Curalate Lets You Know Who’s Pinning About Your Brand

Till now, I believe everyone must be aware about Pinterest , but are you making the most of it? Are you taking it as seriously as you take Facebook, Twitter or Google+? If not, you should.

Question arises Why?

Well, If you are looking for Social Media branding without ‘Paying a single penny’ you have to work smart for it and Pinterest is a smarter way, Here‘s why.

But one missing thing in pinterest is, how you’r gonna know who’s pinning about your brand? Who are the interested people in your brand? How you’r gonna measure,monitor and analyse Pins about your brand.

Here comes Curalate, Which makes it easier to find your pin in a haystack.

Curalate uses sophisticated image recognition algorithms with scalable big-data technologies, helping you to to measure and monitor the growth of your Brand on Pinterest.

“Curalate’s insights reveal who is most engaged with your brand, whether they follow you or not.”

Here’s how Curalate works, have a look.

You can have a free trial of the service anytime.

Note: Curalate is not only about Pinterest, This service will expand to other platforms too.

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