10 Best Leather Cases for iPhone 12 You Can Buy

Without undermining the elegant charm that cute cases for iPhone 12/12 Pro, mini, and 12 Pro Max are blessed with, I would like to say that the genuine leather cases with rich handcrafted design remain my go-to choice. Be it the ageless patina that develops over time, or the rich leather texture that grace the palm with secure hold, or the vintage appeal that never seems to die down, leather cases have a lot going for them. If you are ready to get one for a professional look and feel or wish to opt for a complete travel companion, we have got you covered with the 10 best leather cases for iPhone 12.

Best Genuine Leather Cases for iPhone 12

Needless to say (but worth mentioning upfront), all the premium leather cases designed for iPhone 12 are also compatible with iPhone 12 Pro due to their similar dimensions. So, if you are yet to buy a leather suit for your iPhone 12 Pro, you shouldn’t look anywhere else.

Coming back to this roundup, I have chosen a variety of cases: from an ultra-slim leather case to a compact wallet case to a full-on travel companion with a luxurious design. So, finding a worthy cover for your brand new iPhone 12 shouldn’t be a big deal. As always, you can use the table of contents below to navigate between the options on this list.

1. Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

Showcasing an ultra-slim design, the Apple leather case with MagSafe is designed to make for a premium match with your iPhone 12. The case takes full advantage of the built-in magnets on the back of the iPhone to offer a quick attach and detach experience. Not just that, it also doesn’t come in the way of wireless charging, ensuring you can juice up your smartphone without any issue, and you can use it with all of the best MagSafe accessories.

Apple iPhone 12 | 12 Pro Leather Case with MagSafe.jpg

That aside, the case is crafted with tanned leather and features a leather texture that provides an enhanced grip. Moreover, it also develops a smooth patina over time that helps it retain the charm for a long time. On top of all, you can choose this snug-fit leather case in multiple color variants including the Product Red, Baltic Blue, California Poppy, and more.

Buy from Amazon: $59

2. Mujjo

If a sleek leather wallet case is on top of your mind, this offering from Mujjo could win you over right away. Crafted with the high-grade vegetable tanned leather, the case sports a refined construction with neat workmanship.

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12

For additional shield against impact, the case features a shock-absorbing microfiber interior. Thanks to this essential cushion, it can provide the required safeguard to the iPhone 12 both from accidental impact and unwanted scratches.

Moreover, this genuine leather case features a slot on the back wherein you can store up to 2-3 cards. And with rich-leather texture always ready to grace your palm, you will also get a secure hold. To sum up, Mujjo is one of the finest iPhone 12 leather wallet cases in the market right now.

Buy from Amazon: $49.95

3. Bellroy

Bellroy leather case is what you should choose to carry multiple credit cards without having to sacrifice the style factor. Yeah, you read that right! The showcases a pretty compact design that wraps around the iPhone 12 snuggly.

Bellroy Phone Case for iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro with Card Holder

But what makes Bellroy stand out is the hidden slot wherein up to 3 cards can be stored securely. And if needed, that integrated section can also work as a handy stand to let you prop up your smartphone horizontally for a convenient media watching experience.

Due mainly to the magnetic closure, that hidden slot remains shut safely thereby keeping your cards inside. That’s not all, it has also got the microfiber lining to ward off impact and prevent scuffs from harming your device. Priced at $75, the compact leather case comes in multiple color variants like lemon, green, graphite, and more.

Buy from Amazon: $75

4. Nomad Rugged Case

If you are looking for a relatively slim case that can offer an uncompromised safeguard to your iPhone 12 against drops, the Nomad Rugged Case could be a suitable choice. Made of high-grade Horween leather, the case has a rugged construction that can take on random impact with ease.

Nomad Rugged Case

Notably, the vegetable-tanned leather also develops a classy patina as the case ages. Thus, you will never find this case go out of fashion. Aside from retaining the classic look and feel, the ageless patina also offers the needed hold so that your smartphone can remain steady in your hands.

Buy from Amazon: $47.17

5. Belemay

Just in case you want to go for a complete leather wallet case, I would recommend you to take a close look at this offering from Belemay. Featuring Italian cowhide leather construction, the case has a vintage, handcrafted design.

Belemay Compatible with iPhone 12/12 Pro Wallet Case 5G

The interior has three slots for cards and a big pocket where your cash can rest securely. Plus, there is also RFID blocking technology to keep RFID signals at bay. That’s not all, Belemay leather case can also double up as a useful stand to let you stream videos or enjoy hands-free video calling with complete peace of mind.

