10 Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds You Should Try

Among the numerous Minecraft biomes, a rare and favorite choice among players has been the Jungle biome. So we have compiled a list of the best Minecraft Jungle seeds, which will take you to this popular biome right at the spawn. Each of the seeds offers unique features, loots, and some even include Jungle temples near the spawn. You can expect these seeds to run on most versions of Minecraft Java Edition that support this biome. Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions function differently, so using these on the Bedrock edition won’t suffice. So, don’t waste a moment longer and dive into the list of best Minecraft Jungle seeds.

Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds (2022)

We have tested these Jungle seeds on Minecraft version 1.17.1 and shared coordinates for the best locations while describing the seeds. As you start exploring the seeds, make sure to keep the integer value in mind. A change in the number or the minus sign (-) will change your world entirely. The list follows no specific sequence, so use the table below to jump directly to a jungle seed you find interesting.

1. Jungle Island with Ruined Portal and 2 Shipwrecks

Jungle Island with Ruined Portal and 2 Shipwrecks - Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds

Beginning strong, we have one of the luckiest jungle seeds you could find in Minecraft. It spawns you on an isolated island in the Jungle biome with a Shipwreck right next to your spawn. Then, less than 50 blocks from that shipwreck is another shipwreck and a ruined portal. The chances of this happening are close to zero, and you will love exploring this island with your friends.

If this isn’t enough, almost every nearby piece of land you find will also be of the Jungle biome, making the seed even more interesting to explore. For players choosing to stay on the island, digging down will help them find a lot of caves and even cave spider spawners.

  • Seed: 7777777777988733304
  • Cave Spider Spawner Coordinates: X: -12, Y: 28, Z: -17
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: 63, Y: 64, Z: 24
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: 29, Y: 68, Z: -74
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 42, Y: 64, Z: -4

2. Huge Jungle with Jungle Temples

Huge Jungle with Jungle Temples

If you love the wilderness, you are going to love this jungle seed in Minecraft. It spawns you right in the middle of what seems like a Jungle-only biome world. Even if you go a few hundred blocks away from spawn, you will only see Jungle everywhere. Even further, other than one direction with a desert, all the remaining directions have more Jungle, which then extends into the forest biome.

This jungle seed is the best Minecraft world for a base in the woods. Further, to make things even interesting, you can easily find two Jungle temples less than 200 blocks away from your spawn. Make sure to avoid the booby traps while exploring them.

  • Seed: 573398763507649
  • Jungle Temple 1 Coordinates: X: 109, Y: 64, Z: 69
  • Jungle Temple 2 Coordinates: X: -154, Y: 75, Z: 127

3. Jungle with 3 Ocean Ruins

Jungle with 3 Ocean Ruins

Ocean ruins usually generate underwater, and it is hard to even find one. This jungle seed feels broken in that context but is one of the best from a Minecraft player’s perspective. We get three ocean ruins next to a beach and Jungle biome in this seed. All of them have their unique features, and you will even have a buried treasure map in one of the three chests.

All three ocean ruins generate with not more than 10 block distance between them. You spawn in a forest biome next to a Jungle biome, with an ocean on one side and a frozen ocean on the other side. In that frozen ocean, you can also easily find a shipwreck stuck in a glacier. Here, you will not find a buried treasure map, but the rest of the loot is really tempting. If this still isn’t enough for you, near this shipwreck, you will also find a ruined portal under the ocean.

  • Seed: 783540347
  • 3 Ocean Ruins Coordinates: X: -252, Y: 72, Z: 392
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: -415, Y: 37, Z: 676
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: -297, Y: 72, Z: 643

4. Jungle Temple at Spawn

Jungle Temple at Spawn - Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds

This seed spawns you right next to a Jungle temple that you can easily walk into. In front of this temple is a huge desert and plains biome, which is again followed by a huge Jungle behind it that you can explore to your heart’s desire.

But before you start exploring, you might want to go a few blocks behind the temple and start digging underground at the coordinates we have shared below. Here, if you dig straight down, you will find yourself in a huge mineshaft. You can find a ton of mobs and good loot in there.

  • Seed: 2029492581
  • Entry to Mineshaft: X: 200, Y: 65, Z: 19

5. Taiga Forest, 2 Jungle Temples, and a Village

2 Jungle Temples and a Village

This is the first seed in our list of best Minecraft jungle seeds that has a village nearby. You spawn in a massive Taiga biome, but don’t get lost in it because just beyond the small river in the middle is a Jungle biome. As soon as you enter it, you can easily find a Jungle Temple waiting for you to loot it. And it is not the only temple nearby. If you go deep into the Jungle biome, there’s another temple with amazing loot towards its center.

  • Seed: -246626509256018
  • Village Coordinates: X: -215, Y: 64, Z: -179
  • Jungle Temple 1 Coordinates: X: -446, Y: 70, Z: 7
  • Jungle Temple 2 Coordinates: X: -698, Y: 66, Z: -2

6. Bamboo Forest with Ruined Portal in a Jungle

giant bamboo forest minecraft - Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds

While we have already explored some crazy worlds in this list of best Minecraft jungle seeds, this one is on the simpler side. It gives us a huge jungle with a bamboo forest and river built into it. Next to that Bamboo forest is a ruined portal with great loot. This location is also ideal in the context of underground loot. Players can easily find a lot of caves that are generated under the Jungle, waiting to be explored. There’s not a whole lot of variety in terms of biomes here, but it has immense potential for exploration.

