Baldur’s Gate 3 Karlach Romance Guide

Karlach is one of the many companions you can add to your party in your Baldur’s Gate 3. And like every other party member, you have the option to romance her. However, while starting a romance with other BG3 companions is easier, as we have seen in our Astarion Romance guide, Karlach requires players to fulfill some extra steps. In this article, we learn how to woo the Blade of Avernus and romance Karlach in a few easy steps.

Just like Shadowheart and Astarion, you will need to fulfill specific tasks to be able to reach the stage where you can initiate a romance with Karlach. Most of these tasks require you to make favorable decisions aligned with what Karlach prefers in Baldur’s Gate 3. We include most of the requirements needed to romance her right here.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Karlach Romance: Basic Tips

After you rescue Karlach from imminent death at the hands of Wyll at The Risen Road (X:110 – Y:499), you will need to help her take out Anders, an agent of Zariel. Successfully defeating them will ally Karlach in your team as a companion.

Karlach, as a kid, always looked up to the legends of Faerun, considering them heroes. As such, the best way to get Karlach smitten over you is by taking heroic actions throughout the game. Be it saving someone weak or siding against Goblins and other enemies, always choose heroic actions.

Also, ensure that you have buried the spat between Wyll and Karlach since Wyll’s original goal is to kill Karlach. This is easily achievable if you select preferable dialogue options, reasoning with both characters in-game. If they bury the hatchet, Wyll and Karlach become two of the most likable companions in the game.

Romance Karlach At the Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3

Meeting Karlach for the first time inBladur's Gate 3

To romance Karlach, you need to finish the questline “The Helion’s Engine” in Baldur’s Gate 3, where we fix her infernal engine (heart) to cool her off and save her from dying. This allows us to touch her. We have done an extensive guide on how to find Infernal Iron in Baldur’s Gate 3, along with the steps you need to follow to track down Dammon, the Infernal Mechanic, to complete the questline.

When you meet Dammon with the Infernal Iron for the first time, Karlach asks us to test and see if she is fixed. At that time, lean in for a kiss, which ends with an abrupt spark. This begins the romance option for the character.

Then, ensure you do not side with the Goblins during the Rescue Halsin questline. If you side with the Goblins, Karlach will leave your Baldur’s Gate 3 party for good. So, avoid doing it unless you are roleplaying as an evil no-do-gooder and don’t care about Karlach’s feelings.

Once you save the Druid Grove and Tieflings, move to your camp and talk with Karlach. Here, talk with Karlach about how she wishes there was a way to cool her off. Say that you know a way. Throw water at her or cast any ice-based magic at that moment. This will then allow us to advance her dialogue.

After you reach Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3 and fix Karlach for good with help from Dammon, go back to your camp, and start conversing with her. Select the following dialogue:

  • I want to talk about your infernal engine.
  • You got your second upgrade. How does it feel?
  • I’ve never been excited about anything in my life.
  • Of course. Nothing would make me happier.

Then, select the favorable dialogue you want to begin your romance with Karlach. We are not mentioning the exact thing since the dialogue choices are clear-cut and straightforward. We don’t wish to spoil the fun for you! Time to cool off!

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