Best Minecraft Texture Packs

25 Best Minecraft Texture Packs to Install Right Now

Minecraft is famous for its blocky pixelated world that provides a unique gameplay experience. Similar to the best Minecraft mods, many developers also create Minecraft texture packs to offer you a new and enhanced experience with this block-based world. Now, the texture packs, unlike mods, don’t exactly change the way you play the game, but their visual impact is powerful nonetheless. While many texture packs are usually focused on the Minecraft Java Edition, the Bedrock players still get the RTX advantage with a few of them. But that’s for later. For now, let’s look at the best Minecraft texture packs you can get in 2023.

Best Minecraft Texture Packs (2023)

Please note that Minecraft version 1.6.1 replaced “texture packs” with resource packs, which take packs beyond textures and include other features such as music and fonts too. Whether you see the term resource or texture pack in-game, it’s more or less the same. Moreover, we have divided the texture packs into different categories for easy discovery and to help you make a quick decision. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and first understand what texture/ resource packs do in Minecraft and how to use them.

What are Texture Packs in Minecraft?

As the name suggests, the texture packs are add-ons for Minecraft that replace the original textures of this sandbox game, giving it a visual makeover. Some of the texture packs are smaller and more focused on limited aspects, while others change the look and feel of your entire game. You will find everything from FPS boosting textures to the ones you want to run on an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti.

For each texture pack listed below, we include a comparison of what the game looks like with and without the texture pack. We have also added download information to make it easy for you to test them right away. But first, let’s understand how to install the texture packs in Minecraft before anything else.

How to Install Texture Packs in Minecraft

Installing texture packs and resource packs have the same process. The in-game name might be different for the option, depending upon your version, but the steps are the same. In any case, boot up Minecraft, and let’s get started with the process.

1. From your Minecraft home screen, click the “Options” button located next to the “Quit Game” option.

2. Then, select the option called “Resource Packs or “Texture Packs“. Whatever the option is called in your game version, it will be present at the bottom left of the “Options” menu.

3. Now, you will see a list of existing resource/ texture packs if you have any installed. Are you wondering how to add more texture packs to Minecraft? Well, if you are playing Minecraft in windowed mode, you can drag and drop your downloaded texture packs to install them. If not, click the “Open Pack Folder” option and move your packs to that folder.

4. Alternatively, you can also move your packs to one of the following directories for Minecraft Java edition:

  • %AppData%\.minecraft\resourcepacks (Minecraft 1.16.1 and later)
  • %AppData%\.minecraft\texturepacks (Minecraft 1.16 and earlier)

You will only see one of these based on your game’s version. You can copy and paste your downloaded files into one of these folders to get them installed and access them within Minecraft.

Best Minecraft Texture Packs for Better FPS

Now that you know how to install the texture packs, it’s time to move to the part you have been waiting for. We will first go over the texture packs that might tone down your graphics but improve the overall performance.

1. MoreFPSPack

MoreFPS Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

The name says it all. This pack tones down the game just enough to get you 60+ FPS gaming on even the lowest-end PCs. The game looks more minimal than what you are used to though it doesn’t entirely take away the usual Minecraft look and feel when you start looking at the entities. Take a look at the quick comparison with and without this texture pack above.

Download MoreFPS Pack

2. 2×2 Texture

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

True to its name, this texture pack takes the lower resolution texture change to a more drastic stage by making them 2 x 2 in resolution. For comparison, Minecraft considered 16 × 16 as the default lowest resolution in its native version. The developer has kept some textures at 4 x 4 to keep the game playable, but what you experience in this pack can look like a bug at first glance.

Download 2X2 Texture Pack

3. Pixelate

Pixelate Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

This texture pack isn’t too hard on the game when it comes to individual blocks but still provides promising results. Unlike other packs, it focuses on additional objects like fire, glass, flowers, and rain that might not need the most attention in your gameplay. It makes the FPS performance better with little compromises to visuals. If you need good FPS but not with a minimal world of Minecraft, this is the texture pack you should download.

