Here’s Why You Should Not Use These Feature-Packed Modded Versions of WhatsApp

Here Is Why You Should Not Use These Feature-Packed, Modded Versions of WhatsApp

Ever since the boom of social messaging apps, WhatsApp has always had the upper hand over its rivals when it comes to popularity. When it comes to features, however, the Meta-owned messaging app has lagged behind popular WhatsApp alternatives. Although the company has been rolling out and testing several new features lately, the platform still lacks a myriad of features that could further improve the user experience. Hence, there are various modded versions of WhatsApp available that offer many customization options and nifty features that the official version does not have yet. But, let me tell you why you should not download them.

What Are Modded WhatsApp Versions?

Modded versions of WhatsApp are third-party apps that include the core features of WhatsApp along with some other useful features that the official version lacks. One of the popular mod-version of WhatsApp is known as WhatsApp Delta or GBWhatsApp, and it offers features like automatic replies, removal of the “forwarded” tag, support for third-party video players, video file limit of up to 50MB, and more. Furthermore, it lets users set customized themes, change the font style, and send audio files of up to 100MB.

The WhatsApp Delta app, developed by Deltalabs Studio, is usually not available on the official marketplaces like Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store. Why, you ask? Well, it’s because these platforms do not allow developers to list modded apps. Users can, however, get them as APK files from various third-party sources online. Although we recommend not to download or use the app, you can check out the listing for WhatsApp Delta on to check out the features it offers.

The app can only be downloaded and installed on Android devices via the above link as Apple is strictly against sideloading apps. Plus, it requires an Android device to run Android 2.2 or above. However, now that Android 12 has started rolling out, WhatsApp Delta should be compatible with most modern Android-based smartphones.

Why You Should Not Use WhatsApp Delta or Other Modded WhatsApp Apps?

Now, the modded WhatsApp apps like WhatsApp Delta or WhatsApp Plus might look intriguing at first as they offer so much more than the official WhatsApp app for iOS and Android. However, it is important to note that WhatsApp does not allow users to use their accounts with modded versions of its app.

So, once you download WhatsApp Delta on your device and link your WhatsApp number with it, the company might ban your account temporarily, preventing you to use its service. Furthermore, the messaging giant could put a permanent ban on your WhatsApp account if you don’t unlink your account from the modded version and switch back to the official one. Plus, as WhatsApp deems the modded app versions as “unsupported apps”, you will not get the same level of security for your messages or files on the modded platform.

Hence, if you want to keep your WhatsApp account safe and secured, we recommend you stick to the official version of WhatsApp on your smartphone. Although the platform lacks a few features that the modded versions offer, the company is gradually making WhatsApp a more feature-packed app to rival other messaging apps.

You can check out our stories on some of the new features of WhatsApp to improve your user experience and stay tuned on our platform to get regular updates about new WhatsApp features and other interesting tech news.

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