Donut Selfie, A New Trend in Selfie World Has Arrived

Selfies are cool for a long time now but here’s something new which has just arrived that make selfies look much more cooler, better known as ‘Donut Selfie’.

Karen X. Cheng came up with the idea of Donut Selfie while playing around with camera angles to produce optical illusions. So, she took a shot from one side of the head and rotated in the form of a donut to the other side of the head, and continued the same at different locations. When all the camera shots were looped, the end result is a Donut Selfie.

Here’s a video of Karen filming herself in Donut Selfie. 

This is super fun, isn’t it?

If you wondering why she chose Donut Selfies over normal selfies, read her explanation.

“Selfies are usually flat images and nothing has changed besides some filters. But in the meantime our phone cameras have gotten way more advanced. This is a gorgeous way to capture yourself and your surroundings. It lets you better capture a moment in time – you can make a movie of your life. And the best part is you don’t need an expensive cameras or rigs – you can just use what you already have on you.”

Now, if you are also thinking of clicking a Donut Selfie, here’s a video tutorial by Karen. Watch and learn.

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So, what do you think about this new form of selfie? Let us know in comments.

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