Download Pixelate Texture Pack

Realistic Minecraft Texture Packs

If you have a PC that can take Minecraft to its highest visual levels, these texture packs might quickly become your favorite. One of them will require powerful GPUs or a compromise with the FPS to make it work, but it will be worth it. All other texture packs will run fine on almost every Minecraft-supported computer.

4. AlluringBliss

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

This vibrantly styled texture pack isn’t heavy on your system but does a ton of tiny tweaks to make your same feel more realistic. From the realism in the fire to the way wood and soil textures are defined, this texture pack has a lot to offer. It gives you an overall classical knight-styled royal look to the whole world. Even sky textures feel like out of an archaic movie. To complete the feel and become powerful in this medieval world, we suggest you check out the best sword enchantments and best armor enchantments in Minecraft.

Download Alluring Bliss Texture Pack

5. Andorhal HD

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

This texture pack gives you a rich realism-based world. The colors are more vibrant here, and the textures are fixed at 64 x 64 pixels, which aren’t really high, but it will give benefits in terms of FPS. It’s slightly better than Alluring Bliss and requires a little more power but nothing beyond a medium-range PC. You will immediately notice the richer grass, new torches, and more textured woods when you enter a village. The other additional changes are discoverable as you move into the game.

Download Andorhal HD

6. ModernArch R

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

With three tiers of paid textures, ModernArch R is a regularly updated and realistic texture pack based on modern interiors. It also features custom 3D models of game blocks for interior detailing. And you can get the free resolution pack that we have used in the screenshot above. Going higher than this will only make you want to stay away from the original Minecraft visuals.

Download ModernArch R

Best Cartoon or Cute Minecraft Texture Packs

With performance and graphics out of the way, let’s now look at some fun cartoonish texture packs for Minecraft. The whole point of these packs is to make your game look cute and more enjoyable.

7. Rodrigo’s Pack

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

This soft-styled texture pack not only makes your world a lot rubber-style but also provides a performance boost with its minimal blocks. Rodrigo’s Pack has 8 x 8 blocks, but you won’t feel them lowering your quality. The designers have focused on keeping the Minecraft feel intact while adding a cartoonish layer on top. This makes it one of the most fun packs to play with a performance boost.

Download Rodrigo’s Pack

8. Pastel Craft

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

One of the best Minecraft texture packs, Pastel Craft focuses on colors and cartoonish effects but ensures that each block is identifiable individually. Many minimal or cartoon-based packs tend to oversimplify blocks so much that you have to put in extra effort to identify them. This pack is one of many limited ones which focuses on keeping quality high while using pixelation for cartoonish effect.

Download Pastel Craft Texture Pack

9. Hafen

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

Hafen, when closely translated from German, means Pottery. And this texture pack gives your world a pottery clay-like look. Among the top Minecraft texture packs, this one has the most dynamic-looking cartoonish textures. It has a heavy focus on looks and the color interaction that you notice in the way each color fits with the other in this pack.

Download Hafen Texture Pack

Best Theme-Based Minecraft Texture Packs

These texture packs are entirely dedicated to specific effects, random fandoms, or just any theme to take Minecraft out of its comfort zone. Each of them brings a world that feels different than each other and the default Minecraft world.

10. Star Odyssey: Beyond Space

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

Inspired heavily by the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, this resource pack brings you a complete experience with weirdly accurate sounds, new mob skins, and new overall textures to the game. As you can notice, it’s slightly brighter than the regular Minecraft, but that changes drastically when the night arrives. Remember that you will need to install Optifine in Minecraft to make the most out of this pack.

