and it worked.

  13. In my samsung j7 2015 after doing these steps in my google settings not showing google assistant settings ….
    Now what i will do ? For working my google assistant

  14. Did everything you told still not able to run it on sm j7 please do something. When trying to inatall apk file of google ,it shows failed to install

  15. I followed all ur steps sir but still can’t find the assistant setttings in the settings menu…pls help me!!!

  16. If i enable google assistant as shown, will i be able to use the now on tap feature? What will happen to google Now window that comes out from the left of the home screen

  17. I did all the steps but at the end when I open Google assistant settings the Google assistant setup window did not appear. Please advise on how to continue from here to get google assistant

  18. Hey everyone. If this method is not working then dont worry because google Assistant has came in india also without making our play service & google app beta version. U will automatically get notification from google to set up assistant. I got last week and it works pretty good, and it will work only on android 6.0 and up version.

  19. Hey! At first it worked in my Micromax canvas spark 2 plus running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and then after sometime it disappeared help me out

  20. I have galaxy on5 and j2 2016 version and i do same process it doesn’t work.
    I do same process with gionee s6s it works
    I think it doesn’t work with Samsung device

  21. I’m using Redmi 4A and I have done every step to get Google assistant on my phone.But I couldn’t find any google assistant settings in Google settings.Please help me.

  22. Hello. I’ve read all the comments and they cannot get Google assistant. I tried what you suggested on my Samsung Galaxy J3 and STILL did not get it. Please help. It took me like half and hour to do that and it was just for no reason whatsoever. Why didn’t it work?

  23. Hey..I am using Samsung galaxy c9pro
    I followed the mentioned steps i got beta versions of both..
    It worked well until i restarted my google app i.e till step 8 and then when i clicked on setting then did not find any google assistant setting option..
    Please help..

  24. Heloo, I’m using coolpad note 3 mobile and I did all the steps correctly but it is not showing google assistant settings in google settings. Please help me out ,I subscribed and liked ur channel.

    Please help me out. I want to se Google Assistant

  25. Hi, my phone is swipe elite sense and it has came with google Assistant settings but still i cant see google assistant on pressing of home key. I tried this method too but not working, only simple google voice comes(which is already present in all smartphones) not the assistant. Can any one help?

  26. Hi my name is Manoj Verma. All the process are completed but nothing shows Google assistant settings in Google app. What is problem in my Redmi 3s prime phone.
    I have been clear all data of Google app(beta) and Google play services(beta) app.

  27. What you have instructed i have done that without obstruction but at last step it was not showing google assistant settings in hamburger menu,please instruct for non


  28. I have TCL 560 everything has been done as it was said and i have google assistant settings to but having a problem in launching it. Please Please help me

  29. I’m also followed the instructions. .but failed to built it. .please help me figure out. .my phone is gionee p5w with 6.0 Marshmallow

  30. Hii. I’m using samsung a7 2016 7.0 i followed these step to enable google assistance but i failed as not got the option of setting >”google asstisance” in google apps. Plz help me …

  31. Hello Guys,

    I was also trying this and it did not work. Then what I did is as follows:

    Disabled the Google app. So it restores to factory app(non-Beta).
    Changed the language to English US.
    Enabled Google App.
    Now in Play store again updated latest to Beta app.
    Cleared Data for Play service and Google App as mentioned.
    And done. I am able to see Assistant now on my S7 edge.

  32. The google app wont let me press “yes Im in” after I open google after clearing the data. Get a network error even though networks all systems go. Hmm

  33. I have samsung galaxy j7 first version. It is running marshmallow
    But google assistant is not working.

  34. Hi, my phone is flash plus 2 and it’s 6.0 Marshmallow. there is google assistant setting, but it cant launch the google assistant .. why?? Please help me

  35. Hi , my phone is Xolo era 1x , and having Android marshmallow 6.0 and I have tried a lots of time to activate Google Assistant on my phone but it’s not happening, please help me or reply me to my mail

    • First join google beta program then download the google allo app and then after complete the verification on allo after that tap chat button on allo.and finally you see google assistant.

