Deadpool 3 Villain Cassandra Nova: Origin, Powers and Abilities

In Short
  • Cassandra Nova is confirmed to be the villain of Deadpool and Wolverine.
  • Emma Corrin will be playing this character in Deadpool and Wolverine.
  • Deadpool and Wolverine will be released in theaters on July 26, 2024.

It has been confirmed that Cassandra Nova will be the villain of the upcoming and much-hyped Deadpool and Wolverine. We have seen her multiple times in trailers and clips released for the movie. She is shown to overpower Wolverine and Deadpool and even use TVA equipment to mess with the timelines. So, let’s talk about who Cassandra Nova is in Deadpool 3 and what her powers are.

Who Is Cassandra Nova in Marvel Universe

Cassandra Nova in Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Ryan Reynolds

Making her first appearance in the New X-Men #114 released in 2001, Cassandra Nova is technically the twin sister of Charles Xavier. If we talk about her origin. Nova was not naturally conceived but was a member of an extra-dimensional race called The Mummudrai. These beings, also known as Revenants, are merely a consciousness that makes their place in wombs alongside powerful to-be-born fetuses.

These beings copy the complete genetic structure of the fetus and grow alongside it as their perfect anti-self or an evil version of them.

When Charles Xavier was in the womb, Cassandra Nova, in its body-less form, attached itself to the womb and copied Xavier’s DNA to help generate a body and grew alongside him as an evil version of Xavier.

When Xavier sensed the evil presence alongside him, he attempted to kill this being, and it seemed that he did as well. However, that infant, thought to be stillborn survived and grew up to become Cassandra Nova, a psychic as powerful as Professor X but purely evil and hell-bent on destroying everything dear to Charles.

Cassandra Nova Powers & Abilities

Deadpool 3 Villain Cassandra Nova: Origin, Powers and Abilities
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Ryan Reynolds

Coming to her powers, Cassandra Nova essentially has every power that Charles Xavier possesses. Since she is a literal copy of Xavier’s DNA, she can do everything Professor X can do. However, in some aspects, she might stand even more powerful than him because of her extra-dimensional origin, granting her powers Charles Xavier might not have even developed yet.

In the comics, we see Cassandra Nova wielding powers like telekinesis, astral projection, the ability to detect any other mutant around her, and telepathy. We see her demonstrating her telekinetic powers in the new Deadpool and Wolverine trailer where she controls Wolverine like a puppet.

Along with these powers, she also boasts a healing factor, immunity to magic, soul gathering, and the ability to walk through or phase through solid objects, making her substantially stronger than Professor X.

Cassandra Nova Actress in Deadpool 3

Emma Corrin will play the role of Cassandra Nova in Deadpool and Wolverine. We have seen her playing the villain in several teasers and trailers of the movie.

Cassandra Nova Seems to Be Operating TVA Equipment in Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 Villain Cassandra Nova: Origin, Powers and Abilities
Image Courtesy: YOpuTube/Marvel Entertainment

The most recent final trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine showed us that Cassandra Nova is operating some machine that seems to be from the TVA. In this scene we see that she is using the machine and everything around her begins to get spaghettified just like we have seen in the Loki Series. I assume that Cassandra Nova will somehow get her hands on this device resulting in the destruction of different worlds and making her a threat to Deadpool’s world as well.

We will see Deadpool teaming up with Wolverine in an attempt to stop her. If you are as hyped for this as I am, check out our Deadpool 3 release date countdown timer.

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