20 Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds You Must Try

20 Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds You Must Try

With the backing of a massive community, every major Minecraft update breaks the internet. And the Minecraft 1.18 update is potentially one of the most game-changing updates yet. From refreshed terrain generation to new biomes and mobs, it has everything you want. With that comes the challenge of finding the best spots to discover these special additions. But worry not, as have already collected some of the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds that you need to try. Though, this update generates worlds that are, in a way, more demanding than earlier. So, make sure to install Optifine in Minecraft to improve performance. With that out of the way, let’s not waste another moment. Here are the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds you must try in 2021.

Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds (December 2021)

We have personally tested all the seeds listed in this article on the latest Minecraft 1.18 Java Edition update. So, the world generation on the Bedrock editions can vary slightly. Also, our seed list is not ranked in any way. Please feel free to jump to the seeds that interest you the most from the table below.

1. Best Badlands Spawn in Minecraft 1.18

Imagine the most colorful biome, and then imagine the rarest warm biome. Chances are you might be imagining the same biome, which is Badlands. Players have a hard time finding this unique biome, so spawning in one makes this seed really special. Then, there’s the added bonus of the Minecraft 1.18 update’s terrain generation, which gives us mountains and hills of badlands in this seed. There are also some parts of desert hills mixed in, but you will hardly notice them.

Best Badlands Spawn

It’s also one of the largest badlands biomes you can discover in Minecraft. Then, near our spawn is a Ruined portal that will take some effort before it starts functioning. But the fun doesn’t end here. This portal takes you to a nether spawn where a bastion, a fortress, and a crimson forest are all within a few hundred blocks from your portal. This seed is easily one of the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds you can find.

  • Seed Code: -78688046
  • Biomes: Badlands
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 88, Y: 110, Z: 24

2. Flowering Village in a Snowy Mountain

This takes us to a scenic meadow, which feels like it’s out of some movie. A few hundred blocks away from our spawn is a large area with nothing but mountains and open plains between them. In this area, you will find a plains village located on a snowy mountain. It’s scattered across the hilly region and even has farmers trying to grow crops with frozen water.

Flowering Village in Snowy Mountain

Then, to add to the scenery, we have a lot of flowers scattered around the village. The plains villages, flower fields, and snowy mountains do not always spawn next to each other. But this seed paints us a great picture of all of them. There’s even a Ruined portal nearby if you want a bonus reason to come here.

  • Seed Code: 944710140
  • Biomes: Taiga and Plains
  • Village Coordinates: X: -511, Y: 145, Z: -501
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: -254, Y: 112, Z: -431

3. Almost All Biomes within 1500 Blocks from Spawn

All Biomes Around Spawn in 1500 blocks

One of the most fun but tiring parts of this game is exploring all the Minecraft biomes. Fortunately, this seed makes this task a bit easier. It spawns us at a prime location for biome exploring. Within 1500 blocks from our spawn location, you can find almost all the main in-game seeds and even their varients.

If that wasn’t enough, you can even find all types of villages within these blocks too. For players just starting out, this is one of the best Minecraft 1.18 seeds to understand how this block-based game works. Though, keep in mind that you might have to craft a Minecraft boat to explore some of these biomes.

  • Seed Code: -7497863297697545553
  • Biomes: Plains and Forest

4. Glacier Shipwreck and Open Underwater Cave

 Glacier Shipwreck and Open Underwater Cave

The Minecraft 1.18 update keeps giving us great world-generation surprises. This seed is no different. It includes a shipwreck spawn with exposed chests on a glacier. It’s surrounded by ice spikes and a frozen ocean. But that’s not all. There’s a huge cave opening that becomes an underwater cave as you dive deeper into it.

Moreover, there are plenty of ores that you can find in the underwater caves in this seed. And the buried treasure map from the shipwreck is definitely going to lead you to some useful resources. Not to forget, there’s even a Ruined portal at spawn to help you get started.

