Top 10 Users With Most pinterest followers

Top 10 Most Followed Users on Pinterest

Top 10 Users With Most pinterest followersWe last wrote about, Top 10 most followed companies on LinkedIn, but now trend is shifting towards Pinterest, which is new but more effective than any other social media websites.

If you are looking for social media branding for your product you should not miss Pinterest, It proved to be most useful tool to generate  referral traffic in first quarter of 2012.

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Lets see the people who realized it early and conquered Pinterest by having most followers, here’s a list of top 10 most followed users on Pinterest till this time of the year 2012,

1.  Jane Wang (Mother of Ben Silbermann, co-founder of Pinterest.)

Pins: 18,030

Followers: 3,287,052

2.  Jennifer Chong (Graphic designer and Photography enthusiast.)

Pins: 4,293

Followers: 2,159,458

3.  Mike D (Designer, Traveler, and Music lover.)

Pins: 5,055

Followers: 1,839,294

4.  Maia McDonald (Graphic Designer and All-around visual nerd.)

Pins: 14,042

Followers: 1,797,390

5.  Caitlin Cawley (Junior graphic design major at MICA.)

Pins: 3,353

Followers: 1,726,757

6.  anna h (Pins what inspires you.)

Pins: 3,329

Followers: 1,671,790

7.  Daniel Bear Hunley (Social Media Coordinator for Powell Creative.)

Pins: 2,788

Followers: 1,650,063

8.  Michael Wurm, Jr (A freelance lifestyle and DIY blogger.)

Pins: 6,271

Followers: 1,322,687

9.  Bright.Bazaar / (A freelance interiors writer, blogger.)

Pins: 7,287

 Followers: 1,318,796

10.  Ez Pudewa (Blogger at Creature comforts blog.)

Pins: 6,295

Followers: 1,272,839

How many Pinterest followers do you have and how many pins have you pinned on your Pinboard? Let us know in comments below the post.

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