Apple Is Gearing To Enter The Generative AI Race In 2024; Gurman

Apple Generative AI chatbot expected in 2024

Recently, Facebook introduced LlaMda 2, its open-source Large Language Model for commercial use, and with OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft, in the AI game, how can Apple keep itself off the playfield? And with that note, Gurman states that Apple is on track to introduce its very own generative AI model soon! Keep reading to know more about this.

Apple GPT In 2024?

In his latest Power On Newsletter report, Gurman states that Apple is working on Apple GPT, its own Generative AI Chatbot Model. As per informants closely associated with the project, this new Large Language Model will be based on Apple’s own AI framework dubbed “Ajax.” based on Google Jax.

It seems like the alleged AI chatbot was created last year by a handful of trusted engineers. With initial skepticism holding back the usage of the chatbot within the organization, it has since then seen a much wider rollout within the organization. But this doesn’t mean it is available to anyone and everyone within Apple. Usage is limited to special access only. This is similar to Samsung’s venture into the AI space by experimenting with its employees first. Now what does this mean for you and me? It’s simple. A commercial rollout of this chatbot is not becoming a reality anytime soon. Although Gurman thinks it might surface in 2024, it will be best to wait and watch!

If you have been paying close attention to Apple for the last couple of months, you will realize AI is already playing a huge role in the way you interact with your iPhones. At WWDC 2023, Apple introduced iOS 17 and it comes packed with AI-infused elements. For instance, look at how you interact with Facetime now or take the instance of the all-new Personal Voice feature where you train a literal AI to replicate your voice on your iPhone. There are several AI-based health elements coming to your Apple Watch later this year as well with AI creeping into your Apple products and services in some way or the other.

However, if you look at the trajectory Apple is following with AI, it is still in the early stages. However, this doesn’t mean the company was completely off the AI race. Gurman’s sources further cite that the AI push has gained momentum within Apple only recently. However, the gradual buildup and foundation for it was already in the work.

It is said that Apple is way behind in devising a concrete strategy for what to do with its generative AI. Apple is quite good at keeping the lid intact but as the flow of information has started, we can expect proper details on this soon. We would be sure to bring new developments your way as soon as they become available. Meanwhile, do share your thoughts on this new development in the comment section below.

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