10 Best iPad mini 6 Keyboard Cases You Can Buy Right Now!

The iPad mini 6 brings a complete redesign to make an affordable yet powerful tablet available to working professionals and creators. The new iPad mini boasts a beautiful metallic construction along with these best iPadOS 15 features. Now, if you’ve recently bought an iPad mini 6 and are looking for the best accessories, chances are you have already checked out these iPad mini 6 Apple Pencil alternatives. But what about if you want to use a physical keyboard to type on your iPad? Well, we have you covered there too. We have scoured the internet and compiled a list of the best iPad mini 6 keyboard cases and external keyboards you can buy today. So those with an inkling to press some keys should scroll down and keep reading.

Best iPad mini 6 Keyboard Cases

The list below contains the best iPad mini 6 keyboard cases you can find in the market right now. Since the mini 6 is different from the previous-gen model, you sadly cannot outfit an older keyboard case on the newer model. However, don’t fret since the cases below are affordable and provide solid functionality while looking pretty cool. Also, it’s worth mentioning that you cannot use Apple’s official smart keyboard folio case with iPad mini 6 because it does not have the smart keyboard connector pins on the back. You need to depend on third-party Bluetooth keyboards integrated into cases.

The iPad mini 6 is no longer a brand spanking new device. However, there are only so many types of keyboard cases that one can find, and what’s more, there are plenty of people who don’t like keyboard cases. Either way, we have also included a couple of iPad mini 6 keyboards in our list as well, just to ensure that you can find something that fits your needs whether you want a case or not.

All the keyboards listed below use Bluetooth to connect to this smaller iPad, and some even have multi-device capability. So without any further ado, let’s dive right in!

ProCase iPad mini 6 keyboard

ProCase iPad mini 6 Keyboard Case

  • Detachable wireless keyboard
  • Apple Pencil holder
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Scratch and drop protection
  • Looks old-fashioned

Out of all the keyboard cases we sifted through for the iPad mini 6, the ProCase Slim Shell stood out for multiple reasons. This case is designed exclusively for the iPad mini 6 and fits the exact dimensions while providing a plethora of features. The provided keyboard in the case is made out of premium ABS material coupled with a spring mechanism. That ensures your keypress will be tactile.

While the iPad mini 6 is slim in principle, the keys are well spaced to avoid cramping. The ProCase keyboard is even detachable since it has a magnetic design. So for times, you don’t want to carry around the keyboard, you can remove it from the case and leave it at home.

Moreover, the ProCase keyboard case for the iPad mini 6 supports 2nd-Gen Apple Pencil attachment and even wireless charging. You can also easily place your Apple Pencil or its alternatives in a snug pencil holder found on top of the case. Artists who feel like propping up their iPad will be glad to know this shell case supports multiple viewing angles with a non-slip lining for a nice grip.

Jam-packed with all of these features, along with drop and scratch protection, the ProCase keyboard case for iPad mini 6 is our top recommendation.

Fintie Keyboard Case for iPad mini 6

Key Features
  • Tactile scissor switches
  • Detachable wireless keyboard
  • Apple Pencil holder
  • Multiple viewing angles

This is another solid keyboard case for the iPad mini 6, trailing right behind the ProCase slim shell. Much like before, the Fintie keyboard features fluid fast typing keys and scissor switches for a more responsive feel. The keyboard keys have raised edges to protect the iPad mini 6’s screen, which you can safeguard using a screen protector. Fintie claims the keyboard is extremely lightweight and will not bog you down. The keyboard is also magnetically detachable and powered by Bluetooth with long battery life.

The built-in Apple Pencil slot supports easy attachment and wireless charging, so your artistic pursuits are not interrupted. Those who use their iPad mini 6 in many different scenarios can turn the Fintie keyboard case into a stand with three different viewing angles. All of this is coupled with a flexible TPU matte back cover, which may be a bit weak, but can still withstand scratches and dissipate heat easily. The Fintie keyboard case is a good choice for users who liked the ProCase option but want to save a few dollars.

HENGHUI Round Key Color Keyboard Case

Key Features
  • Aesthetic design
  • Rounded keys
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Apple Pencil holder

This keyboard case for iPad mini 6 is for users who want an aesthetic design apart from enhanced productivity. With an attractive color keyboard that sports rounded keys, the HENGHUI keyboard case supports multiple platform compatibility. That means iPad mini 6 users can detach the keyboard from the case and pair it up with their Android or Windows device as well. While the company has given no information regarding the keyboard’s mechanism, we assume it will be composed of a spring design to keep it in line with competitors.