  • Seed Code: -4321830091833432115
  • Biomes: Dark Forest and Beach
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: 1987, Y: 63, Z: -2064
  • Cave Coordinates: X: 2021, Y: 63, Z: -2111
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 24, Y: 79, Z: 136

5. Huge Seaside Mountain Range

Huge Seaside Mountain Range in Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds

The next entry in our list of best Minecraft 1.18 seeds presents us with a masterpiece of the latest update’s capabilities. We spawn in a huge mountainous biome with a variety of terrain. There are lush caves, ravines, underwater caves, and more in this area. But what we need to do is step onto a tiny island near our spawn to get the perfect view. From there, you will witness the huge mountain generated along with several cave openings in it. There’s also a shipwreck nearby as a bonus feature of this seed.

  • Seed Code: -1824611495
  • Biomes: Stony Shore and Dark Forest
  • Location Coordinates: X: -27, Y: 66, Z: -807
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: -72, Y: 69, Z: -584

6. Glaciers at Spawn and Glitched Shipwreck

If you have ever wanted to create a snowy kingdom like Elsa from Frozen, this is the perfect seed for you. Our spawn point is surrounded by a variety of cold biomes, including a frozen ocean. There are also plenty of underwater caves in this seed if you are worried about resources. As for getting you off the ground, there’s a snowy taiga forest that can provide most of the basic items.

Glaciers at Spawn and Glitched Shipwreck

Moreover, as a special reward, this seed offers us a glitched shipwreck near spawn. More than half of the ship is stuck under the frozen ocean, with ice covering its surface. It also has some parts glitched into a nearby glacier. You will have to break a lot of ice to loot all three chests that it contains. But the buried treasure map will make it worth your efforts.

  • Seed Code: glacier
  • Biomes: Frozen Ocean, Snowy Taiga, and Snowy Plains
  • Glitched Shipwreck Coordinates: X: 287, Y: 63, Z: -173

7. Official Panorama Seed & Frozen Cold Cluster

In a way, this seed is a special tribute to the Minecraft 1.18 update. It is an exact replica of the world we see behind the title screen of the older versions of the game. It’s from one of the earliest Minecraft seeds popularised in the community. So, if you are a veteran player of the game, you can see how much the game has changed since then with this update. You will have to travel or teleport to a certain location to witness a recreation of the official title screen.

Official Panorama Seed & Frozen Cold Cluster

Once you reach the specific coordinates, there’s another surprise awaiting you. In the snowy mountain biome, you can find a giant cold ruin cluster forming under the frozen ocean. This is a rare discovery, as such large clusters only form in the regular oceans. As for the panoramic view, you will notice how the biome and terrain generation has changed since the early days of the game.

  • Seed Code: 2151901553968352745
  • Biomes: Windswept Hills and Forest
  • Giant Cold Ruins Cluster Coordinates: X: 36, Y: 66, Z: -7338

9. The Himalayas in Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds

If you love mountains and hill stations, this seed is definitely for you. It gives us a realistic mountain generation with snow at the top and forests and plains at the bottom. There are other smaller hills and mountains around one giant peak filling the scene. Then, as an added bonus, there are rivers flowing out of the mountain, creating a charming effect.

The Himalayas in Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds

The discussed mountain range isn’t at spawn but is definitely worth traveling to. There’s also a Ruined portal nearby. But if you don’t want to travel that far, you can see the next best thing, the new grove biome near our spawn. It’s a small mountain sub-biome that features snow blocks and snow-based mobs.

  • Seed Code: -1465919862
  • Biomes: Plains and Stony Shore
  • Ruined Portal Near Mountain Coordinates: X: -621, Y: 125, Z: -1538
  • Groove Coordinates: X: -167, Y: 77, Z: -183

10. Largest Exposed Dripstone Cave

Since the Minecraft 1.17 update, developers have been slowly rolling out dripstone caves with new seeds. These are realistic versions of caves that are filled with pointed dripstone and similar structures. The pointed dripstones are supposed to replicate stalactite and stalagmite from actual caves. But if you haven’t discovered them yet, worry not. This Minecraft 1.18 seed is all about dripstones.

Largest Exposed Dripstone Cave

After traveling to a certain location in this seed, we witness the power of the caves generation in Minecraft. There’s one of the largest dripstone caves that you can ever find in the game at the coordinates listed below. Not only that, unlike most dripstone caves, it’s at surface level and exposed. So, you can witness its majestic creation and rare spawn at the same time. It is a great seed to understand the direction Minecraft is headed in.