  • Seed: 1959330209
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 211, Y: 64 Z: -8

7. Endless Jungle

Endless Jungle

Minecraft’s world generation won’t let you get an endless biome of one kind unless you install Forge to use mods in Minecraft. However, this jungle seed comes pretty close. Even with the highest render distance, for hundreds of blocks, all you can witness is the Jungle biome. To make it even more fun, the jungle has several cave openings and even a ravine cave for you to explore. Then, if you want some variety, you can reach out to the Bamboo forest, which extends into the plains biome.

Players looking for more forest-style vibes, you can go towards a village on the edge of Taiga and Jungle biome. It only has 2 houses that makes it a rarity at some level. Finally, there’s also a Jungle Temple on the way to the Bamboo Forest that you can stop and loot.

  • Seed: 2846244733539626719
  • Bamboo Forest Coordinates: X: -546, Y: 67 Z: -223
  • Jungle Temple Coordinates: X: -362, Y: 69 Z: -274
  • Ravine Cave Coordinates: X: -18, Y: 63 Z: 117
  • Taiga Village Coordinates: X: -693, Y: 72 Z: 134

8. Jungle Near Mineshaft, Jungle Pyramid, & Mountain

Jungle Near Mineshaft and Mountain - Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds

This interesting seed has various hidden elements to offer. When you spawn, other than the scenic crossover of the Jungle and Mountain biome, the seed feels pretty normal. But if you move just a few blocks towards the mountain and start digging down, you will first find a huge cave and then a mineshaft.

Once you are done there, you can start going deeper into the forest to find a Jungle Pyramid. If you choose to explore the mountainside in this world, you can find a Ruined Portal on the side of a mountain. Finally, if nothing works out, you can head beyond the Jungle to the Taiga biome. It has a village with a weaponsmith, shepherds, and farmers awaiting you to trade valuable items. This is another one of the best Jungle seeds that you should definitely try out in Minecraft.

  • Seed: 928443074804576
  • Jungle Pyramid Coordinates: X: -250, Y: 70, Z: 31
  • Village Coordinates: X: 230, Y: 75, Z: 552
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: -414, Y: 97, Z: 264
  • Mineshaft Coordinates: X: 132, Y: 19, Z: -175

9. Jungle Spawn with Village and Underground Ruined Portal

Jungle Spawn with Village

Our next Minecraft seed is delightful from the spawn as you can walk straight into a plains village that sits on the edge of a Jungle. It has plenty of houses with a variety of villagers to get you enough loot. Then, not so far away is a special ruined portal. Normally, they generate over the ground but this seed has a rare underground ruined portal with really good loot. It is less than 250 blocks from the spawn point. You can find it near the edge of the Jungle, meeting the forest biome. Do make sure not to fall into lava while digging for it, though.

  • Seed: 4938764645735369472
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 230, Y: 55, Z: 47

10. Village in 3 Biomes and More

Village in 3 Biomes and More - Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds

The final entry on our list of best Minecraft jungle seeds is a rather interesting one. We spawn in the plains biome facing a village, but as we get near the village, we notice that it spreads across three different biomes, including plains, desert, and the forest. If you choose to look at the opposite side of the village while spawning, you will notice a ruined portal located close by.

Now, moving past the village will get you to the Jungle biome. And if you go a little deeper, you can find a huge bamboo forest taking over this Minecraft world. It’s the largest I have seen in any seed. If you keep exploring, you can also find a Jungle Pyramid. So yeah, there’s not only a lot of variety but also a lot to explore in this seed.

  • Seed: 1970945029
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 232, Y: 63, Z: 159
  • Village Coordinates: X: 230, Y: 55, Z: 47
  • Bamboo Forest Coordinates: X: 431, Y: 63, Z: 432
  • Jungle Temple Coordinates: X: -218, Y: 65, Z: 879

Try out the Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds

Now you know about all the seeds you need to explore the best Jungles that Minecraft has to offer. For the players looking for seeds beyond the Jungle biome, our list of best Minecraft seeds you should explore can be of help. To elevate your experience, we suggest you try the best Minecraft modpacks to truly explore a brand new world. Make sure to follow the coordinates closely to find the mentioned locations. These jungle seeds work on most Minecraft Java Edition versions 1.14.1 and above. Some can function in even older ones. Exploring each world in this list of best Minecraft Jungle seeds is going to take a while. So don’t waste a moment more, and start exploring!

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  • YOUR SEEDS DON’T WORK!!! Me and my friend have been looking for a jungle all day, and all of your seeds sent us to the exact opposite of a jungle!!!

    • Hey, these seeds only work on 1.17 and earlier versions. If your game is up to date, you should try our best Minecraft 1.18 seeds instead.

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