This Strip-like Device Will Stop You from Touching Your Face Constantly

HandsDown feat.

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has led many creators to build different devices that aim to keep us safe. There is the “CoronaOven” that can disinfect groceries and PPE kits, there is the hand sanitizer dispensing robot made by a seventh-grader and now the “HandsDown” aims to prevent you from touching your face.

Created by a small-time inventor, Boone Greenly, the “HandsDown” is a strip-like device that attaches to your shirt and vibrates every time you try to touch your face. It has a two-part design. One of the strips goes inside your shirt and the other one remains outside your shirt. It uses magnets to connect and stay in position.

Now, “HandsDown” monitors both your hands using sensors and delivers a gentle vibration when your hands get near your face. This effectively will prevent you to touch your face frequently during these worrying times.

As we all know that an average person touches his/her face almost 23 times an hour, consciously or sub-consciously. Now, in normal times, this is not even a real problem. However, the CDC states that touching your face frequently can easily transfer the COVID-19 causing Novel Coronavirus to your body through the eyes, nose, or mouth. So, these unprecedented times demand a product like “HandsDown”.

Now, the Immutouch Band, which we covered earlier, also had the same functionality. However, one of the flaws it had is that it only monitored one hand. The “HandsDown”, on the other hand, monitors both the hands of the users simultaneously.

You can check out the device on its official website. Also, if you want to know how you can use it, you can watch the creator demo the device in the instructional video below.

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