  • Seed Code: -1895276179
  • Biomes: Forest and Plains
  • Cave Coordinates: X: -31, Y: 73, Z: 749

11. Savanna Village Spawn Near Ocean Monument and Shipwreck

The next entry on our list of best Minecraft 1.18 seeds is a perfect way to start the game. It spawns us on an island with a Savanna village that has melon and wheat farms. Alongside that, it is surrounded by underwater caves and has an iron golem for your iron supply. Once you are done with the village, venture out a little to discover a shipwreck.

Savanna Village, Ocean Monument and Shipwreck in Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds

But, a few blocks away from this shipwreck is the real treasure. Spawned in a congested area, we have an ocean monument next to an underwater ravine. Do keep in mind that it’s not safe to explore it early on. But once you have the tools and resources ready, it will give you a major boost for the rest of your adventure.

  • Seed Code: 8795613549813
  • Biomes: Beach and Savanna
  • Ocean Monument Coordinates: X: -247, Y: 61, Z: -479
  • Savanna Village Coordinates: X: 16, Y: 63, Z: -439
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: -147, Y: 53, Z: -561

12. Desert Village with Floating Ruined Portal

Due to the general vibes and presence of dead bushes, both desert and badlands feel similar to one another. It is the reason why the village in this seed fits perfectly between the two. It spawns us in one of the largest badlands biomes that you can find at spawn. The desert village has a major part of its area on the badlands biome instead of the desert. It’s a great village for getting started with your Minecraft journey as it has a weaponsmith too.

Desert Village in Badlands

There’s also a Ruined portal nearby, but it’s not the best one. There’s another Ruined portal in this seed. If you make your way towards the nearby ocean, you will find a Ruined portal floating in the ocean. Normally, Ruined portals are present either underwater or on the ground. So, this Ruined portal is one of the rarest ones that you can probably only find in Minecraft 1.18.

  • Seed Code: 66548779546641
  • Biomes: Badlands and Desert
  • Floating Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: -380, Y: 63, Z: 154
  • Desert Village Coordinates: X: -295, Y: 67, Z: -195

13. Two Ocean Monuments Within 50 Blocks

This Minecraft 1.18 seed has a lot to offer. To begin with, we spawn near a Ruined portal whose chest might help you get started. Now, if you are in creative mode or know how to teleport, this seed has one of the rarest locations of Minecraft. A few thousand blocks away from our spawn is an ocean filled with ice spikes and glaciers.

Two Ocean Monuments Within 50 Blocks in Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds

But, once you go underwater, there are two ocean monuments below the surface of the water. Both of them are located within 50 blocks of each other (marked above). One is surrounded by glaciers, while the other is surrounded by Amethyst Geodes. If you don’t want to explore the dangerous monuments right away, there’s a giant Ruined portal nearby. It is located next to a small cold ruin that has a buried treasure map. So yeah, there’s plenty to do in this Minecraft seed.

  • Seed Code: 420
  • Biomes: Plains and Forest
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 62, Y: 65, Z: 69
  • Ocean Monument Coordinates: X: 4240, Y: 65, Z: 1039
  • Ocean Monument Coordinates: X: 4234, Y: 65, Z: 856

14. Desert Temple with Village, Ruined Portal

Upon spawning, the world in this seed looks quite dead. For a few hundred blocks in every direction, there’s either desert or badlands. But don’t give up hope yet. As you start exploring the desert, you will discover a desert village located next to a desert temple. Do keep in mind that the temple is mostly covered with sand, so it can be hard to locate. The village has a variety of villagers, including an ironsmith.

Desert Temple in Village in Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds

Moving on, you will seemingly stumble upon one of the smallest Ruined portals near this village. At least it looks that way because of all the sand covering it. But once you uncover it, you will find a ruined portal that is practically only a few away from becoming functional.

