Xiaomi Starts Crowdfunding HiPee Smart Health Wizard, a Portable Urine Analyzer

Xiaomi HiPee

Xiaomi makes all kinds of products in its home market, ranging from lifestyle products to personal transportation vehicles. The company also makes a variety of IoT and smart devices, even for the health-tech sector. Adding on to its portfolio, the company has now started crowdfunding a smart portable urine analyzer, called HiPee Smart Health Wizard.

According to a recent report from Xiaomi Today, the HiPee Smart Health Wizard is a compact urine analyzer which has been designed to accurately detect anomalies in the user’s urine. The smart device, which is priced at just 399 Yuan, has been designed to eliminate the need for preliminary consultation to diagnose any medical conditions.

Xiaomi HiPee

The urine analyzer packs in eight different types of high precision sensors within its IPX7 certified water-resistant body, which are capable of detecting a total of 14 different indicators with just one test. It can successfully detect kidney diseases, pregnancy, or other issues related to the urinary tract, through the data collected by the companion app.

The HiPee Smart Health Wizard is capable of generating a precise health report, which Xiaomi claims can match up to a report issued by one of the three best hospitals in China. Xiaomi’s HiPee Smart Health Wizard has also been awarded the iF Design Award this year, for its functionality and elegant design.

Xiaomi HiPee

The device connects to the companion app via WiFi and is capable of displaying a health report in real-time. Users can also keep track of all their health reports on the companion app, which also alert them if it detects any anomalies over the course of several tests. Since the companion app is only available in Chinese, we believe that the device might not see the light of day in the international market. However, we can always hope that Xiaomi brings such devices to the Indian market through the Mi Crowdfunding platform which it launched earlier this year.

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