25 Cool Things to Build in Minecraft

Once you are done exploring all the Minecraft biomes and defeating its boss mobs, Minecraft becomes a creative building game for players. And at that, there is no limit to what you can build. All you need is time and some ideas for all the cool things to build in Minecraft. Lucky for you, we are here with a grand collection of cool things to make in this game. From simple bases to complex Redstone structures, we are covering it all. So, whether you are a veteran or just a beginner, fasten your seatbelts as our guide can help you become the next best builder in the game. Just make sure you know how to use the fill command in Minecraft to make your job significantly easier. Having said that, let’s stop beating around the bush and explore 25 cool things you can build in Minecraft.

Top Things You Can Make in Minecraft (2022)

We have covered builds at various difficulty levels. For your ease, we have mentioned the difficulty of each build in its description. Further, our list isn’t ranked in any way, so use the table below to explore these ideas at your convenience.

1. Castle

  • Difficulty: Normal

For generations, castles have been humanity’s way to present their power to the world and things aren’t much different inside Minecraft. There are a variety of stone blocks in the game and all you need is a blueprint to make a castle to use them right. Whether it’s a huge castle or a tiny fort, you can use the linked guide to make one easily.

finished castle

As for the building process, castles rarely rely on anything other than stone and its variants. Thanks to the Minecraft’s terrain, they are easier to find and you only need to make a stonecutter in Minecraft to use them properly.

2. Extended Nether Portal

  • Difficulty: Easy

Normally, nether portals are only made up of 10 blocks. They don’t have anything fancy around them and once the job is done, players just abandon them. However, thanks to Minecraft’s mechanics, you can expand that nether portal exponentially while keeping it functional. As long as it is two blocks wide and four blocks tall, you can use a variety of shapes and designs to modify it.

Functionality-wise, the nether portal works in the same way irrespective of its size. But in terms of aesthetics, a grand nether portal does level up your main base. You can even add a few elements of a ruined portal for added benefits.

3. Rainbow Beacons

  • Difficulty: Normal

In the later stages of a Minecraft world, beacons are power blocks that give special abilities to the players around them. But they also shoot bright beams of light in the sky while doing so. So, many players use beacons only to make their builds in Minecraft look cool. Keeping that in mind, you can take it a step further with the help of tinted glass.

Thanks to the beam’s properties, it changes color when covered with tinted glass. So, you can have multiple beacons to create a full set of rainbow colors. Or, you can follow our guide to create a beacon in Minecraft with a multi-colored beam of light.

4. Bee Farm

  • Difficulty: Easy

One of the simplest things that you can build in Minecraft is an automatic farm. Most players immediately go to crop-based farms because they also provide free food. However, if you instead make a bee farm in Minecraft, not only will it be useful and automatic, but you can also use it to make an unlimited supply of honey.

The best part about a bee farm is that, unlike most farms, you don’t have to wait until later to make it. You only require a few basic blocks and a small area to get started. If nothing else, you can always keep the bees around your base as an extra layer of protection from violent players.

5. Entire City

  • Difficulty: Hard

If you want to go all out with your building exercise, there is nothing better than building an entire city. You can take after a major city from the real world or create one entirely using your imagination. Many players even create alternate or abandoned versions of large cities. And if you are wondering about finding an open area, our list of best city seeds can help you out.

As for the actual process, the step-by-step guide from Youtuber IncrediBILL is reliable. Once you get a hang of making buildings and roads, you can take your build to the next level by customizing them as per your preferences and style.

6. Underwater Base

  • Difficulty: Hard

Almost every single Minecraft player usually builds their base on land. But, if you feel adventurous, you can get the deed done underwater too. The fishes in the ocean can add life to your base and the water can provide additional protection from most of the hostile mobs. You just have to spend a lot of time on land first to collect proper resources.

Moreover, if you know how to make a Conduit in Minecraft, you can even breathe underwater. This way, you can live within the underwater base, without creating areas that are free from water. As for a blueprint, the IrieGenie’s Youtube tutorial is enough to help you get started in building this cool thing in Minecraft.

7. Automatic Allay Farms

  • Difficulty: Normal

In the huge Minecraft 1.19 update, developers added a cute mob, Allay, to the game. Purpose-wise, it’s supposed to carry and find items for players on their adventures. But, if used under the right circumstances, Allay can function as a perfect farm assistant. It can collect items and properly sort them even if they are non-stackable.

Lucky for you, we already have a guide in place around automatic Allay farms in Minecraft. You can use it to discover a variety of farms that can have Allay in them. Considering how many players aren’t familiar with Allay yet, you can create a whole set of cool things in Minecraft only with this mob in focus.

