Whenever style and protection have a confrontation, a protective clear case becomes my go-to option. While the shock-absorbing frame safeguards the smartphone against random drops, a clear back allows the device to catch the attention effortlessly. That’s what I call: having the best of both worlds. If you often find yourself in a situation where you can’t give up on style in favor of protection, pick out a durable clear case that can keep the elegance of your smartphone intact without risking defense against scratches and bumps. And for that, look no further than this extensive lineup of the best clear cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max!

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Protective Clear Cases

A variety of clear cases for 2019 iPhones have hit the market. While some flaunt impact-resistant bumpers, others come with rugged casing for certified military-grade protection. And then, there are the all-clear suits designed to let the iPhones shine-through without any interruption. But bear in mind, the transparent covers have a lot more under-the-hood than what meets the eyes. Now that the talk is over, let’s get on with the roundup, shall we?

1. Moko

Moko has always produced one of the finest protective clear cases for the iPhone. And the company hasn’t missed out this time either. With the reinforced bumper and a hard PC back, the case is highly protective. Besides, the addition of air cushion has further empowered the construction.

Moko Bumper Case

With the microdot pattern and the rubberized frame, the Moko clear cover provides enhanced hold. Unlike many other similar cases, it’s able to keep the clarity intact for long. Not to mention, it comes in four nice-looking colors namely black, blue, pink, and crystal clear. As for price, it comes at just $5.99 that makes it probably the cheapest clear case for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Buy from Amazon: $5.99


Youmaker is the sort of clear case that looks spot-on at the very first glance. The combo of acrylic and TPU material has given it enough resistance to survive accidental drops. Moreover, all the corners have got an additional cushion to absorb impact and keep your iPhone 11 Pro Max protected.


Another notable feature of this military-grade protective clear case is the raised lip that offers the needed shield to both the 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR display and the triple-lens camera setup. Besides, the TPU frame also provides better gripping so that the hands feel comfortable while holding the Pro Max. Lastly, Youmaker is priced at $9.99 which is reasonable and comes in six color variants like black, blue, purple, etc.

Buy from Amazon: $9.99


When it comes to offering complete protection to iPhone 11 Pro Max without cutting down on style factor, TiMOVO is at par with the top durable clear cases in the market. While the hard PC back adds durability to the casing, the impact-resistant TPU frame provides comfortable gripping.


The cover is anti-scratch and doesn’t turn yellow either. That means it can continue to look impressive on the iPhone 11 Pro Max for long. Furthermore, the cutouts are to the point and the TPU buttons offer good feedback. On top of all, TiMOVO is available at a low price of $6.99 and offers a reliable lifetime replacement warranty.

Buy from Amazon: $6.99

4. SupCase Unicorn Beetle Style Series

SupCase has been one of my favorite accessory makers that have produced top-quality clear cases for the iPhone. And the company has successfully kept the promise by introducing a top-notch transparent cover for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

SupCase Unicorn Beetle Style Series

Boasting hybrid construction (hard PC and impact-resistant TPU), the case excels in dispersing impact. Elevated edges guard both the large display and the expensive camera module. Despite putting more emphasis on protection, it has retained the slim form-factor. So, your Pro Max has the trusted shield without getting any unnecessary bulk.

Buy from Amazon: $12.99

5. Red2Fire

It always pays to be extra cautious especially when dealing with an extravagantly priced device like iPhone 11 Pro Max. That’s why Red2Fire has up come up with a pretty good two-in-one option: a highly protective clear case and a scratch-resistant screen protector. Therefore, the entire smartphone has a complete safeguard against impact and scuffs with military-grade protection (810.1-G Compliance).

Red2Fire - clear cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Aside from protection, the case also allows the Pro Max to charge wirelessly without any issue. It’s a big plus for those who have embraced wireless charging technology and hate to remove the cover before they have to power up the device.

Buy from Amazon: $16.99

6. Temdan

Granted, this offering from Temdan doesn’t have an elegant design. Nor does it have the sleekness to catch attention. But when it comes to durability, I think it’s right up there with the very best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases

Temdan bumper case

The rugged clear case has an extremely durable frame and a hard backplate. And with the fortified corners, the Temdan case can thwart even nasty impact. Couple that with the scratch-resistant screen guard and your entire device has a solid defense against accidental drops.

Buy from Amazon: $16.99

7. Aurbull

Going by the looks, Aurbull clear case can make a stunning match with your Pro Max. So, keep this cover in mind, if you want your phablet to shout out a bit loud. Due mainly to the high-grade PC, the back panel has a tad more resistance to endure drops. Also, it can easily keep scuffs and scratches at bay.

Aurbull bumper cover -clear cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max

And with the flexible TPU frame, the cover snaps around the iPhone like a comfy glove. Being rubberized, the sides also feels a lot grippy in hands. Talking the reinforced buttons, they are much easier to handle.

Buy from Amazon: $9.99


Mateprox has got all the qualities to be a fine transparent case for your device. Whether it’s shock-absorbing design in a compact form-factor or the additional protection for the camera and display, it has covered all the essential things to stake the claim of being one of the top clear covers for iPhone 11 Pro Max.


Apart from adding air cushion, the TPE material also provides an anti-slip grip so that the phablet remains secure in your palm. If you have the unreliable butterfingers, you would appreciable the rubberized sides. Being very flexible, this protective clear case for iPhone 11 Pro Max is also pretty easy to install and remove.

Buy from Amazon: $13.99

9. Daupin

Before you ask me, “Hey, it looks a little different!”, let me tell you that versatility is the USP (unique selling point) of this cover. For starters, Daupin can effortlessly pass off as a clear case, a durable bumper cover, and also live up to the mark as a super handy kickstand case. And that’s why I thought you would like to try it out on your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Daupin - clear cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max

You can use the built-in ring holder to have multiple viewing angles during FaceTime video calling or movie streaming. More importantly, the bumper cover also works with magnetic car mounts so that you can securely hold your smartphone during the long drive. As for material, it has the same hybrid design (TPU and PC) for improved drop protection.

Buy from Amazon: $9.99

10. Surphy

Surphy promises to offer 360-degree protection to your iPhone 11 Pro Max. The case has a shockproof design thanks to rubberized TPU bumper and hard PC back. The hybrid casing also features reinforced cushion on all the four corners to endure an unexpected beating.

Surphy Bumper case for iPhone 11 Pro Max - clear cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max

The protective clear case is dirt and scratch-resistant. Thus, it’s fully equipped to not only defend your smartphone but also keep itself scratch-free. Besides, it comes with a beveled edge both on the front and back to keep the Super Retina XDR display and triple-lense camera secure. At $12.99, Surphy is a bit expensive as compared to other cases. But considering the 360-degree protection and durable material, it’s worth checking out.

Buy from Amazon: $12.99

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Get the Top Protective Clear Cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max

As you can see these clear cases and covers are great both in terms of protecting your iPhone and keeping the style factor intact. That’s why they are always in high demand. Apart from being so handy for everyday use, they also stand up to the task (to a fairly good extent) during adventurous times. By the way, which is your favorite clear case for iPhone 11 Pro Max? It would be a pleasure to know that in the comments.