Not everyone buys smartphone covers for the same reason, do they? While some love premium leather cases with ageless texture, others adore crystal clear cases to show off the design. And then, there are those (like me) who choose a case based on what suits the mood – and of course the style quotient. If you are in the market for some elegant cases designed for iPhone 11 Pro Max, this roundup has got you fully covered. Giving more priority to funky and trendy design without putting protection in the back-seat, I’ve put together the best cute cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max, which you can buy for your all-new phablet.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Cute Cases

Whenever the term “Cute” comes to mind, we mostly associate it with delicacy and vulnerability. Contrary to this popular belief, these covers are quite protective. Oh, some of them even offer military-grade safeguard so that your smartphone has a 360-degree shield against shock and scuffs. Thus, you can amp up the style quotient of your iPhone 11 Pro Max while still keeping the defense factor intact.


“Gorgeous” is probably the most suitable adjective for WORLDMOM. Showcasing glitter liquid floating bling design, the case has got looks to arrest attention right away. The 3D flowing liquid with bling sequins adds more charm to its profile. But hold on a bit before making a surefire conclusion that it’s all being beautiful design. With dual-layered casing and shocking absorbing TPU bumper, the cover is more than capable to withstand bumps. What’s more, you can choose this glittering cover in five colors including blue, purple, red, silver and rose gold. Simply put, WORLDMOM is not just a cute case but a top-notch case for your Pro Max.

Worldmom iPhone 11 Pro Max case

Buy from Amazon: $12.98

2. Official Kristina Kvilis

A pretty cool case like this offering from Official Kristina Kvilis deserves to get a shot on your iPhone 11 Pro Max. The cover sports a nice design and is extremely flexible thanks to the soft material. So, you can install and remove this cute case without breaking any sweat. Beyond good-looking design, the case has also got the needed cushion to absorb minor and even put scratches away. Not to mention, the additional shield in the form of beveled edge that guards both the Super Retina XDR Display and triple-lens camera. And yes, Official Kristina Kvilis covers also come in some attractive color variants.

Official Kristina Kvilis

Buy from Amazon: $14.95

3. Cutebe

If you want a great mix of beautiful design and protection, Cutebe is what you should get. It not only allows you to flaunt your iPhone 11 Pro Max but also keep the smartphone protected. While the crystal lace design makes a pleasing match with the phablet, the dual-layered construction shields the device against impact. The bumper is pretty soft and comfortable to hold and the pronounced buttons are much easier to press. Overall, Cutebe has got everything covered to be one of the best cute cases for your iPhone 11 Pro Max.


Buy from Amazon: $10.99

4. Sonix

Sonix has come up with a variety of cute cases (over 20) for iPhone 11 Pro Max. And after taking a look at them all, I must say that they look spot on for a funky outing. But what sets these elegant cases apart from the rest is the certified military-grade protection. So, your Pro Max will get a stylish cover without putting protection on the risk. Moreover, they feature UV coating to keep the charming look alive for long. Highly recommend, if you can stretch your wallet a bit!

Sonix iPhone 11 Pro Max cute case  Buy from Amazon: $35

5. i-Blason Cosmo Series

What steals the show for i-Blason Cosmo Series is the stunning marble pattern. Times when you want your iPhone to win attention with ease, this would fit into the scene pretty well. Aside from having a pleasing design, Cosmo Series case is also quite good at shielding your phablet against shock and scratches (10-feet drop tested). For trusted protection for the 6.5-inch display, it also comes with a built-in screen protector that can resist impact and keep scuffs at bay. So, Cosmo Series is not just an elegant case but also a highly protective suit for your device.

i-Blason Cosmo Series

Buy from Amazon: $19.54

6. Velvet Caviar

Yet another case with an impressive marble pattern! In terms of look, Velvet Caviar is quite different from i-Blason Cosmo. However, it makes an equally adorable pair with the Pro Max. Even on the protection front, it is not behind either thanks to the reliable military-grade protection. While the hard PC exterior plays a vital role in boosting the casing, the rubberized TPU empowers the case to thwart shock and also provides improved grip. Considering all the features, Velvet Caviar is one of the cutest cases that you can buy for your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Velvet Cavier

Buy from Amazon: $29.99

7. TalkingCase

Whatever could be the definition of your cute case, chances are pretty high that TalkingCase may win you over at the very first sight. The case has a lovely red heart pattern that warrants nice compliments right away. Beyond looks, the case is made of soft and flexible TPU material and comes with raised lips to safeguard both the display the triple-cameras on the back. One more thing worth noting is that TalkingCase doesn’t turn yellow so you can expect it to continue to look pleasing to the eyes for long.


Buy from Amazon: $12.95

8. Head Case Designs

If a nice-looking floral pattern is what you are after, this case from Head Case Designs is for you. Made of the durable soft gel material, the cover fits around the edges of the smartphone. And with the cushioned corners, the cover is also up to the task when it comes to resisting minor impact. Beveled edge helps it offer additional defense for the Super Retina XDR display and rear camera. Talking about colors, the company offers this good-looking Pro Max case in multiple vibrant hues with different patterns: blue, eva, tropics, and more.

Head Case Designs

Buy from Amazon: $14.95

9. Henpone

There is a lot to like in Henpone. But what makes it a favorite for fashionistas is the dark colors with an eye-catching design. For starters, the designer case flaunts a pretty sleek design with sparkling bling that grabs attention instantly. And it comes with a super handy ring holder that works as a 360-degree rotating kickstand so that you can enjoy a more convenient hands-free media watching experience. Besides, the ring holder also allows you to hold your smartphone securely so that there is no accidental slip off. On top of all, Henpone comes in six beautiful colors including red, pink, gold so that you can get an impressive match for your device.


Buy from Amazon: $12.99


Last but not least, GIVEWIN deserves a chance on your smartphone. First and foremost, the case has a charming floral pattern that can get along perfectly with your trendy style quotient. The second, despite being so sophisticated, it’s not vulnerable at all. I mean, you can rely on this cute case to absorb shock and also resist scratches. Apart from featuring fortified corners, the cover also has elevated edges to lift both the triple-lens camera and screen off the surface. Furthermore, the rubberized sides also offer anti-slip hold so that the device doesn’t fall.

Givewin cute case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Buy from Amazon: $15.98

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Choose the Cutest Cases for Your iPhone 11 Pro Max…

When you want yourself to look stunning, why should your iPhone 11 Pro Max be left behind? Present it a nice-looking cover so that it can ideally complement your style. Enough talk from my side. Now it’s your turn to share thoughts and also let me know the cute cover that is going to pair with your phablet. Besides, do not forget to spill some beans about the device as well and the things that make it stand out.