Xiaomi’s First Electric Car Breaks Cover; Powered by HyperOS

Xiaomi Electric Car

Forget Tesla because the highly popular smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is here to compete. The Xiaomi SU7 Series electric cars are definitely coming to the market quite soon, and they have a set of features that make these new EVs quite interesting. While there are a few months left until we actually see people receiving deliveries for Xiaomi’s first EVs, we already have some details on the car variants that are launching, including their features!

Xiaomi Electric Car SU7: Release Date, Top Speed, Car Features

The information comes from Weibo user @benzene who has shared several images and key specifications. This corroborates a regulatory filing that has just happened in China. According to the MIIT filing, there will be Xiaomi SU7, SU7 Pro, and SU7 Ultra variants. Talking about the top speed, the Xiaomi SU7 is set to have a 210 km/h speed for the lower-end model and up to 265 km/h for the SU7 Max variant. This electric car will be a sedan-style vehicle.

The overall dimensions are said to be 4997 x 1963 x 1455 mm. The leaker said there will be RWD and AWD options, with peak motor power of 495kW (220 kW+275 kW). A 3000mm wheelbase has been specified as well, with two-wheel options (19-inch & 20-inch). There will also be an option for a Lidar sensor. It will be interesting to see how the car utilizes this.

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  • xiaomi electric car su7
  • xiaomi electric car su7

According to CarNewsChina, the SU7 Series will begin shipping to customers in February 2024! The mass production will begin next month in December 2023, and reportedly a few dozen test vehicles have already been made.

One of the main attractions of these electric vehicles is going to be the HyperOS integration. The company claims that it will be a “human-centric operating system” that will essentially interconnect cars, smart home products, and personal devices within a “smart ecosystem”. You can learn more about Xiaomi’s HyperOS, but it is basically Xiaomi’s own software for its phones, and now it’s possible it might come for its electric vehicles as well.

Of course, Xiaomi’s SU7 series electric vehicles might not be as good as established options like Tesla’s lineup. Still, some have referred to it as a game changer for the competitive automobile market in China. All the cars in the lineup are built in partnership with Beijing Automotive Group Co. which is a major player in automobile manufacturing in China. In fact, under BAIC, there are even joint ventures known as Beijing-Hyundai & Beijing-Benz.

All there is left to see is how well the market responds to Xiaomi’s newest SU7 Series Electric Car! We should know more about its innovative software features powered by HyperOS soon. What are your thoughts on the new electric car made by Xiaomi themselves? Do you like its aesthetics? Let us know in the comments below.

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