Also, this keyboard case has an Apple Pencil slot at the bottom for easy storage and charging. However, some users have reported that the Pencil might fall out because of the pencil holder being a bit loose. For protection, the HENGHUI keyboard case offers a softback TPU cover with a nonslip design. So it will protect your iPad mini 6 against minor drops and bumps. The HENGHUI keyboard case has been explicitly made for users who want a functional cover with an attractive design.

AnMengXinLing iPad mini 6 Keyboard Case

Key Features
  • Beautiful design
  • Detachable wireless keyboard
  • Apple Pencil holder
  • Free wireless mouse

Combining an attractive design and laptop-like chiclet keyboard, the AnMengXinLing keyboard case attempts to deliver the best of both worlds to iPad mini 6 users. The keyboard is aesthetically designed to blend in with the colors of the case itself. The case includes an interesting quick-switch system that ensures the keyboard will work seamlessly with Android, Windows, and iOS. The keyboard is detachable, and you can use the case freely without or without it.  You also get support for multiple viewing angles to use the iPad mini 6 for work, content consumption, or other purposes.

There’s also an Apple Pencil holder onboard to house this precious accessory. It can even charge wirelessly, provided you don’t have a cover over it. Plus, for users who feel like using neither, AngMeng does something thoughtful. Users who purchase this keyboard case will also get a free wireless mouse that matches the color of the keyboard cover. So if you are looking for a nice external mouse for your iPad, you can use this one.

While this keyboard case is a bit expensive, the AnMeng keyboard case for iPad mini 6 makes up that with a boatload of features, a freebie, and an attractive design.

Logitech K480 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Key Features
  • Round compact keyboard
  • Integrated cradle for tablets
  • Multi-device support

Logitech has always been a reliable provider of iPad accessories, and the K480 follows suit. The K480 keyboard for the iPad mini 6 contains an impressive set of features making it the perfect choice for users who are tired of cases. This attractive and compact keyboard features round chicklet keys that feel like butter and have little to no travel time. Plus, there is native iPad shortcut support, providing you easy access to Spotlight, the home page, and much more. The integrated cradle on the top can easily hold your iPad mini 6 and a phone without the risk of it falling off.

The intuitive dial is made for the K480’s multi-device switch feature that can make it with Android, iOS, and even Windows. All you need to do is turn the dial, and you are there. While you may be worried about the weight, don’t be since the K480 keyboard for the iPad mini 6 weighs 820 grams at its full weight with two AAA batteries installed. You also get spill resistance for the times you might knock a coffee over. Packing all that and more, the Logitech K480 is priced below the 40 dollar mark and still makes for an impressive iPad mini 6 keyboard.

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Keyboard

Key Features
  • LED backlight
  • Long battery life
  • Multi-device usage
  • Really Affordable

While Logitech does many things right, there are various keyboard options for iPad mini 6 users wanting a simple and affordable keyboard. For those users and more, the Arteck HBO30B will do just fine. This slim and all-black keyboard features a square chicklet key design paired with multi-device usage. So like Logitech, you can pair the Arteck keyboard up not only with your iPad mini 6 but with other devices running Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows.

Well, this is not the keyboard’s highlight factor, though. This keyboard for the mini 6 contains an LED backlight that can morph into seven unique colors with two brightness levels. But be aware that this keyboard comes with no cradle, so you will need to buy an iPad mini 6 case. Check out our best iPad mini 6 cases above for a solid list.

You shouldn’t be worried about battery life either. The in-built auto-sleep feature will monitor your usage and put the HBO30B to sleep if left inactive. Speaking of the battery, the Arteck keyboard for the iPad mini 6 features a 6-month battery life, which you can top up with the provided USB charging cable. You also get a generous 24-month warranty in case things go wrong. iPad mini 6 users who want to pair up their device with something stylishly attractive should consider this one.

OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

Key Features
  • Slim lightweight design
  • Tactile keyboard
  • Hotkeys for iPadOS
  • Really affordable

If you are someone who loves the Apple Magic keyboard but want a cheaper alternative, the OMOTON Ultra-Slim keyboard could be your go-to pick. Sporting a design similar to the magic keyboard, the OMOTON keyboard for iPad mini 6 features keys sitting on a scissor mechanism for a tactile feel. The keyboard has a QWERTY layout with specific hotkeys customized for the iPadOS, so compatibility is not something you need to worry about. The keyboard has a slim structure compared to Apple’s, thereby making it a low-profile option for users.

