If there is any file-sharing app that can rival Apple’s AirDrop and even surpass it on quite a few fronts, it has to be “SHAREit”. The app excels in sharing a variety of files including photos, videos, music, contacts, and even apps. Thanks largely to a secure connection protocol, it boasts transfer speeds faster than Bluetooth and NFC. That all being said, SHAREit is often criticized for being too bloated with ads. Moreover, the inclusion of video and audio streaming services in the app has made it a nightmare for users who just want a simple file sharing app. If all these cons are big enough for you to look beyond, here are the best SHAREit alternatives of 2019 that you should check out.

Best SHAREit Alternatives You Can Try in 2019

Having explored tons of file-sharing apps, I can safely say that the market is flooded with file sharing apps. But, not all of them can replace SHAREit on your device. While some apps are more focused on offering a unified experience, others are designed to make the bulk transfer a painless exercise. And yes, there are also quite a few apps that are primed for blazing-fast file-transfer. So, no matter what sits on top of your priority list, chances are one of these best alternatives to SHAREit can ideally fit into your wishlist. With that out of the way, let’s explore ’em all!

1. Send Anywhere

If you want to have a one of the more capable and efficient SHAREit alternatives, go for “Send Anywhere”. To me, what stands it out from many other file transfer apps is the ability to send original file size, which could be a big deal for the folks who don’t want the file-sharing apps to destroy the quality of their files. Besides, it lets you send files anywhere in the world – unlike SHAREit.


The app offers a 6-digit security key to let you send and receive files. Using a secure link (valid for 48 hours), you can share your files with multiple people. Just in case, you want the receiver to access the file without having to enter the security key, you can send a notification to the targeted device.

In terms of speed, Send Anywhere is up to the mark. But unlike SHAREit, it requires a strong internet connection to share files – which is a downside. As for user-interface and reliable functionality, the former is a touch better than the latter. But keep in mind, the freemium version is limited and if you want to go beyond the limitations, you will have to spend $5.99/monthly – which is a tad expensive.


  • Share your files with multiple people
  • Send original size
  • Send files to anywhere in the world


  • Requires a strong internet connection
  • Premium version is expensive

Platform Availability: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and web 

Pricing:  Free, the premium version comes at $5.99/month 

Visit: Website 

2. Xender

Should you prefer simplicity and easy-of-use more than anything else, “Xender” would be worth giving serious consideration. Just like its noted counterpart SHAREit, the app works pretty well in letting you transfer a variety of file types including docs, photos, videos, and more even without an Internet connection. It can also give SHAREit a run for its money when it comes to sharing files at a rapid speed.

Xender app for file sharing

As someone who always prefers to have a clean and intuitive UI, I must say that Xender has looked more user-friendly to me than its more popular rival. Another feature that has caught my eyes in this app is the seamless group file-sharing (up to 4 devices). As for cross-platform sharing, it gets the job done with an appreciable result.

What’s more, Xender also supports several languages including English (main), Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, Indonesian, and more. So, if you want your file-sharing app to have the compatibility with many languages, it would live up to your expectation. Overall, it’s very similar to SHAREit and therefore deserves to be called one of the most proficient SHAREit alternatives.


  • Seamless group file-sharing (up to 4 devices)
  • Supports several languages
  • Clean and intuitive UI


  • The pairing process is not straightforward 

Platform Availability: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web

Pricing: Free

Visit: Website

3. Zapya

Do you have to often bulk transfer large files and find SHAREit unable to deal with your heavy demand? If yes, “Zapya” is  a more suitable answer to your needs. You can use this app to transfer videos, photos, music, apps, and many other files with the needed speed by taking advantage of the fast and secure QR code sharing method.

Zapya File sharing

Just like SHAREit, Zapya is also designed for cross-platform sharing. So, no matter you want to transfer files from your Mac to Windows device or wish to make your Android device play nicely with your iPhone (in terms of file sharing), it can stand up to the expectation immaculately. What’s more, it’s also quite good at group transfer and offers offline chat with up to five devices.


  • Excels in transferring bulk files 
  • Easy group transfer
  • Offline chat with up to five devices. 


  • Ads seem annoying at times 

Platform Availability: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Web

Pricing: Free

Visit: Website 

4. Snapdrop

Just like SHAREit, Snapdrop can also rival Apple’s well-known file-sharing protocol – “AirDrop”. What makes it a good option is the pretty straightforward way of sharing data across devices. Moreover, there is no restriction on the size of the file, allowing you to share almost anything you want with ease.

Snapdrop file sharing

The interface has a striking similarity with that of AirDrop. It doesn’t require much configuration either, which makes for a more simplified experience. Being a web-only app, it requires an Internet connection, unlike SHAREit. As far as security is concerned, the open-source app is reliable and offers the needed safeguard to your data. So, there shouldn’t be any worry. If you are looking for an online file sharing platform, this is one of the best SHAREit alternatives that you can use.


