How to Change Your Username on Reddit

The so-called front page of the internet, Reddit assigns new users a generic username by default, like Unhappy-Round436 or IntroductionSecret7. Of course, the usernames are not assigned forcibly, and all users are free to choose any available username they want. But many users miss the brief and look for ways to change their username at a later stage. So if you are one of them, we will show you how to change your username and display name on Reddit.

Guide to Changing Your Reddit Username (2022)

Reddit claims to have at least 52 million daily active users around the world. However, its ‘suggested usernames’ often confuse new users, which is why folks often want to change their usernames. So if you are also looking to change your Reddit username to something more personal, read on. In this article, we will explain how to change your username and display name on Reddit – both on the app and website.

Things to Remember Before Changing Your Reddit Screen Name

The first and most important thing to know about changing your Reddit name is that you can only do so if your username was suggested to you by Reddit. That too, only if your account is relatively new and you haven’t used it for too long. However, if you have already chosen a custom username for yourself or have been using Reddit for some time now, you cannot change your Reddit screen name.

Meanwhile, irrespective of your username status, you can change your ‘Display Name’ on Reddit at any time. Your Display Name will be shown on your profile page, while all your posts, comments, and replies will still bear your existing username. If you do not want that, the only way to get rid of your Reddit username for good is to delete your Reddit account. And then, you can start afresh with a new account.

Steps to Change Username Using Reddit App (Android and iOS)

Note: The screenshots below are from the Reddit Android app, but the steps will remain identical on iOS as well.

  • Launch the Reddit app and sign in to your account whose username you want to change. Then, tap on your profile avatar at the top-left corner and select ‘My profile‘ on the slide-out menu.
reddit change username

Note: As mentioned already, this account must be a new one and have a Reddit-suggested username for the following steps to work.

  • Reddit will now ask you to confirm whether you want to continue with your Reddit-assigned username or change it to a new one. Tap on ‘Change Username’ and type in a username of your choice. Hit ‘Next’ at the top-right corner once you are done.
reddit change username 2
  • Finally, tap on ‘Save Username‘ to confirm your action and change your username on Reddit. Your new username will reflect on your profile page, as well as on any post or comment you make on the platform.
change username on reddit - guide

Change Display Name on Reddit App (Android and iOS)

If you cannot change your username on Reddit, the least you can do is change your display name. Here’s how you do that:

  • Open the Reddit app and tap on your profile avatar at the top-left corner. Then, from the slide-out menu, tap on the ‘My profile‘ option.
How to Change Your Username on Reddit
  • On the next page, tap the ‘Edit Profile‘ button. You will now see the option to change your display name.
How to Change Your Username on Reddit
  • You can change your display name to anything you like, provided you stay within the 40-character limit. Make sure to hit the ‘Save‘ button at the top-right corner once you are done. Your new Display name will now reflect on your profile page.
How to Change Your Username Display Name on Reddit

Change Display Name on Reddit Website

Here’s how you can change your display name on the Reddit website:

  • Log into the Reddit website and click on your profile avatar at the top-right corner. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Profile‘.
How to Change Your Username on Reddit
  • On the next page, hit the gear icon (Settings) next to your profile avatar.
How to Change Your Username on Reddit
  • Now, you will see the option to change your display name. Change it to anything you want within the 40-character limit. Your changes will be auto-saved.
How to Change Your Username Display Name on Reddit
  • Go back to your profile page, and you will see your new display name instead of your username.
How to Change Your Username on Reddit

Note: If you can’t see your new display name, reload/ refresh your profile page to get rid of the cached content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many times can you change your username on Reddit?

Reddit only allows you to change your username once. Moreover, that’s only available to users who created their account with the automatically generated username suggested by Reddit. Once you change your username manually, you can no longer make any changes to it.

Q. Can I create multiple Reddit accounts with the same email?

Yes, Reddit allows users to create as many accounts as they want with the same email address. Therefore, you can create multiple accounts for separate use cases.

Q. How to Change Username of an Old Account?

If you’re unable to change your username because your account is not new, or because you have already changed your username once, the only thing you can do is create a new account with your desired username. Fortunately, you don’t need a new email ID to create another account.

Q. Are deleted Reddit accounts permanent?

Yes, once you delete your Reddit account you can’t restore it. What’s more, you can not create a new Reddit account with the same username either. However, do note that any past comments you made will not be deleted by deleting your account. Instead, they will show up with the username “[deleted]”.

Easily Change Your Username and Display Name on Reddit!

As you can see, changing your username and display name on Reddit is a breeze, be it on the app or the website. So go ahead, change your username and display name on Reddit, whatever is accessible to you, and let us know how easy was it to do so. Meanwhile, as a Reddit user, check out some of our other Reddit-related guides, including how to disable the ‘open in app’ prompt in Reddit and how to hide online status in Reddit.

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  • I just got a throwaway Reddit account. The first time I tried to leave comment a pop up window asking me I want this username. I clicked keep the name below change the name. Then above change the name shows please confirm . So I clicked n the same keep the name which turns into save the name but then another pop up window says I can’t change the username, but I specifically did not click on change the name. So I can’t leave any comments. What can I do?

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