Download Star Odyssey Texture Pack

11. Overgrowth

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

This texture pack not only makes the game more interesting and realistic but also makes it feel darker at night (see screenshot comparison above). We get scarier entities, a new nether, biome-based creepers, and a lot more upgrades. This Minecraft texture pack is still updated regularly, with new additions every week. If you want to see where it goes, you can explore more when you download it

Download Overgrowth Texture Pack

12. Bloom

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

This retro-styled texture pack will take you straight to the days of classic video games, to the time when you didn’t have the liberty to play Contra on your smartphones. The effects, unfortunately, are limited to the world blocks and don’t change the entities. You will still get a chance to play with the same Minecraft creatures, but in a setting closer to the vibrant retro pixelated world it’s inspired from.

Download Bloom Texture Pack

Best PVP Minecraft Texture Packs

PVP or player vs player mods in Minecraft are highly competitive, and each FPS counts. These texture packs make special modifications to the environment in order to gain a competitive advantage. Different sizes weapons, selective colorization, and even pure style; these packs have a lot to offer.

13. Bombies 15K

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

This texture pack is easy on the graphics with low-quality blocks, thus, delivering higher FPS. It also decreases the size of your sword to make it easier to see enemies around the corner. There are also carefully designed armors that can act as camouflage in the right environment and as a distraction where you want to stand out.

Download Bombies 15K

14. John Smith Legacy

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

This is one of the most up-to-date Minecraft resource packs on the list. That means the effects in this pack have their proper sound effect and cover almost every block in the game, including netherite-based armors and weapons. You are transported to a world out of the period of European knights. The texture pack makes it easy to see the enemies with the toned-down texture of the world while giving you an overall majestic feel. The funny-looking villagers are just a bonus.

Download John Smith Legacy Texture Pack

15. Mythic

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

This pack might feel like a direct competition of the one we just covered, but its approach is different. Instead of the medieval era, its main focus is on combining the retro RPG style of games with low-quality high FPS textures. The clean style pushes you towards the best overall experience with an adventurous feel, while the optimization of textures makes the game advantageous in a competitive run.

Download Mythic Texture Pack

Best Nature Texture Packs in Minecraft

A major part of the Minecraft world is the nature in it. And till we get the Minecraft Wild Update, these texture packs are here to help you level up its nature and wildlife earlier.

16. Autumn Season

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

The world of Minecraft doesn’t have any seasons yet. So, this next resource pack brings the amazing cycle of the season to the game. Well, at least for one season. Replacing the greenery in Minecraft, all the forests and jungles of the game turn brownish-red in color. You can even find traces of autumn in the lush caves though the effects aren’t as dramatic as the overground world.

Download Autumn Texture Pack

17. Better Vanilla Animals

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

The next entry on our list is one of the simplest yet highly effective Minecraft texture packs. It aims to upgrade the existing vanilla world of Minecraft by improving its mobs. Changing the texture and appearance of just the animals doesn’t seem like much at first. But in the game, it completely overhauls the experience. Not to forget, we also get some variants of textures.

Download Better Animals Texture Pack

18. Winter is Here

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

As the name suggests, this texture pack simply gives us a frozen world of Minecraft. It leads you to the winter that Minecraft has deserved forever. This realistic pack has a variety of features, ranging from biome changes to new plantations. In many ways, this texture packs feel like one of the best Minecraft modpacks, and it only does that by changing the textures.

Download Amberstone Winter Pack

Best Minecraft 1.18 Texture Packs

Even though all of the texture packs on this list work on any Minecraft version, not everyone may have updated to the Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update. That’s why we have a separate section dedicated to the ones made for upgrading your new Minecraft 1.18 worlds.

19. Alacrity

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

This Minecraft texture pack refreshes the all-around plantations in Minecraft worlds. We get better trees, realistic plants, improved stones, new items, and a lot more. Not to forget, it works even better if you are using one of the best Minecraft shaders from our list here. If you are planning to create a realistic base in the game, this is the texture pack you need.

