There is no doubt over the fact that extensions are what make web browsers more productive than they actually are. The case of Safari, the default web browser of Apple devices, including Mac and iPad isn’t different, either. Nevertheless, getting the best out of your web browser is all about the extensions you choose, as a huge number of extensions are there in the collection of Safari extensions.

And, if you want to have a look on those top Safari extensions and use them in your device, you’ve landed at the right place, where we’ll have a list of best 15 Safari extensions. We are quite sure that all these extensions will help you in a situation or another.

1. Adblock — Productivity

Adblock Safari Extension

Use: Block Advertisements

You will really love Adblock, one of the most popular extensions for Safari browser, as long as you’ve hatred towards those clumsy, intrusive and interruptive advertisements all over internet, let that be Facebook, Google or other sites, you visit every day. It takes only a few seconds for Adblock to install and thus to remove almost all kinds of ads from various websites, but you can then customize Adblock, to block ads on certain websites or the opposite.

Thus, if you love to have an ad-free browsing experience, you will love Adblock. Plus, fewer advertisements may help you get out of distraction and thus to increase productivity as well, we hope.


2. Pocket — Productivity


Use: Save articles for Offline Reading

If you’re familiar with Pocket, a revolutionary app that brought a simplified way to save articles for later reading with no internet connection required, you do not need another reason to love Pocket. Using this simple button, you’ll be able to save articles into your pocket account and read them from a variety of devices and platforms, including your Smartphones and Tablet PCs.

Apart from the ability to save articles, it has to be noted that Pocket offers a far better reading experience, with its eye-friendly designs and layout. Plus, Pocket offers tagging and labeling options as well.


3. Pin It Button — Bookmarking


Use: Share web content on Pinterest

For those Mac users who are Pinterest users as well, Pin It Button for Safari will be a must-have extension, as far as it is your passion to share what you love with your friends or public. Using this extension, you can make your Pinterest library rich in a few clicks.

Whenever you come across sharable content, just press the button and you can share the content in Pinterest within a few seconds — don’t you think it is easy enough?


4. Awesome Screenshot — Photos

Awesome Screenshot for Safari

Use: Capture Screenshots

If you are looking forward for an intuitive, simple yet effective option to capture screenshots from web pages you do visit, you should check out Awesome Screenshot. There are a number of impressive features such as the ability to crop screenshots, annotate them by adding an impressive set of elements, add blurring effects etc. Also, if you do not want to miss a single element from web page, you have an option to take screenshot of an entire page as well.

In addition, you have an option to instantly share all the screenshots you take from the browser, and let others access it in a few clicks.


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5. ClickToFlash — Productivity


Use: Block Flash Content in Websites

When you visit some websites, you might have noticed that some Flash elements, such as videos & interactive stuff, do start automatically, interrupting your browsing experience and also causing overuse of internet resources. If you need a solution for this, you can check out ClickToFlash, which is a Safari extension that blocks flash content in a site from loading. Instead of the flash content, you can see a placeholder, clicking on which will open the actual content.

As we said, this extension will be quite useful when you do not want flash content to be loaded automatically.


6. New York Times Updates — News

NY Times extension

Use: Get Updates from New York Times

You will love this Safari extension if you are a regular reader of New York Times, one of the widely read and popular newspaper of America.

Using this extension, you can have a look on headlines of New York Times and the extension makes use of official RSS feeds of New York Times to bring content to you. So, New York Times Updates will be useful extension for those Safari users who love reading this popular daily.


7. Turn Off the Lights — Entertainment

Turn Off The Lights

Use: Dim Light in Particular Areas of Web Browser

Suppose you are watching a YouTube video and you find that other elements in the page are distracting you! Using Turn Off the Lights, an extension that is available for other browsers as well, you can turn your focus into that video by dimming other regions of the page.

This feature will be useful when you are not able to turn into full screen mode but want to have an impressive entertainment experience.


8. Firebug Lite for Safari — Developer

Firebug Lite for Safari

Use: Debug Websites Instantly

Do you stumble upon some superb websites that you desperately want to know more about their codes and all? If it is so, you should check out Firebug Lite for Safari, an extension that is aimed to help develop better websites using HTML, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets. You can not only view code of the web page but you can also edit the site and see changes accordingly, right from the single Safari tab.

We hope this is quite productive for almost every developer out there.


9. LastPass — Security


Use: Save passwords online and fill forms automatically

Are you fed up with filling your name, address, phone number and other details again and again as you visit different websites? Well, LastPass is an internet-powered service that helps you store your passwords as well as form-filling data in a way that is accessible during Safari browser sessions. All these data are saved with tight level of encryption as to make sure that nothing gets into wrong hands.

LastPass is a great tool for those who forget passwords.


10. SafariRestore — Productivity

Use: Manage and Restore Browsing Sessions

In some instances, you might want to save a particular Safari browsing session and restore it later! If you are looking for an extension to help you manage these browsing sessions in a simple manner, SafariRestore will be the best one from the list.

So, if you want to have the previous set of tabs back, as to do something you forgot to, SafariRestore is the best solution to depend upon.


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11. DuckDuckGo for Safari — Search Tools


Use: Integrate DuckDuckGo with Safari

If you want to integrate DuckDuckGo — a search engine service that gives equal importance to relevance of results & privacy of user — with your Safari web browser, you should install DuckDuckGo for Safari. By installing DuckDuckGo for Safari in your browser, you can set DuckDuckGo as the default search engine of your browser, have results from DuckDuckGo even when you are browsing other websites etc.

Altogether, especially when considering the feature-rich toolbar that comes with the extension, DuckDuckGo for Safari is a great choice.


12. Facebook Photo Zoom — Social Networking

Facebook Photo Zoom

Use: Zoom into Facebook photos

If you think photos you see in Facebook are too small to be seen, Facebook Photo Zoom will be a great tool for you, as the extension will help you enlarge the photograph. To do that, you just have to hover over a photograph that you have seen on Facebook and the extension will take a few seconds to bring you the LARGE version of it, let that be a profile picture, cover photo or whatever else.


12. Facebook Cleaner — Social Networking

Use: Clean Unwanted Elements from Facebook UI

Despite being an addictive Facebook user, you might not like some elements that are present in user interface of the site. For instance, you can take the case of sponsored ads that are claimed to be based on your tastes, pokes from all your friends and some other regions that are less worth looking at.

By using Facebook Cleaner, you can have a non-nonsense version of Facebook.


13. 1-Click Weather for Safari

Use: Get Weather Updates

If you want to stay up-to-date about weather in your area, right from your Safari browser window, you should surely check out 1-Click Weather for Safari, which is the official Safari extension from The Weather Channel. You will be able to have enough information about weather, including current temperature in that area, weather conditions as well as predictions as well.

To get all these, you do not have to move from the browser window.


14. WOT — Security


Use: Know Websites before you Trust them

Have you heard about Web of Trust? Well, it is a service that collects feedback from various users and combines it to determine trustworthiness of a website or a web-based service. And, to help Safari users know which websites they should trust, WOT has published an official Safari extension with the same name, and it will be a great source to get to know about reputation of a particular website or web-based service without even leaving the browser screen. So, you can stop searching for reviews of a product or service.


Well, what do you think about this list of top extensions for Safari Browser? We hope at least a few of you would be having a different set as your favorite ones and we are eager to know about those!