Nintendo’s most recent and most powerful console is the Wii U. It’s an all-new home console that offers new features like off-TV gameplay where you can play the entire game in the uniquely build gamepad. The gamepad can also be used in games to augment the gameplay. Wii U is one of the best console available in this generation and it has a wide list of games, especially first and second party games that are a must play for every true gamer. If you are looking for some of the best games for your Wii U then you’ve come to the right place. Below are the 22 best Wii U games that will turn you into a solid Nintendo fan if you aren’t one already.

Best Nintendo Wii U Games

1. Super Mario 3D World


If you want to see how amazing the Wii U graphics actually are then you definitely have to play the all new Super Mario 3D World. This game is beautifully rendered in 3D and it’s the first time you will see Mario performing crazy stunts and using unique new power-ups in all 3D. The world is very detailed in graphics and Mario looks really amazing himself. This is the perfect Mario adventure game on the Wii U and really brings out all the elements of Mario’s world beautifully in a highly detailed world.

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2. Mario Kart 8


Mario Kart 7 is available on the Nintendo 3DS which means the next game in the series would be released for the Wii U. That’s how Mario Kart 8 landed on the Wii U and it’s superior to its predecessor in every way. The graphics are amazing and aesthetically attractive. The gameplay is much better and there are tons of new features and modes to give you and your friends a lot of competition. The multiplayer is flawless and you can enjoy extreme races with your friends or strangers from around the world.

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3. New Super Mario Bros. U


Mario and Luigi get back together for this amazing installment in the series that utilizes the power of the Wii U. This game has the perfect co-op mode and you can play together with another person. Both of you can control one of the plumber brothers, and help each other out by picking and throwing each other to pass obstacles. This game is all about teamwork and coordination in the co-op mode. Also, don’t forget to collect all the coins because that’s the most important thing in a Mario game.

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4. Unepic


This is the most fun Role-playing game with a lot of platformer elements thrown in their as well. You start as a boy named Daniel who gets teleported to a castle. Now it’s his duty to defeat the evil emperor of the castle by defeating his 7 generals and finally killing the emperor. The game is filled with humor and references to popular TV shows and movies. You have to navigate through different parts of the castles, gather weapons, items, and become powerful enough to face the emperor. The voice acting in this game is top-notch which makes this game, even more, awesome.

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5. Pikmin 3


This is the most unique and intuitive game available on the Nintendo Wii U. It’s all about solving puzzles, killing enemies, and making more Pikmins. The gamepad is integrated into the game flawlessly so you can really enjoy an immersive gameplay experience while playing Pikmin 3 for long. This game is all about strategy. You have to be tactful and use your brain to solve the puzzles in this game. It’s exciting and graphically very cute.

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6. Wind Waker HD

wind waker hd

This the remake of the amazing The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. This game has been remastered and looks really amazing on the Wii U with those cell shaded graphics. This is where Toon link came from and he has also been featured in Super Smash Bros. The gameplay is much better than classic The Legend of Zelda games and the music is really wonderful. It’s a highly rated title that originally appeared on the GameCube, lots of new features and graphical advances have been made to the remake of the game.

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7. Yoshi’s Wooly World


This game was supposed to be the next Mario for Nintendo but sadly, it didn’t receive as much attention or praise as Mario but it’s still considered a decent game on its own. Yoshi’s Wooly World is the adventure game regarding Yoshi who is Mario’s pal and a cute dinosaur. This game takes place in the wooly world which is made out of wool (duh!). The gameplay is simple as with many platforming titles but there are hidden secrets that you must find if you really want to get the most out of this amazing game. It’s all about going everywhere and looking at everything to find out hidden things.

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8. Super Smash Bros. 4


The fighting game the redefined the whole genre and made a real mark on the Nintendo platform. This is the same game as available on the Nintendo 3DS but the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. 4 is more polished and graphically more advanced than the handheld version. Battle your friends in all-out fighting match. 4 people can battle at the same time. Use power-ups and extra tools to aid you in the battle and defeat your opponents easily. It’s all about blocking and hitting at the right time to beat your opponents in this game.

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9. Hyrule Warriors


Hyrule Warriors is a full 3D hack n slash game that lets you explore the world slashing enemies with your favorite characters from the Legend of Zelda game series. The game is a combination of Dynasty Warriors and The Legend of Zelda games. There are different modes to play the game. The story mode is all about playing through the story and completing levels. Free mode lets you play any levels with any characters to get the most out of the game. You can also level your characters and give them different abilities as in a regular role-playing game. You can also use the amiibos to unlock new characters for in-game play.

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10. New Super Luigi U


Mario has had enough of the spotlight on all the Nintendo platforms and it’s about time that the elder brother, Luigi gets some screen time of his own. The new Super Luigi U is an all Luigi game that puts Luigi in the spotlight. The gameplay is similar if not he same as Mario. You jump around defeating enemies. Luigi can jump much higher than his brother and you can use this to his advantage. The gameplay is specifically created for Luigi and you will enjoy playing every moment with him. It’s a much more unique game if you want a break from the Super Mario Bros. U.

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11. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


If you want to hunt monsters then this game is obviously what you should be playing on your Wii U. This version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is much more advanced than the Nintendo 3DS version and you can even make parties with online friends and hunt the monsters together. There are powerful and exotic monsters in this game including the Kraken and the mighty Dragon, and you’re the real hero who has to hunt them down one by one. This is your only shot at glory.