Download Alacrity Texture Pack

20. Stay True

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

This texture pack focuses on improving the default texture pack by adding more clarity and realism to them. In simple terms, it breaks the blocky limitations of most textures like leaves. With that, the Minecraft world feels more open and free. Fortunately, the pack doesn’t do it too much. So, you get a taste of the enchanted world of Minecraft without going far from its vanilla touch.

Download Stay True

21. Tissou’s Zombie Pack

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

Minecraft has introduced a variety of mob upgrades over the years, with Minecraft 1.19 set to bring more new mobs. But for some reason, the zombies from day one are still the same. However, this texture pack fixes that. It gives an updated look to the zombies, husks, villager zombies, and drowned. The new look is bound to make your Minecraft nights scarier than usual. Not to forget, it also replaces the bluish-green zombie skin with a human-based zombie texture.

Download Tissou’s Zombie Pack

22. Excalibur

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

The final entry on our list of best Minecraft texture packs is a powerful one. It provides a complete medieval adventure within your existing world of Minecraft. With a claim to replace 99% of in-game textures with a classic theme, this is easily one of the largest texture packs ever. And it even takes the mobs and buildings in your world to the medieval period.

Download Excalibur Pack

Best X-Ray Texture Packs for Minecraft

X-ray texture packs have a controversial history in the Minecraft community. They allow you to see blocks like diamond ore by turning the rest of the world transparent. While using these packs on some servers can get you banned, it is the ultimate tool for a personal voyage. You shouldn’t miss it on a solo survival adventure.

23. Better X-Ray Texture Pack

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

This is one of the most optimized and lightest X-ray packs out there. You can see all the ore blocks as far as your rendering distance goes. Then, to make them easier to find, the texture pack also highlights chunk borders of the Minecraft world.

Download Better X-Ray Texture Pack

24. Night Vision Texture Pack

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

Whether you venture into the deep caves, dive into the ocean just take a troll at night, darkness will greet you like an old friend in Minecraft. It is great for aesthetic purposes but can be quite challenging in resource collection. This texture pack aims to counter that by righting up all dark areas in Minecraft.

While there is already a Potion of Night Vision for this purpose in default Minecraft, it is nothing in comparison to the always-active and extra-bright texture pack. Not to forget, this texture pack only works with Optifine in Minecraft.

Download Night Vision Texture Pack

25. Visible Ores Texture Pack

Texture Pack Enabled (L) vs Disabled (R)

Most X-ray texture packs, in a way, destroy the default world by making all non-essential blocks invisible. But this texture pack is different. It only makes the ore blocks glow so that they are easier to find, locate, and collected. So, the most rewarding blocks of Minecraft finally glow in their glory.

Download Visible Ores Texture Pack

Restyle Your Minecraft World with These Texture Packs

From competitive to overall adventure, you now have a Minecraft texture pack for every situation accessible here. You can expect most of these to work in Java as well as the Bedrock Edition of the game with no problems. For assurance, you can check out the version details on each download page before proceeding further. After witnessing so many texture packs, if you wish to see what the original game feels like, try playing the first edition of Minecraft in your browser for free.

The texture packs and Minecraft itself are already popular among MCPE, PC & console players, but Chrome OS players can get a taste of the game as well. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to install Minecraft on your Chromebook. Finally, don’t forget to share any more texture packs that you like with our readers in the comments section. And if you ever run into any issues, feel free to reach out, and we will help you out.


  1. I would recommend to use the „Stay True“ texture pack, because it makes your Minecraft so much more beautiful.
    For pvp use the Bombies 15k pack. But be careful! It’s made for an older version of Minecraft but still works in this version. Love this website

  2. Thank you very much for publishing this article! I can’t wait to try a few of these with my new Omen. Textures like these are the reason why I upgraded to a new laptop with RTX graphics. I LOVED the way you have made it so easy for all of us to see the differences between the base game and the new textures/shaders. Never seen it done this way and I love it!

    Keep up the great work and thanks again ❤️

    Take care!

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