AMD FSR 3 to Come Out Next Month, New Leak Suggests


AMD seems to be getting ready to finally release the long-awaited FSR 3.0 update some time next month. This could put AMD’s FidelityFX on par with Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology. The latest version of FSR is supposed to feature AI-powered frame generation tech, which adds to the smoothness of your game. Let’s learn about all the rumored details.

AMD FSR 3.0 Launch Imminent as Release Date Leaks

A renowned hardware leaker Moore’s Law Is Dead claims that FSR 3 is almost ready through a confidential source. This is extremely positive news and means that AMD is ready to release its new update to FSR. A timeframe is given for FSR 3’s launch in the leak; it could come out next month itself (September 2023), with OEM partners supposedly being notified by AMD to “expect FSR 3 briefings this week.” But if it doesn’t come out then, the leak suggests that FSR 3 should be ready by Q4 2023.

AMD FSR 3 Release Date Leak (Source: Moore’s Law Is Dead)

DLSS is intrinsically closed-source and relies on architecture-specific hardware present on the latest Nvidia GPUs. On the other hand, FSR is more open-source and works even on older graphics cards. You can read our detailed guide on AMD FSR technology, which also shows you how to use it on most graphics cards. While we don’t know if FSR 3 will be supported on older GPUs (and to what extent), it will still provide a much-needed performance in AMD’s existing RX 7000 Series GPU lineup.

Will AMD’s FSR 3.0 Match Up to Nvidia’s DLSS 3?

The leak above ends with stating that AMD’s goal is to have FSR 3 ‘out for Navi 32 reviews‘. If this goal is achieved, the overall response to new RDNA 3 GPUs from hardware media outlets could be quite positive. This is entirely dependent on how good FSR 3.0 will be though. Personally, I have tested DLSS 3 and its various visual quality improvements compared to when it was released. Nvidia has done wonders for it, and hopefully, AMD can match up to the same standard.

Still, we’re excited to see AMD gearing up to launch an update to FSR technology, with a new feature of frame generation. Finally, they will have an answer to Nvidia’s DLSS 3. The feature is one of the main USPs offered by NVIDIA across their RTX 40 Series GPU lineup. The enthusiast-grade GPUs from AMD and Nvidia are already quite fast and don’t require that much help from DLSS 3 frame generation. But, when we consider mid-range offerings such as the RTX 4060 Ti (review here), the importance of frame-generation technology increases.

Nvidia’s DLSS 3 Leverages AI to Increase Your Fps

The users of RTX 4060 & RTX 4060 Ti GPUs enjoy DLSS 3 with increased FPS numbers. But, AMD’s mid-range offering RX 7600 is left in the dust. While it appeals to many people by costing lesser than the RTX 4060 in many markets, it can’t magically insert AI-generated frames into games yet. That will finally change with the release of FSR 3. If the leaks hold up true, AMD is strategizing the release of FSR 3 along with new RDNA 3 GPUs such as the RX 7700 or RX 7800.

With time, we will see if FSR 3 ends up being as good as DLSS 3. I’m also eager to see if it relies on architecture-specific hardware or gets supported on older GPUs as well. You can check out what we know about AMD’s FidelityFX 3 update in the details provided by AMD back in the GDC 2023 presentation:

By the way, here is our buyer’s guide on the best graphics cards to buy in 2023. What do you think about AMD’s upcoming update to FSR 3.0? Are you expecting it to be supported on your GPU? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Yuna says:

    I still hope RTX 3060 mobile will support FSR 3.

    • Satyam Kumar says:

      That would be amazing, and extend the life of your RTX 3060 quite a lot!

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