Apple MacBook Pro Users Faced with an Unusual Charging Issue

Macbook pro facing charging issue

Apple’s MacBook Pro users, since the dawn of this new year, have been reporting an unusual charging issue with their laptops. In early January, only a few reports for it had come in. However, over the past couple of weeks, the number of users facing this charging problem kept increasing, and now it has become somewhat of a “charging gate” for which Apple is infamous.

Is It the New Charging Gate?

According to reports, when MacBook users are plugging in their devices to juice them up, they won’t start charging. Instead, the devices are showing the battery level to be 1% and the maintenance prompt as well. Although the issue is widespread, it seems like it is affecting the 2017 MacBook Pros more than the other MacBook Pro models.

Following the spread of this charging problem in the MacBook Pros, many users have started speculating the root cause of it. So, as per some of them, this might simply be a software problem as many users reported that they started experiencing this issue only after upgrading to the latest macOS 11.1 Big Sur update. This could be possible as we have seen the new update brick old MacBook Pros before as well. Nonetheless, some users report that the issue exists in some pre-Big Sur devices too. So, the root cause of this issue is still unknown.

Some users have even tried to replace the batteries of their out-of-warranty devices at their own expense. However, the problem persisted after the battery replacement.

Apple’s customer service representatives have said that this issue might be related to the system update and its engineering team is currently working to fix it for users. So, if you are one of the affected users, all you can do now is sit tight for Apple to fix the issue and release an update for your device. However, there is no information on when exactly that fix might make its way to the users.

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  • Juzer Baatwala says:

    Yes, i own a MacBook Pro and i have the 2017 15inch model and i have been facing these issues as of now, and i am really frustrated at that . Although the new versions are out there, but i can’t upgrade as after the update. I won’t be able to use my some of the software as they are not compatible with the newer versions 🙁 so as of now i am stuck i dont know what to do …. All i can do is try resetting PRAM,SMC etc for now, and that to is not that effective its been so long i wanted to discuss this issue.
    Please help me if you know the fix if you know or else i may need to update that’s the last i can hope for

  • ashish dhakal says:

    I faced same issue with 13 inch mac book pro , my battery was 0 percent and while plugging in my macboom i used option shift and than p at same time for 20s and then release it and by pressing the power key again it started chargin but mac will encounter some lag after this but it wont last longer

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