Deadpool and Wolverine Could Be the Doing of Doctor Strange

Deadpool and Wolverine is set to hit the theaters soon enough and the one thing people still don’t have an answer for is why Deadpool has been recruited by the TVA and how all these characters that have been teased for Deadpool and Wolverine made their way to the MCU. For one instance you might think that this has happened because of Deadpool messing around with Cabel’s time machine but that’s not it. In a recently surfaced theory, Doctor Strange could be the one who is behind the events of Deadpool and Wolverine. Now the question is how?

Secret Lies in Multiverse of Madness

Deadpool and Wolverine Doctor Strange
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By the end of Deadpool 2, we saw Deadpool getting Cabel’s time machine repaired by Yokio and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Using that handheld time machine, he went back in time, saved Venessa, and did some other messed-up things. However, in the 9-minute Deadpool and Wolverine clip shown at Cinemacon 2024, Mr. Paradox told Deadpool that his messing with time is not why he was there. So, it is pretty clear that the speculations around the plot revolving around Deadpool being captured by the TVA for using Cabel’s device have been debunked.

Doctor Strange Caused the Events of Deadpool and Wolverine

Doctor Strange Deadpool and Wolverine
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According to a new theory, Doctor Strange is being held accountable for all the cameos, appearances, and the overall plot of Deadpool and Wolverine. Now I know you might be wondering, how can that be happening? If you watched Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness you know that there was a mid-credits scene featuring Charlize Theron in the role of Clea, a sorceress who appears to recruit Doctor Strange.

She explained that whatever we saw happening in Multiverse of Madness had caused an incursion. An incursion is an anomaly that occurs when someone or something messes with a timeline resulting in two or more universes colliding. Clea holds Doctor Strange responsible for this and recruits him to fix this problem.

Now the theory suggests that the TVA is trying to deal with this incursion and they got Deadpool to do this for them since he could travel through time quite frequently without facing much damage. Also, even if he does face some damage he will regenerate and well, he is quite expendable. All the returning characters we have seen in the trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine might have crossed universes and were pruned by the TVA which explains the scenes we see taking place in The Void.

Will Doctor Strange Appear in Deadpool and Wolverine

Deadpool and Wolverine
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Since the new theories suggest Doctor Strange’s grand role in the events of Deadpool and Wolverine, is there a possibility that he will appear in the movie? Well, some evidence tells us that he might. In an interview conducted in 2023 featuring Benedict Cumberbatch conducted by JW3 Speaks. Cumberbatch revealed that he has been filming some scenes for 2024 as Doctor Strange he stated-

“There are some Marvel capers in the making next year”

Now it is no secret that Doctor Strange 3 is happening but as of now neither the casting, scriptwriting, nor filming has begun so there is no way he is talking about Doctor Strange 3, and since the only live-action project set to release in 2024 is Deadpool and Wolverine there is a high probability Cumberbatch is talking about appearing in Deadpool and Wolverine.

Besides that, by the end of the trailer, we see Deadpool and Wolverine jump into a portal exactly like the one Doctor Strange creates so that could be an easter egg about him appearing in the movie.

As of now, we do not have any official confirmation of Doctor Strange’s cameo in Deadpool and Wolverine but all these evidences point towards it happening. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!

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