Apple Plans to Introduce an AI-Based Health Coach and More Healthy Tools

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Looks like Apple is finally ready to ride the AI tide. In its bid to fuel AI-powered services, Apple is looking to infuse its fitness and wellness service with personalized coaching services and health tools. Continue reading below to know more!

Apple’s AI Coaching Service Coming Soon!

According to a report by Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, Apple is looking to increase its focus on fitness and wellness. In order to do so, the company is working on an AI-coaching model, along with a new technology to track mood. The key hardware for this implementation will be your Apple Watch.

The rumored concept for this project codenamed “Quartz” is that it will collect data from your Apple Watch and infuse it with AI to help you maintain healthy eating habits, develop healthy sleeping patterns, and ultimately stay motivated to exercise. The primary USP of this implementation will be on a per-user basis. This is because, in its entirety, the goal of this AI will be to give you a personalized fitness recommendation that is unique to your dataset.

While Gurman doesn’t elaborate on the mood-tracking aspect of the AI, it can be speculated that the AI model will be trained to track your emotions and give recommendations on a per-emotion basis. This tool could also be used to track conditions like nearsightedness.

Just like any other Apple service, this AI-coaching service will be a paid one with its own standalone application.

Apple Fitness Tracking Interface
Apple Fitness Tracking Interface (Source: Mark Gurman)

If this rumor pans out, this won’t be a surprise since Apple has been focusing a lot on fitness recently with the launch of Apple Fitness+. Apple might also introduce a dedicated Health app for iPads for health data on a larger screen. This could be introduced with iPadOS 17 expected during WWDC 2023.

Another interesting thing is that a journaling app is also in the pipeline and may launch as an extension of the Find My app. It remains to be seen when and if this sees the light of the day.

Now, we must remember that this is still in development and can be ditched or postponed anytime. So, let’s see how it goes! What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited to see how Apple integrates AI into its services? Comment down below with your thoughts!

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