How to Create a Channel in IGTV

Instagram has just recently launched a new video service called IGTV and it brings long form video content to the image and video sharing platform. The newly launched service that comes in the form of an Android and iOS app, and is also available on the web allows users to post videos from 15 seconds to 60 minutes in length, vastly increasing the potential for the kind of content creators can share on the platform.

So, if you’ve installed the IGTV app and are following your favourite creators, why not make your own channel and start creating some videos for the world to watch as well? Here’s how you can create your own channel on IGTV.

Create an IGTV Channel

First things first, I’m assuming you’ve installed the IGTV app (Android, iOS) already and are logged in. To create an IGTV channel, just follow the steps below:

  • In the IGTV app, tap on the settings cog to head over to your profile. Here, tap on ‘Create Channel.’

How to Create a Channel in IGTV

  • IGTV will now walk you through some of the basics of IGTV videos, simply tap ‘Next’ and then tap on ‘Create Channel.’

How to Create a Channel in IGTV

That’s it. Your channel on IGTV has been created. IGTV uses your default Instagram handle to create your channel, and you can tap on your profile icon on IGTV to view your channel at any time.

Create an IGTV Channel without IGTV App

If you don’t have the IGTV app installed, you can create your IGTV channel from Instagram as well. Here are the steps you have to follow.

  • From the Instagram home page, tap on the IGTV icon up top, and then tap on the Settings icon.

How to Create a Channel in IGTV

  • Tap on Create Channel.

How to Create a Channel in IGTV

Follow the instructions on-screen, and that’s it. You’ve successfully created your IGTV channel. Now get sharing!

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