5 Best Internet Speed Test Sites to Check Your Internet Speed

Running a speed test is the easiest way to monitor and analyze the speed of your internet connection. Whether you have switched to a new internet service provider or are just curious to know the speeds you’re currently getting, a quick speed test never goes out of fashion. To help you perform speed tests, we’ve picked five of the best internet speed test websites (featuring my poor internet connection) you can use right now.

Best Internet Speed Test Sites (2021)

1. Ookla Speed Test

ookla speed test

Ookla speed test is one of the most popular speed test websites out there. The website offers a visually pleasing interface with straightforward representations of your ping, download speed, and upload speed. It lets you choose different servers to make a comprehensive analysis. You can also create an account to keep track of your internet speed test history. Apart from the website, Ookla’s speed test is available on a variety of platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, AppleTV, and even CLI. One unique aspect of Ookla speed test is that it also offers the ability to measure the quality of your video streaming experience, although it is limited to iOS at the moment.

Try Ookla Speed Test (Website, Android, iOS)

2. Fast.com

fast.com speed test

Fast.com is a basic yet useful speed test website from Netflix, a key player in the video streaming industry. While the home page shows just the download speed, you can click on the ‘Show more info’ button to view other details including latency, upload speed, client location, and server. And hey, it’s always easy to type fast.com to fire up a quick speed test. To be honest, this is one of the key reasons why I often use fast.com over Ookla speed test.

Try Fast.com (Website, Android, iOS)

3. Google Speed Test

google speed test

If you use Google as your primary search engine, you can just type ‘speed test’ in the address bar to check your internet speed. Google has partnered with Measurement Lab (M-Lab) to make this possible. You’ll get download speed, upload speed, latency, and server location in the test results. In addition, it gives you a brief description of what you can expect from your internet speed in simple terms.

Try Google Speed Test (Website)

4. SpeedOf.me

speedof.me speed test

SpeedOf.me is another great option for checking the speed of your internet. Its graphical representation should give you a better idea to understand the fluctuations of your connection. You get the download speed, upload speed, and latency, along with the max speeds. You can even download your speed test history as a CSV file from this website. However, you can’t pick the test server here.

Try SpeedOf.me (Website)

5. Testmy.net

Testmy.net speed test

Testmy.net offers the option to separately test download speed, upload speed, and latency. There’s also a combined version to test them all. What I like about Testmy.net is the insight it offers. On the test results page, it shows you the average internet speed in your city, country, and the world. It also points out how slow (or fast) your internet speed is when compared to the host’s average. That said, the availability of test servers is limited with this website.

Try Testmy.net (Website)

Bonus: TRAI MySpeed

trai myspeed

If you’re in India, one notable option is TRAI’s MySpeed app. It shows you the download speed, upload speed, ping, and packet loss. However, you might have to force close the app after testing since it has background network activity monitoring that will drain your battery. What I like the most about this app is that it shows the average speeds from different network operators in your area. This way, you can make an informed decision while porting to a new network.

Try TRAI MySpeed (Android, iOS)

Check your Internet Speed with Speed Test Websites

So, those are the best internet speed test websites we found to check the internet speed. Do you use any other service that’s not listed here? Do not forget to let us know in the comments. If you found your network speed to be slow, make sure you check out our article on the tips to fix slow WiFi speeds.

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    I am using first one site for check internet speed. thanks for sharing best internet speed test sites. your information is very usefull for check internet speed test.

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    Another good site is speedsmart.net

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