These Countries Are the Best to Take a Drive in Your EVs

EV Holiday Index feat.

Planning to take your electric vehicle (EV) to a long drive, but concerned that you have to stop every 200 km to charge up your transport? Take a trip to these countries with your EV to experience a hassle-free drive.

As the number of EVs are increasing worldwide, it is important to see which countries are adopting electric vehicles and developing a network of charging stations to improve the driving experience.

The EV Holiday Index

A research conducted by a British car marketplace, CarWow, shows the countries that have the best blend of tourism and a good system of EV chargers along the highway. To conduct the research, the online marketplace created an “EV Holiday Index Score” for the countries that have adopted to EVs and have a network of charging stations.

To calculate the score for each country, the website created an “EV Factor” and a “Tourism Factor”. The “EV Factor” takes account of four components. These include how many people own EVs in the country, the number of fast and general EV charging stations and the network of the highway.

Now the “Tourism factor” focuses on components like – the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country, the popularity of the country as a tourist destination and the area covered by national parks in the country.

By considering these factors, the countries were scored out of the highest score of 20. The result revealed by the online platform showed 27 European countries that are considered to be the best for taking a drive in your EVs.

According to the list, Norway scored the highest point of 10.6 and made to the top. While Romania was at the bottom of the list with a mere score of 0.5. The top 10 countries with the best conditions to drive EVs are:

  1. Norway
  2. Netherlands
  3. Switzerland
  4. Belgium 
  5. Denmark
  6. United Kingdom 
  7. Croatia 
  8. Austria 
  9. Germany 
  10. Slovenia 

As global concerns like climate change, pollution and global warming are increasing, the government of many countries are encouraging citizens to use EVs instead of gasoline vehicles. The development of charging systems in these countries could lead the people to get rid of their gasoline vehicles and adopt a greener alternative. 

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