Here are 4K Google Pixel Wallpapers for your Desktop

Pixel 2 Live Wallpapers Featured

Google’s live wallpapers are something that stands out every time a new Pixel device launches in the market. The simplicity, unique design aesthetics, and vivid animations might be some of the reasons why I love Pixel’s live wallpapers. With that said, a Reddit user has recreated 4K versions of wallpapers based on Pixel’s live wallpapers and I must tell you, they look incredible.

The Redditor with user name _R1zz_ shared the work earlier this week. To be specific, the wallpapers shared by the person are inspired by the “Living Universe” collection of Pixel live wallpapers that Google added on the Pixel 2.

The creator says that these wallpapers were developed by looking up the location on Google Earth followed by 4K rendering and editing on Snapseed. The Redditor did mention the difficulty encountered in the project for finding the exact location coordinates of these places.

There are 11 wallpapers in the folder at the time of writing this article and more wallpapers could be added in the future. If you are interested to try these wallpapers, check out the Google Drive link here.

My favorite wallpaper in the list has got to be “Lagos, Portugal”. It blends in very well and I’m using it as the lock screen wallpaper for my laptop now. Try out the wallpapers and let us know your favorite ones in the comments.

In the meantime, if you are looking for Pixel live wallpapers for your Android smartphone, download the Pixel 2 live wallpapers here, Pixel 3 live wallpapers here, and Pixel 4 live wallpapers here.

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