    • Guys if you all have gone through the article and followed all the steps, but still assistant is not working don’t panic. You just need to check your input language, especially of Gboard. It must all be calibrated to English(US).
      I hope this will work.

  36. Did all the given methods but I didn’t get any google Assistant menu in humberger menu in google app

  37. Bro first I tried on rooted Motorola E3 power it doesn’t work but after unrooting it it work first but after reset my phone and its working what can I do now

  38. There is no Google Assistant setting​ in Google app Beta version…
    I do everything but can’t enable this setting.

  39. I viewed your video i have samsung j2 and it supports marshmallo version .I followed the steps tod by you ,i updted my Google and Google play services to beta and set my language to English US and cleared datas of both apps and now there is no option for the Google assistant in my google app.plese help me with my problem.

  40. Hi Rupesh I tried Google assistant in my Lenovo a6000+ but it doesn’t work for me after completing as per your procedure when I open Google app and complete the starting process after I check settings but it doesn’t show any Google assistant please help to. Resolve this problem thanks in advance

  41. Not working in my Galaxy j2.I m very disappointed.Please find any other way for this model.This is my humble request.

  42. I have tried all the above procedure using US English language settings on My Samsung J7 marshmellow . But I have not find Google Assistant. Every time I get an update for google Beta and Play Services Beta , I quickly go the Play Store and Update it. But Sorry to say there was no Google Assistant. I don’t know when it will officially available in India.

  43. As others pointed out this didn’t work the first time I followed it. Then redid it following the video which includes the key step of setting language to US English and presto worked straight away.

  44. I get the Google Assistant but it didn’t work as Assistant. Means it always open webpage… What can i do to correct it. Plz me in it. i use Panasonic Eluga TAPP (6.0 Marshmallow)

    • Thnks budy i got the Google Assistant , 1st time I just forget the last setp that is to hold home button but i got this Assistant…. Thnx budy ….

  45. Hello,i follow the same procedure but i didn’t get any Google assistant setting in my googlr app . I use “Panasonic Eluga TAPP” (6.0 marshmallow Android) plz help me in it.

  46. I have tried all the above procedure using US English language settings on My Samsung J7 marshmellow . But I have not find Google Assistant. Every time I get an update for google Beta and Play Services Beta , I quickly go the Play Store and Update it. But Sorry to say there was no Google Assistant. I don’t know when it will officially available in India.

  47. If this ain’t for the UK and other regions what the point of the article?? Surely if your in the US you’ll have it already?? No way I’m changing my language to US English. Why should it necessary to do so anyway. Google assistant has been working beautifully on the pixel phone since it’s release last year. It should never have been an exclusive to the pixel in the first place frankly. Think of all that metadata Google have missed out on, barely anyone has a pixel here in the UK. Quite a rarity.

  48. I did all the steps and at the end cannot see the google assistant in the settings..
    Wasted one hour..
    I think it’s fake..

  49. As with the previous posters, everything appears to go smoothly but there is no option for for Google Assistant settings. The only result of following your steps was having to put all my app icons back where I wanted them.

  50. I followed the told but to no avail. I tried it on my Galaxy J7. Please help me out. Is there any another method for enabling Google Assistant?

  51. This “trick” does work as described, but there is a problem, it’s only temporary. The Google Assistant disapears from my phone after a while. It disapears the next day or when i update the Google app or when restarting the phone. So this is another copy of an article about nothing really.

  52. I had done all the procedure and i found that nothing is there in Settings i mean after opening Google settings options i should see the Google assistant settings options

  53. I’m unable to enable google assistant in my phone lava x11 after installing the beta version of google and google play services

  54. Hi, I’m trying to get Google assistant, viewed your video and followed steps, I have a galaxy j3 emerge I think with android 6 . Was able to get as far as getting beta version installed but after that I followed next steps to the end where I open Google from home screen but have no Google assistant settings from there. Please advise on how to continue from here to get Google assistant