8. Jungle Village

  • Difficulty: Easy

Even after years of waiting, Minecraft players still don’t have a jungle village yet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create one yourself. The jungle biome already has its own set of villagers, unique wood, and open areas to build a village. All that it needs is a plan and a Minecraft player with enough time to bring the village to life.

If you are willing to find time to make this village, all the blocks you need are more or less present in the jungle itself. As for the creation process, this tutorial by Jeracraft is reliable. They use the opportunity to transform a jungle into a tribal village with unique treehouses.

9. Easy Bridge with Roof

  • Difficulty: Easy

Almost all major bases in Minecraft have rivers of some sort in them. But only a few players choose to build a bridge over them. Most just cut the water off by creating a path that blocks water on both sides. This solution is easier to make, but definitely not aesthetic. However, with the help of a simple tutorial by SheepGG, you can make a wooden bridge in no time.

The bridge in their tutorial only uses basic building blocks to fit well within the biome. But you can modify the design to make it grand scale or even hidden. Some creators recreate a fallen tree to give their bridge a more natural look.

10. Safest Base

  • Difficulty: Normal

A major part of creating a perfect base in Minecraft is making it impenetrable. It is especially important in PVP servers that are loaded with players ready to loot your home. As for the actual design, there is nothing like a perfect security system in Minecraft. Instead, you will have to rely on a variety of traps with the hope that at least one of them kills the intruder.

You can use Youtuber LoverFella’s guide to discover a few interesting base defense ideas. Some of them are simple. Meanwhile, others require hours of work and extensive knowledge of Redstone mechanics in the game.

11. Furniture in Minecraft

  • Difficulty: Easy

Once your base is ready, it’s time to decorate its interior. To do so, most players rely on existing blocks and paintings in Minecraft. But with a few smart tricks, you can use existing items in Minecraft to make furniture in the game. You might not be able to use them without some of the best Minecraft mods, but they still add a story to an otherwise empty base.

As for the actual furniture ideas, the Youtuber Smithers Boss has over 100 options for you to choose from. Just make sure you have enough wood to go through all of them.

12. Water Elevators

  • Difficulty: Easy

The good thing about multi-layered bases in Minecraft is that you don’t need to clear out a lot of areas to make them. Unfortunately, they also involve a lot of climbing up and down to reach places. But, you can easily fix that by creating a water-based elevator in the game. And you only need building blocks and two water buckets to make it happen.

There are many ways in Minecraft to build a water elevator. And you can use the tutorial by DrakenGameWerks to learn about some of the best methods. Once you get a hang of it, you can easily expand that elevator to various levels, and maybe, even use the same for additional security.

13. Island Base

  • Difficulty: Normal

Survival islands are one of the most fun ways to experience the survival worlds of Minecraft. But more often than not, they are non-reliant and basic. That’s why it’s up to you to come up with a design for the best-looking island base. You can use it as a starter island for your new adventures and even as a proper base.

If you want to go for the latter, the tutorial by Spudetti includes a very creative and easy-to-make survival island base. They have covered everything from a large beach house to even farms for a complete reliable experience.

14. Base in End Dimension

  • Difficulty: Normal

Some players create bases under the ground to hide them, whereas others add dozens of traps to keep them safe. But what if you could do both of these things without much effort? According to the tutorial by Grian, you just need to build a base below the End dimension.

You technically won’t be able to sleep in it. But you just have to set up a bed next to a stronghold in the real world for easy access. No other player would expect a secret base inside another dimension. And you can simply spawn an Ender dragon in it for security. Just make sure to find a way easily to teleport your resources first.

15. Pixel Art

  • Difficulty: Easy

If you take a walk around Minecraft’s community forums, it’s hard to miss the multitude of pixel arts that players create in the game. Most of them are a recreation of real-world photos, while others are entirely unique artworks. Now, unless you have hours to spend, the type of build seems really hard.

But as covered in the tutorial by YouTuber Q Sauce, you can create them in less than 2 minutes. All you need is an existing image and an online tool to give you commands for block placement. Then, you just have to login into your game and start filling it with pixel art of all sorts.

16. New Biomes

  • Difficulty: Normal

Minecraft 1.19’s new biomes have satisfied a variety of players. But after a few days, even they can’t stop the inevitable boredom that might hit you. Fortunately, that feeling of doom isn’t prominent for players that choose biomes as the cool thing to build in Minecraft. You need good ideas and some Minecraft modpacks to fetch all the required resources.

Once you have the resources, the experiment by Youtuber LoverFella can give you at least a hundred ideas for your biome. After that, it’s just a matter of effort and time you put into it.

17. Planet

  • Difficulty: Normal

After building biomes, bases, and islands, it’s time to conquer the skies. And there’s nothing better to create than a whole new planet. It can have its own biome and structures, and if it’s large enough, you get to have another beautiful item to look at during the night in your blocky world. As for the basic structure, you can use our guide to easily create a sphere in Minecraft.

