ArtWorkout App Review: The App to Train Your Artistic Muscle

Drawing is something that appeals to people of all ages. It’s a fun and engaging activity that relaxes us and unlocks our creativity. But for many, developing artistic ability feels out of reach. Enter ArtWorkout, an app that gamifies the artistic journey, transforming it into a fun and rewarding experience. With step-by-step tutorials, ArtWorkout empowers you to create drawings and paintings you once thought impossible. I’ve been using the app for a while, and here’s everything you need to know about ArtWorkout.

What is ArtWorkout?

ArtWorkout is a drawing app that works like your digital art teacher. This app transforms your iPad display into a canvas. Instead of showing you an image that you have to draw, it lets you trace outlines to create intricate drawings, helping you get better at art. This helps to remove that intimidating feeling that you get when asked to draw a complex sketch. It is simple, easy to use, and makes creating art a lot of fun for people of different ages.

ArtWorkout: Key Features

Now let’s talk about some of the features that are available within the app that help it stand out compared to the plethora of drawing and sketching apps available in the App Store.

Guided Tutorials

Ste by Step Drawing in ArtWorkout

One of the highlight features of ArtWorkout is its step-by-step guided tutorials. Which breaks down the subject into several steps, making a complex subject easy to create within minutes. That otherwise would take someone almost an hour. Plus, if you are trying to learn how to draw certain objects, it shows hints to help you understand which portions you need to focus on and why.

A Plethora of Drawing Courses

Courses and categories in ArtWorkout

There is a good selection of courses that you can choose from. The developers have also given attention to adding categories that people who are interested in drawing would be looking out for. There is something for everyone. Kids can dive into symmetry, shapes, and objects, while more trained artists can jump into shading and human anatomy to sharpen their skills.

An Extensive Drawing Tools Library

Different pen styles and color options in ArtWorkout

Different art styles require different tools and ArtWorkout features all the necessary ones that you would ask for. You can change colors, pen style, and brush thickness, or bring up a ruler to aid you in your artistic journey. There is one interesting tool that I must mention that lets you easily fill up an area within seconds called Lasso Fill.

What Makes ArtWorkout Effective?

What makes an app good is how effective it is in keeping its users engaged and how it does so. So let’s now talk about different aspects of ArtWorkout that make it effective.

Easy-to-Use Interface

ArtWorkout interface and layout

The layout and interface are some of the most important factors that make or break an app. ArtWorkout uses a straightforward interface, with categories displayed in huge thumbnails spread across a grid. This makes it easier to browse the app and its various sections, making it suitable for youngsters and the elderly. After signing up, you can easily access the app without having to navigate its layout, which is fantastic.

Gamified Learning Experience

Score earned in ArtWorkout for completing a course

As we discussed, the app turns drawing into a gaming experience to make it more engaging for the young audience. It treats different categories as levels, where you must draw each subject to complete the level. There is a circular meter that fills up to help you keep track of your progress. You get points for how you draw that you can improve with practice as mentioned above.

Addition of New Courses

Limited time courses and new additions

As we explained, new users will have over 600 subjects to work on, but what if you get bored or rushed through all the courses? Well, another good aspect of ArtWorkout is that it keeps adding new courses now and then, so you will have something new to look out for. There are also time-limited events.

You can download ArtWorkout for free from the Apple App Store. You will get access to free daily lessons with an optional subscription for access to all lessons.

My Overall Experience With ArtWorkout

See I am someone who used to love drawing back in my school days but slowly lost interest in it as the burden of studies and life took over. So I was pretty excited to test a drawing app myself, and it turned out to be the app I was looking for. In my time, I was able to go from drawing basic shapes and learning from the beginning to working on different art styles and human features.

  • ArtWorkout App Review: The App to Train Your Artistic Muscle
  • ArtWorkout App Review: The App to Train Your Artistic Muscle
  • ArtWorkout App Review: The App to Train Your Artistic Muscle
  • ArtWorkout App Review: The App to Train Your Artistic Muscle

Its step-by-step feature was a huge help in this, as starting a new subject did not feel intimidating because of it. I was pretty excited to try out something new. As a kid, I am sure I would have drawn my way through half a dozen categories by now. However, I must emphasize that the experience is ten times better if you have an Apple Pencil.

I could sense that I was getting better at it. And I had my scores to back me up as they improved as well. There is little to complain about this app, as I think I can hand it over to anyone in my family, and they would enjoy it regardless of their age. I can also see myself using it to improve my writing, as there is a category for cursive writing. So overall, I would call it a great app if you want to improve your skills, or just want to draw something to relax.

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