How to Generate AI Images Using Google Bard

In Short
  • With the February update, Google has added image generation into Bard. You can create two images at once and the service is entirely free.
  • It's powered by Google's Imagen 2 text-to-image model. Google has developed the ImageFX AI tool with added guardrails, and it's based on Imagen 2.
  • Currently, you can generate images in Bard only with prompts in English. Also, the feature is not available in the UK, Switzerland, and EEA regions right now.

Google has finally brought the ability to generate images in Bard for free. OpenAI added Dall -E 3 image generation for paid ChatGPT Plus users in October 2023, and now, Google has followed suit. Google is a bit late to the party but it’s using its Imagen 2 AI model to generate images using text prompts. With new guardrails, Google has built the ImageFX tool based on the Imagen 2 model, and it’s integrated into Bard. Here is how you can use it to create images in Bard.

  • Launch (visit) on your desktop or smartphone browser.
  • Now, in the text field, start your prompt with “create an image of …” or “generate an image of …” and describe what you want to create. Currently, it only supports the English language.
  • Bard will take a few seconds and will generate two images at once. If you want to create more AI images with Bard, click on “Generate more”.
image generation in google bard
  • Keep in mind, the image resolution is 512 x 512 px and you can download the photo in JPG format. Currently, there is no way to upscale these AI generated images.
  • Apart from that, if you are in the US, you can directly access Google’s ImageFX tool (visit) on AI Test Kitchen.

So that is how you can generate images in Google Bard for free. After a brief testing, it feels Bard’s image generation lags behind Midjourney’s immensely capable model and OpenAI’s latest Dall -E 3 model. Also, if you didn’t know, Microsoft also has Bing AI image creator, which is powered by Dall -E. Nevertheless, Google is offering its image generation capabilities for free, so that is good.

Bear in mind that image generation in Bard is currently not available in the UK, Switzerland, and EEA regions. Also, users under 18 can’t create images in Bard, possibly being renamed to Gemini in the future. Anyway, that is all from us. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below.

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