Apple Music Adds 10 New Gen Z-Focused Playlists

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Apple Music has introduced a total of 10 new playlists focused on Gen Z audience. The new playlists are across diverse categories including viral social media songs, upbeat songs, mellow relaxing songs, songs that help you cope with mental health issues, among others.

The key attraction in the new addition has to be the ‘Viral Hits’ playlist. It features trending songs from social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. This way, you no longer have to hum or use Shazam to identify catchy songs. This will be a handy playlist for anyone who likes to stay on the loop with the latest songs.

Unlike other playlists that have a predefined update schedule, Apple says it will update the songs in the Viral Hits playlist throughout the week since ‘there’s no schedule for going viral’.

“Social media hasn’t just changed how we communicate, but also what we listen to and how we hear it. With that, here’s our up-to-the-minute playlist of tracks making the leap from your social channels into the broader cultural stream,” says Apple.

Another playlist worth mentioning is ‘Do Not Disturb’, which helps you deal with ‘the ups, the downs, the crashes, the coping’ of mental health issues. It features songs from artists along the likes of Alec Benjamin, Sasha Sloan, Lauv, and Jeremy Zucker. You can take a look at the entire list below:

Apple Music Gen Z Playlists

Apart from these Gen Z-focused playlists, TechCrunch reports that Apple Music has also added 24 new playlists to its platform. With all these new playlist additions, Apple Music hopes to emerge as the key player in the music streaming industry that Spotify currently dominates.

VIA TechCrunch
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