Buy from Amazon: $29.99


Exhibiting vintage design in all its glory, the TORRO leather wallet case could be a top-notch pick for your iPhone 12, should you decide to go classic. The top-grade leather construction coupled with impressive craftsmanship makes it one of the most loved travel wallet case for iPhone 12.

TORRO Cell Phone Case Compatible with iPhone 12

There are three interior slots for storing cards and a big compartment for stashing some cash. With the magnetic closure, your valuables stay securely inside. Thus, you can bank on the case to work as a full-fledged wallet during travel.

In terms of protection, it is fully capable to fight out shock and also ward off scratches due largely to the silicone interior. Overall, it’s one of the best leather wallet cases for iPhone 12.

Buy from Amazon: $37.99

7. ESR

Are you in quest of a comparatively affordable yet equally impressive leather case for your iPhone 12? If yes, ESR leather case can live up to your expectation. Just like all the premium cases mentioned in this roundup, it’s also crafted with genuine leather and features a neat finish.

ESR Premium Real Leather Case Compatible with iPhone 12/Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro (2020)

And with the microfiber-lined interior, the case is also no pushover when it comes to resisting impact. Plus, there are raised bezels on either side to guard the dual-camera setup and protect the iPhone 12 display against scratches. Oh yes, it also doesn’t miss out on the rich patina when the dust begins to settle down. Everything considered; it’s a notable accessory for your iPhone 12.

Buy from Amazon: $25.99

8. LeatherSafe Luxury Book from Pad and Quill

If you have set your sight on a luxurious leather wallet cover, the LeatherSafe Luxury Book from Pad and Quill is the one you shouldn’t miss out on for multiple reasons. First and foremost, the case is beautifully crafted with full-grain leather. And with the French hemmed seams neatly stitched to grace your palm, it has got the profile to make your smartphone appear authoritative.

Bella Fino iPhone 12 Wallet Cases

Second, the case is UV resistant which helps it retain the luxurious charm for a long time. Another feature that puts it in its own league the ability to store up to 5-7 cards and some cash. That means you won’t have any hesitation in leaving your traditional wallet at home.

What’s more, Luxury Book also comes with a detachable strap to let you securely hold your iPhone 12. Priced at $90, it comes in multiple vintage finishes so that you can choose the right suit for your smartphone. Long story short, the LeatherSafe Luxury Book is probably the best luxurious leather wallet case for iPhone 12.

Buy from Pad & Quill: $89.95

9. Lonli Classic

Another minimal, slim, and classy leather case you can consider getting is also the aptly named, Lonli Classic. The case is built using European Nappa leather, and it features a fine microfiber lining inside to protect your iPhone’s body from getting scratched. It’s also a very slim case, so it can easily offer protection without adding bulk to your phone’s sleek design.

leather case iPhone 12

For MagSafe compatibility, the case comes with MagSafe magnets built-in, so you can use it with the Apple MagSafe charger, as well as any other MagSafe accessory that you like using with your smartphone. Also, for those craving a minimal design, this case is perfect because it doesn’t have any logos anywhere (except on the inside).

Buy from Amazon: $26.91

10. ILOFRI Real Leather Case

Lastly, you can also check out the Ilofri real leather case. This slim-fit case for your iPhone 12 offers plenty of protection without adding unnecessary bulk to your smartphone. Moreover, it is made out of real leather, which lends itself to a nice, natural patina over time, making the case a timeless option for your phone.

ilofri leather case for iPhone 12

The interior of the case is lined with microfiber to prevent scratches and scuff marks, and the raised-lip design offers scratch protection to the screen and the cameras on your iPhone 12. The slim design also ensures that you can use wireless chargers for your iPhone 12 without having to take the case off.

Buy from Amazon: $22.98

Choose the Top Leather Cases Designed for iPhone 12

That’s pretty much it! Now that you have got a variety of leather cases at your disposal, choose the one that seems to live up to your expectation. For instance, if you prefer to have a sleek case, choose the one that has got a slim form-factor.

And if you don’t want to leave protection behind in favor of style, go for the case that offers both style and essential protection. Should you decide to select a full-on travel suit, the complete wallet covers would be the way to go. And for days you don’t want to rock a case, you should use skins for iPhone 12.

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