  • A pretty straightforward way of sharing data
  • Easy to use interface like AirDrop
  • Reliable functionality 


  • Requires an Internet connection

Platform Availability: Web

Pricing: Free

Visit: Website 

5. Windows Nearby Sharing

On popular demand, Microsoft had to introduce (April 2018 update) a native file-sharing feature last year. In terms of functionality, it works pretty much like AirDrop which has long been one of the finest features of macOS. And yes, it also stacks up against SHAREit. So, if you are using a Windows device and looking for a file-sharing service that can work spotlessly, you shouldn’t look beyond this one.

Windows file sharing

If you are yet to put your hands on this feature, simply head over to Settings -> System -> Shared Experiences and then click on the toggle that is right below the “Nearby Sharing” option. Once it’s turned on, you can share files smoothly. Both in terms of speed and consistency, Microsoft’s offering seems a touch better than SHAREit. If you don’t want to rely on third-party apps like SHAREit for transferring files between Windows devices, this is the best SHAREit alternatives for you.


  • Works flawlessly
  • Reliable and consistent performance 


  • Restricted to Windows devices 
  • Transfer speeds are not comparable to SHAREit

Platform Availability: Windows 10

6. Instashare

Due mainly to versatility and seamless performance, “Instashare” has long been one of my favorite file-sharing apps for cross-platforms. And because of these two notable features, I think it deserves to be considered a great alternative to SHAREit. It makes file-sharing dead simple. All you have to do is just select the share button on a file and choose Instashare. Next, the app will automatically pop up the devices and let you choose the one with which you wish to share your file. Do that and you are ready to go!

Instashare file sharing app

Similar to SHAREit, Instashare has the support for all file types so that you can send/receive files without any issues. Besides, it doesn’t put any limitation on the file size either. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are trying to share a few pics or sending out a large project to your colleague, it can get your work done without any hiccups.

Do note that this app offers a free trial of just 7 days. After that, you will need to pay $6.96 to continue. Well, if you don’t mind paying some bucks in favor of top-notch file-sharing experience, it would be a fairly good deal.


  • Makes file sharing dead simple
  • Support for all file types
  • Transfers files with rapid speed 


  • No full-fledged freemium version 

Platform Availability: Windows, Android, iOS, macOS

Pricing: 7-day free trial, $6.96

Visit: Website 

7. Filedrop

“Filedrop” is a reasonably good alternative to SHAREit. With this app at your disposal, you can share files with just a couple of taps over Wi-Fi. As there is no limitation on the file size, you can go about sharing at will. And, from what I have experienced during long testing, it’s able to perform the assigned task reliably.

 Filedrop file sharing

Though it doesn’t have an impressive-looking UI like its counterpart, it works just as efficiently. Unlike SHAREit, it doesn’t seem to be buggy at all and runs very smoothly across the devices. As there is not much to configure, you can effortlessly master it without having to go through a lengthy learning curve.


  • Share files fast over Wi-Fi
  • No limit on file size 
  • Runs pretty fast 


  • The UI looks outdated

Platform Availability: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Pricing: Free

Visit: Website 

8. Feem

“Feem” claims to provide an ultimate file-sharing experience. And, after putting this app for a test, I can say it’s definitely one of the finest SHAREit alternatives out there. Like SHAREit, it’s well-known for making offline file-sharing fast and smooth. During my test, I found it more than up to the mark when it comes to dealing with large files. So, you shouldn’t have a problem even if you often find yourself dealing with a boatload of files.

Feem File Sharing

As far as security of files is concerned, Feem encrypts your entire local transfers with TLS (Transport Layer Security) so that they remain safeguarded against prying eyes. If SHAREit claims to offer a trusted shield to local transfers, Feem is not behind either in this aspect.

To offer a fully unified experience, it also works with major platforms. So, it doesn’t matter on which side of the stream you are, transferring files wouldn’t be a hassle for you. And with the integrated chat feature, you can comfortably send text and links directly between devices.


  • Encrypts your entire local transfers with TLS
  • Offers unified experience
  • Integrated chat feature


  • The app doesn’t run smoothly across the platforms

Platform Availability: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and web 

Pricing: Free, premium version comes at $4.99/year (1-4 devices)

Visit: Website 

Bonus: TrebleShot

Though “TrebleShot” is nowhere near as versatile and efficient as SHAREit, it has got enough notable features to be your reliable file-sharing app. This Android-only open-source app allows you to send/receive files even without an internet connection. Sporting a pretty simple and clean UI, it runs a bit more smoothly than its famed opponent.


When it comes to sharing large files, TrebleShot is up to the mark and does the work without any hiccups. It also functions admirably in letting you share files with multiple devices at one go. Moreover, this app is available for free, which surely makes it one of the best free alternatives to SHAREit.


  • Open-source app
  • Clean UI
  • Share files with multiple devices at one go


  • Doesn’t offer a unified experience

Platform Availability: Android

Pricing: Free

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Pick Out the Best Apps like SHAREit…

Even though the market seems to be flooded with a ton of file-sharing apps, not all of them can replace SHAREit. But thanks to the impressive performance and pretty easy file-sharing functionality, the above-mentioned file sharing apps can give SHAREit not only a strong competition but also topple it on quite a few fronts. Let me know which one have you chosen to have a seamless file-sharing experience.