  • Seed Code: -1112456
  • Biomes: Desert and Badlands
  • Village Coordinates: X: 62, Y: 65, Z: 69
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 196, Y: 80, Z: 200
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 190, Y: 96, Z: 145

15. Spawn Next to a Pillager Outpost

Pillager outposts are dangerous if encountered early in a survival world. But how about spawning next to one. Yeah, this seed on our list of best Minecraft 1.18 seeds spawns us near a pillager outpost. Thankfully, they can’t see you right away, so you have ample time to run in the opposite direction. But if you don’t plan it carefully, you might end up losing right at the spawn. Not to forget, the nearest village is around 400 blocks away, and there’s another pillager outpost in that direction.

Spawn Next to a Pillager Outpost in Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds

The somewhat good thing about this seed is the exploration part. Near the pillager outpost are a beehive and a flower forest, contrasting the whole scene. And almost every cave, underwater or on-ground, leads to a huge dripstone cave that is awaiting your arrival. Towards the opposite side of the outpost is a snowy mountain surrounded by a flowering meadow on all sides. It’s a beautiful location, but be careful not to fall into one of the many cave openings around the map.

  • Seed Code: 884288
  • Biomes: Meadow, Plains, and Mountains
  • Outpost Coordinates: X: 22, Y: 92, Z: -11
  • Opening to Underwater Dripstone Cave Coordinates: X: 11, Y: 45, Z: -76
  • Near Village Coordinates: X: 8, Y: 70, Z: -472

16. 3 Villages and 2 Desert Temples

With a little bit of traveling, this seed can easily turn out to be one of the best Minecraft 1.18 survival seeds for most players. Within 1000 blocks of our spawn, there are multiple villages and two desert temples. Not to forget, we also have many caves and a ruined portal in this seed. This makes it one of the best spawn points for almost any Minecraft world. One of the closest two villages also has an ironsmith, ensuring you get everything you need early in the game.

3 Villages and 2 Desert Temples in Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds

If you are planning to speed run Minecraft, there’s also a third village nearby with a Ruined portal. With combined obsidian loot from both the ruined portals and resources of three villages, you will be more than ready to enter the Nether realm. All that will be left for you to do is locate the stronghold. Bonus Tip: The second desert temple’s main area is underwater.

  • Seed Code: 69069594
  • Biomes: Desert
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 310, Y: 57, Z: 141
  • First Village Coordinates: X: 33, Y: 78, Z: -256
  • Second Village Coordinates: X: 169, Y: 72, Z: 394
  • Third Village Coordinates: X: -543, Y: 88, Z: 39
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: X: -404, Y: 90, Z: -871
  • Second Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 210, Y: 66, Z: 264

17. Two Large Snowy Villages + Best Loot

The next seed spawns us in snow and ice-covered area. Everywhere you look, there are cold Minecraft biomes welcoming you. But within the coldness of this world are two large villages located on either side of our spawn point. One of the villages also has an ironsmith in it. Meanwhile, the other one has a cartographer in it.

Two Large Snowy Villages and Best Loot at Spawn

Once you are done looting both the villages, there’s also a Ruined portal underwater near them. But it isn’t complete in any way, so good luck finding lava in this biome. But leaving the survival gameplay aside, this seed is perfect for players planning to create a snowy base in Minecraft.

  • Seed Code: 4887167405268088711
  • Biomes: Frozen Ocean and Snowy Plains
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 171, Y: 51, Z: 101
  • Village Coordinates: X: 129, Y: 62, Z: 84
  • Village Coordinates: X: -142, Y: 64, Z: 132

18. Largest Swamp with Witch Hut at Spawn

In terms of spawning, swamps are considered to be one of the rarest biomes. But with this seed, we spawn in not just any swamp, but one of the largest swamp biomes. It’s so large that there are three witch huts and four ruined portals in this swamp biome. Unfortunately, we spawn next to one of those huts. The witch can even see us from the window. So, it’s best to run in the opposite direction as fast as you can before the witch starts attacking us. Once you have safely made your way out of the spawn, there’s another interesting location in this seed.

Spawn Next to Witch's Hut in Largest Swamp

But for that, you will have to make a boat in Minecraft. Using the boat, you need to find your way to a mushroom fields island. This island is built upon an underwater ravine that is directly connected to a huge mineshaft. If that isn’t interesting enough, on either side of the island, we have full-size shipwrecks. One of them even has cold ruins surrounding it. Wait, there’s more. Finally, to top it all off, you can also find an ocean monument just a few hundred blocks away from our island.