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12. Rayman Legends


Rayman Legends offers a vibrant and charismatic platforming adventure in a colorful world. This game is a fast-paced platforming adventure that takes you into the vibrant world of Rayman and his friends. It’s a 2D platformer that shows you how good 2D platformers can still be with a fast and furious styled gameplay. It’s all about kicking, punching, and jumping your way through different obstacles a completing each level quickly. So many unique elements make it completely different from other games in the genre.

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13. Splatoon


Possibly the most fun and exciting third-person shooter game ever to be made. It’s not your regular third-person shooter filled with gore and violence instead Splatoon is all about splashing ink everywhere. It’s like paintball evolved into something more exciting and fun than it already is. You team up with your friends or strangers and take on another team in an ink-spilling match. Color everything with your preferred color of ink and have lots of fun while doing this, that’s all you have to do in Splatoon. There are new weapons, features, and amazing modes that give the game a high replay value.

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14. Sonic Lost World


Sonic is back in this full 3D adventure and he has brought along all of his friends to go against the evil Dr.Eggman. You have never seen or played Sonic in this way. Sonic Lost World is a completely new Sonic game that will blow you away with the amazing graphics, a decent story, and a very familiar Sonic the Hedgehog gameplay that we all have fallen in love with over the years. If you prefer Sonic over Mario then this is the game you should be playing. Also, Sonic is way faster.

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15. Super Mario Maker


If you have had enough of playing all the Super Mario games then we think you are going to love making an all new Super Mario level to play on. Super Mario Maker lets you create all new levels for the Super Mario game. You can make these levels as difficult as you want or even impossible to complete, you can share your created levels with the world and people will try to beat your level while you play on other users’ created levels. This game is all about creativity and imagination to create the most authentic, unique, and difficult Mario levels of all time.

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16. Bayonetta 2


Bayonetta 2 looks stunning, plays amazing, and sounds really delightful. This is the perfect action game available on the Nintendo Wii U with awesome graphics. The gameplay is fast and wild which keeps you on your toes when playing this game. This game pits a witch against an army of evil minions and she has to do everything in her wicked power to destroy them all. This game is fast paced and action packed, every moment of this adrenaline pumping game will provide you with pure excitement.

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17. Xenoblade Chronicles X


Xenoblade Chronicles X is a role-playing game with sci-fi and action elements to give this game a unique gameplay. This game lets you explore a whole new world where everything is within your reach. You have to be careful because there are hostile beings around you that can attack you at any time. The game offers amazing quests filled with depth and beauty. If you have time to spare then this is the perfect RPG to utilize your time or waste it, it depends on how you see it.

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18. ZombiU


The best zombie apocalypse game available on the Nintendo Wii U. This is a first-person shooter game that puts you right in the middle of a zombie-infested London. This game utilizes the Wii U gamepad very effectively and you can use it to target and shoot all the undead brain eaters coming your way. ZombiU has amazing graphics and a very scary tone. You need to be quick to shoot the zombies or you will just end up being their chow. Survive the apocalypse and help others stay alive during the zombie infestation that’s your entire goal in this game.

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19. Shovel Knight


Get your shovel ready because it’s time for the Shovel Knight to do his thing. This game takes you back into the retro gaming world with its classic graphics, an amazing background tune, and an old-school gameplay. This game combines the elements of RPG, action, and platformer games together in a perfect package. Get ready to dig out some treasures or beat the crap out of your enemies with your trusty shovel. It’s time to use your shovel for more than just casual digging.

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20. Kirby and The Rainbow Curse


Kirby and The Rainbow Curse is a cute and delightful platformer. With its charming gameplay, this game sucks you right in. The world is detailed and Kirby is obviously cute. This little pink guy is on a journey to beat the curse and rid his world of all the bad and evil things once and for all. The platforming action is delightfully charming in this game and you can play it for hours and hours without getting bored at all because of all the unique elements. It’s a decent change from all the Mario platforming games.

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21. Minecraft Wii U Edition

Minecraft Wii U Edition

Minecraft is almost the same on all the platforms. It’s all about using your imagination and creativity to build anything that you want in this whole new fantasy block world. The game is filled with endless possibilities and a lot of add-ons that add so much more value to the overall game. Just make sure that you are safe from those haunting creeps that come out at night to eat you. Minecraft Wii U Edition does not utilize the Wii U gamepad but if the gamepad support is added for inventory then it would be really amazing and a bit more unique. You can find some more Sandbox games like Minecraft in this list.

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22. Badland


Badland, at first, feels like playing Limbo but it’s much more different than Limbo. The artwork and graphics may seem a bit identical but Badland has an entirely different approach in terms of gameplay and storyline. The game is all about being quick. You have to be fast to complete a level because the timer is always ticking. There are no time wasting elements in the game and you have to keep your objective in mind. If the screen catches up to your player, then it all restarts and that’s the worst punishment. So just be as fast as you possibly can be in this game.

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Hop onto the couch and fire up your Wii U console because these games are going to suck you in the virtual world. If you think there are some other games that need to be mentioned in our list then feel free to list them in the comments below.