“CoronaOven” Can Disinfect Groceries, Masks and PPE Kits in Less than 10 Minutes

Coronaoven feat.

Since the Coronavirus took over the world, we have seen people make creative contact-free products to prevent contraction of the disease. As we already know that the virus spreads by contact and can stay on almost every type of surface for quite a long time, it is important to sanitise places and things from time to time. So, to help sanitise things like masks, grocery items and PPE kits easily, a Bengaluru-based startup has made a virus-killing oven.

Log 9 Materials, a startup in Bengaluru has created the “CoronaOven” that can sanitise and kill the deadly Coronavirus and other pathogens in less than 10 minutes time. This device can keep things clean and Coronavirus-free in your house, providing a lesser chance for you and your family to contract the deadly COVID-19.

Now, the “CoronaOven” uses the trusted UV-C light to kill the human-killing virus. The UV-C is a type of ultraviolet light that is harmful to humans as well as viruses and dangerous micro-organisms. This is the technology that is used in “Phonesoap” to disinfect smartphones.

The nanotechnology startup claims that the product is designed specifically to kill the “Corona family of viruses” and it does just that in less than 10 minutes after placing the objects inside the “oven”.

The device can work with a battery and you can also plug it into a power source to disinfect your groceries. You can also sanitise your masks and PPE kits to reuse them instead of throwing them away. This is why the company has applied for a patent for the “CoronaOven” for mass-production.

The company was able to build the device in a very short time span as recent times demand a quick response.

“We were able to create this product and conduct simulations for the same within a very short timeframe (only in the last two weeks or so) basis our existing knowledge of nanoscience as well as competence in terms of rapid prototyping and scientific product development,”, says the Founder and CEO of Log 9 Materials, Akshay Singhal.

The “CoronaOven” is already listed on the Government E-Marketplace also known as the GEM. Also, Log 9 Materials is planning to bring the device in commercial markets in the recent future and has reached out to several government agencies and healthcare providers for the purpose of commercialising the “CoronaOven”.

SOURCE Business Insider (India)
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