Like before, you get multi-device compatibility that makes this Bluetooth keyboard work with other iPads and even laptops and mobile phones. The OMOTON keyboard for the iPad mini 6 powers all these features by a battery life of two AAA batteries. It can withstand up to 30 days of continuous use, while the automatic sleep mode will ensure no power is wasted. If you like the Magic keyboard but don’t like the white color, you can go for the OMOTON keyboard. It is a solid option to consider for the iPad mini 6.

Logitech Keys-To-Go Ultra-Portable Keyboard

Key Features
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Dedicated iOS shortcuts
  • Even works with Apple TV
  • Spill and crumb-proof covering

While this Logitech wireless keyboard for the iPad mini 6 is the most expensive on our list, it racks up several points because of its features. Made solely for the users who value portability above everything, this keyboard boasts the slimmest design we have come across. Weighing 180 grams, the Logitech Keys-T0-Go is a lightweight and low-profile keyboard. It is a product that iPad and mobile users can take along virtually anywhere.

The keyboard itself features scissor keys and has specially created sealed edges with a spill and crumb-proof covering. It will ensure even clumsy iPad mini 6 users can type away without worries. iPad mini 6 users also get a row of iOS shortcut keys, which will allow them to adjust their settings on the go. Speaking of Apple compatibility, this keyboard works across all iOS devices, including iPad, iPhone, and even Apple TV, so you can amp up your laziness even more.

This keyboard comes with an in-built battery that can last up to three months on a single charge. While the Logitech Keys-To-Go comes with an external cradle, it’s only wide enough to fit iPhones, so users will still need an iPad mini 6 case with it. 

This Logitech keyboard is for iPad mini 6 users who want an extremely lightweight solution that lives up to its steep asking price with a solid combination of features.

Snugg iPad mini 6 Keyboard Case

Key Features
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Swivel screen
  • Built-in touchpad

This is one of the coolest keyboard cases I could find for the iPad mini 6. Just like all the other cases on this list, this does all the basic things, obviously. The keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect with your iPad mini 6, so you can easily use your iPad mini as a computer. Plus, there’s a touchpad built-in as well, which means you can use the pretty impressive iPadOS mouse navigation. And of course, the keyboard is backlit for easy usability in low-light conditions.

However, one of the best things about this keyboard case, and the reason I really like this case, is the fact that you can swivel your screen around within the case. That means you can rotate your screen sideways to show something to a colleague or someone you’re sitting with in a cafe without having to turn the entire case around.

All of that does come at quite a premium though, but if you’re looking for a versatile and cool-looking iPad mini keyboard case, you should definitely check this out.

IVSOTEK Rotating Keyboard Case for iPad mini 6

Key Features
  • 360-degree rotating case
  • Removable keyboard
  • Built-in Apple Pencil holder

If you often find yourself wanting to use your iPad in the portrait orientation, but also want to keep the keyboard usable while you’re at it, the IVSOTEK keyboard case for the iPad mini 6 is probably the best thing you can get. As the name suggests, this iPad mini 6 keyboard case lets you rotate the iPad within the case from landscape to portrait orientations with ease.

There’s obviously a keyboard here, but it’s pretty basic — no backlight or any fancy shenanigans are on offer. Plus, it does lack a touchpad as well, which some other options have (such as the Snugg iPad mini 6 case). However, for it’s price tag of $10, I doubt you’ll find a case that offers quite as much as this one does.

That’s because while you do miss out on a couple of things, you get other useful features here . The keyboard, for example, is removable, which means you can use it as a simple case when you don’t foresee the need for a keyboard, and it comes with a slot for the Apple Pencil also, which means you won’t end up losing or damaging your (really quite expensive) stylus for no reason.

Choose From These Best iPad mini 6 Keyboard Cases

We hope you find the above list useful in outfitting your new iPad mini 6 with the best keyboards. However, while you are at it, we also recommend protecting your device’s display with these best iPad mini 6 screen protectors. If you decide to opt for an external keyboard, check out the best iPad mini 6 cases and covers instead. Ordered the new iPhone 13 series too? Check out these best iPhone 13 cases and covers. Got suggestions for more keyboard cases or external keyboards we can include in this roundup? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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