Quad-Slot Noctua Cooled RTX 4080 Super Released by ASUS; Check It Out!

asus and noctua release special edition rtx 4080 super graphics card
Image Courtesy: ASUS
In Short
  • Asus, in partnership with Austria-based premium PC cooling components brand, has released the RTX 4080 Super Noctua OC edition.
  • It features two Noctua fans (NF-A12x25 PWM) with a vapor chamber heatsink. It is being touted to be the "quietest air-cooled graphics card in its class."
  • The GPU is quite thick and requires 4 PCIe slots worth of space in your PC case.

Noctua is a renowned brand within the PC industry known for the prowess and overall quality of premium cooling solutions for PC hardware. ASUS has just made a new graphics card in partnership with the company, the new GeForce RTX 4080 Super Noctua OC Edition.

Nvidia released the RTX 4080 Super and other GPUs at CES 2024, and this implementation from Asus marks the continuation of special Noctua edition graphics cards. This GPU is especially thick and requires 4 slots of PCIe expansion space in your case.

It features two Noctua fans, being the NF-A12-x25 PWM. Previously, there was an Asus RTX 3080 Noctua Edition too. The RTX 4080 Super has 16GB of GDDR6X video memory capacity, and you can check out the RTX 40 Super lineup in detail in our previous coverage.

Image Courtesy: ASUS

Featuring the latest architecture, this Noctua edition RTX 4080 Super made with Asus has 4th Gen Tensor Cores & 3rd Gen RT Cores and supports Nvidia’s DLSS 3 frame generation technology.

If you’re wondering – why not just slap these fans onto an existing graphics card? That’s a modification that you could technically do, especially in the case that your GPU fans are not spinning anymore. Apart from these fans, the Asus RTX 4080 Super Noctua OC Edition also has a vapor chamber specifically optimized for the fans to cool a large fin array heatsink.

Essentially, the card has been designed from the ground in partnership with Asus and Noctua. It is being touted as the “quietest air-cooled graphics card in its class,” and it should be true given the reputation of Noctua fans. There is a dual BIOS switch that lets you toggle between Quiet and Performance profiles easily.

This graphics card supports the 0dB fan speed technology and the Asus GPU Tweak III software for tweaking various aspects of your GPU. Talking about the performance, this OC edition has a boost clock of up to 2640 MHz. There are five display outputs, three being DisplayPort and two being HDMI.

Image Courtesy: Maingear

Noctua’s aesthetic is a hot topic, with many finding it sort of ugly. However, many do dig the dark & light brown color scheme. I wouldn’t blame you for thinking it doesn’t go along with some colors. This special Asus RTX 4080 SUPER Noctua OC Editon looks good to me, as with all PC builds, planning your color scheme is important.

The build shown above (limited edition by Maingear) is powered by a Noctua edition graphics card, paired with more fans from the company and even a PC case that resembles the color scheme.

Asus RTX 4080 Super Noctua OC Edition: Price & Availability

For now, there is no price given by Asus for this special edition GPU. At launch, the previous RTX 4080 Noctua edition had a price of $1649 ($450 more than the launch price of RTX 4080).

Since Nvidia has priced the RTX 4080 Super at $999, we can expect this new GPU to be cheaper than its non-Super variant. We will let you know when it goes on sale, but for now, there are no retailer listings for this graphics card.

What are your thoughts on the Noctua OC edition RTX 4080 Super graphics card released by ASUS? Would you build a gaming PC with the Noctua aesthetic? Let us know in the comments below.

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