Once your base is ready, you can slowly add the details. Thanks to Minecraft’s gravity, you can build cool things on all of its sides. The tutorial by Youtuber Sandiction definitely helps a lot in the same. But do feel free to modify it whenever you feel like it.

18. Parkour Course

  • Difficulty: Normal

Most of the items on our list are either good for your base or improve the aesthetics of your world. But this next cool thing to build in Minecraft can help in improving your skills too. Yeah, we are talking about parkour skills, which are quite important to move through Minecraft 1.18‘s terrain.

However, if you are not familiar with parkouring in Minecraft, you should first try some of the best Minecraft parkour maps. Then, you can take some ideas and slowly recreate a parkour map in your own style. If you feel confident, you can even make a custom Minecraft map out of it for the world to enjoy.

19. Mining Area

  • Difficulty: Easy

As the game’s name reveals, mining is a big part of Minecraft. Still, a surprisingly low number of players build areas or structures dedicated to mining. But you have the power to change that. With a few blocks and an easy blueprint, you can build a cool mine in Minecraft, which is both aesthetic and functional.

For the main structure, you can use the tutorial by Reimiho to get a free blueprint to make a reliable mining camp. Then, our Minecraft ore distribution guide can help you in the main mining and hunting process.

20. Ship

  • Difficulty: Normal

The Oceans and beaches of Minecraft are filled with shipwrecks in various conditions. Most of the time, they are sunken or completely broken. If you are lucky, you can stumble upon rare shipwrecks that are in mint condition. But due to their tiny size, calling them proper ships just doesn’t feel right.

However, thanks to the Youtuber IrieGenie, you can fix this injustice by making a whole medieval ship in Minecraft. Their tutorial mainly depends upon the use of wood and wool. Both of these are easy to obtain, but even with that, the building process will take some time.

21. Custom Trees

  • Difficulty: Easy

One thing you can find plenty of in Minecraft is trees. Almost all of the overworld biomes have unique tree types in them with their own features. But, if we leave aside mangrove swamps, the rest of the trees are simple. There are no roots, no branches, and just not enough diversity in them.

Fortunately, the Youtuber TheMythicalSausage took it upon themselves to fix this with 6 new designs of trees. You can follow their tutorial to revamp your existing worlds or make custom trees that are exclusive to your base.

22. XP Farms

  • Difficulty: Normal

One of the coolest things that you can build in Minecraft survival mode is an XP farm. It automatically spawns and kills mobs to collect loot and experience for you. You can then use this experience to apply the best Minecraft enchantments to your tools and armor. Moreover, with some planning, this farm can also double up as a prison for some mobs.

As for the building process, we are working on a separate guide on how to make an XP farm in Minecraft. You can use that guide to easily get your own farm up and running in no time. Just make sure to collect a lot of stone blocks beforehand.

23. Japanese Anime Base

  • Difficulty: Normal

While creating cool things in Minecraft, many players turn to Japan and its “otaku” culture for inspiration. Following that trend, you can use Alsshine’s Youtube playlist to recreate anime locations in your world. They have covered a variety of anime series, including Demon Slayer, Seven Deadly Sins, and more.

The best part is that almost all of these builds are easy to make with the right plan. So, if you are an anime fan or have an appreciation of Japanese culture, an anime base should definitely be your next build in Minecraft.

24. Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Difficulty: Hard

As a Minecraft player, you must be aware of the variety of mobs in the game. From horses and cats to a literal Ender dragon, you can find something for every theme. Then all that’s left for you to do is move all these mobs under the same roof. Some of them will require bigger areas and special conditions; while others will survive almost anywhere.

To get some inspiration, Youtuber Sandiction‘s attempt to trap every mob in Minecraft is a worthy example. But before you even begin this project, do prepare yourself to play Minecraft for days if not weeks to make it happen.

25. A Minecraft Server

Once you have modified your Minecraft world, it’s time to share your creation with the world. That’s why the last cool thing for you to build in Minecraft is a full-fledged server. Depending upon your system, it can either be a local server running off of your machine or you can use free tools to make a Minecraft server easily.

Spawn Area of Hypixel Server

Once the server is ready, you can invite your friends and family over to show them your cool builds. But you don’t even have to stop there. If hosting a server sounds exciting, you can slowly build and expand it to compete with other best Minecraft servers out there.

Build These Cool Things in Minecraft When You’re Bored

With that, you now have the best ideas for some of the coolest things to build in Minecraft. You can use them to have weeks, if not months, of entertainment within the boundaries of the game. All that’s left for you to do now is to find the perfect place to build these cool things. In case you need some help, the best Minecraft commands can lend you a hand. To take it a step further, you can even choose to make your own Minecraft skin to match your building style. Having said that, which cool thing are you planning to make in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments section below!

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