  • Seed Code: -944464326112058009
  • Biomes: Swamp
  • Mushroom Island Coordinates: X: -907, Y: 72, Z: -309
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: -938, Y: 43, Z: -205
  • Shipwreck with Cold Ruins Coordinates: X: -889, Y: 44, Z: -561
  • Monument Coordinates: X: -1311, Y: 61, Z: -738

19. Largest Mushroom Island in Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds

The next seed for our list is a simpler one. We spawn a few blocks away from a Jungle Temple that you can loot right away. You might not see it immediately because of the trees blocking it, but it’s close to the spawn point. Not to forget, even its entrance is blocked by blocks, so you will have to work a little to get to it. Though, this isn’t the best part of this seed.

Largest Mushroom Island and a Jungle Temple

On the opposite side of the temple is the largest mushroom island yet to be found on the Minecraft 1.18 update. Thanks to a new cave system, there are plenty of resources and caves under it to loot. The best part is that no hostile mobs will spawn in the caves since we are still in the Mushroom fields biome. It is the only biome in-game where hostile mobs can’t spawn, even at night. There are even multiple rivers flowing in these caves, which can lead you to the diamond level upon following closely.

  • Seed Code: 2061879647305842158
  • Biomes: Ocean and Jungle
  • Jungle Temple Coordinates: X: -168, Y: 80, Z: 16
  • Mushroom Island Coordinates: X: 415, Y: 90, Z: 86

20. Three Jungle Temples within 500 Blocks

To sum up our list of best Minecraft 1.18 seeds, we have saved an epic spawn point for last. This seed spawns us in a huge jungle biome with rivers flowing through. It’s a scenic view once you spawn in it, but that’s not all. There are 3 Jungle Temples within just 500 blocks of our spawn point. The first one is within the first 50 blocks of our spawn. However, you will have to be careful while looting them because of traps and mobs in temples.

3 Jungle Temples within 500 Blocks of Spawn

Each of the Jungle Temples has special loot, including diamonds, iron ingots, and much more. Once you are done looting them, it’s time to go underground. The area is filled with a variety of caves with ores waiting to be looted. The resources from the temples will come in handy here. While digging, you might also come across one of the many mineshafts, as the area is filled with them.

  • Seed Code: 3576235984807214190
  • Biomes: Jungle
  • Closest Jungle Temple: Coordinates: X: 40, Y: 90, Z: 72
  • Second Jungle Temple: X: 72, Y: 110, Z: -200
  • Third Jungle Temple: X: -200, Y: 110, Z: -168

Try the Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds Today

Update your Minecraft build and get ready to explore this block game in a new light! These unique and best Minecraft 1.18 seeds will help you embark on an adventure the moment the update rolls out. But you don’t have to stop there. You can even download Forge in Minecraft and try out some of the best Minecraft mods. As for the players still on earlier versions of Minecraft, we have covered the best Minecraft seeds you might want to check out.

Coming back to Minecraft 1.18, there are a lot of seeds waiting to be discovered. So, don’t forget to share the ones you come across in the comments below. Now, go ahead and boot your game to try out these unique Minecraft worlds.


  1. I found a cool seed on ps4 where if you go to -1133 163 982 on the seed -150665509 you will find a floating ship half just 100 blocks above the water

  2. Written by someone that doesn’t know Minecraft. Loot isn’t dependent on the seed, so telling us what loot is available in certain chests isn’t really needed.

    1. Hi Minecrafter,
      the seeds contain the same loot when replicated on the identical platform and the Minecraft game version. These seeds have been tested on the Java 1.18 version so that the loot remains true to the description on that version of the game. But to make the description more inclusive, it has been updated to focus more on other features

    1. Hi Wolfrunner,
      please rest assured that these seeds have been tested on the latest Java Minecraft 1.18 stable version. So, all the coordinates and the descriptions are true to the new world generation of Minecraft. However, using them on the Bedrock edition might yield slightly different results.

    1. That is more of a you-problem. These are pretty cool seeds but no one can do anything about you hating ice blocks. Just move on to the next site.

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