Forget 240W Fast Charging! Xiaomi’s 300W Tech Can Charge a Phone in Under 5 Mins

xiaomi 300W fast charging demo

The race to provide the fastest charging speed is still on and after Realme’s introduction of its 240W fast charging tech, it’s time for a new benchmark. To take a lead in this, Xiaomi has now demoed its 300W fast charging technology, which can charge a phone in under 5 minutes. Crazy right? Here are the details to know.

Xiaomi 300W Charging Tech Showcased

Xiaomi’s Redmi has showcased its new 300W fast charging tech in a recently posted video. This demo uses the modified Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition, which comes with 210W tech introduced back in December 2022.

The modified phone has a smaller 4,100mAh battery (as opposed to the 4,300mAh battery of the original model). The charger also uses the Double GaN technology, has a smaller size, higher power, and more than 50 safety protection items. It is said (via Engadget) that the battery has 15C cells, which have carbon materials for reduced thickness and higher power density for faster charging/discharging and lesser heat production.

The video shows how the phone reaches the 50% mark in just 2 minutes. It starts off by reaching 20% in about a minute. And the phone was fully charged in less than 5 minutes. Although, this wasn’t entirely the 300W tech behind it. It is revealed that this benchmark of fully charging a phone in under 5 minutes was achieved at the peak power of 290W. It was also able to keep up with 280W for about 2 minutes during the testing.

Xiaomi 300W fast charging
Image: Redmi/Weibo

So while this isn’t 300W in full force, this still is pretty impressive. For those who don’t know, Realme’s 240W tech, which comes with the Realme GT Neo 5, can fully charge the phone in about 9 minutes.

One thing to note here is that Xiaomi hasn’t revealed if this technology reaches its mass-produced phones. And if does, we don’t know when this will happen and which phone will be introduced with 300W fast charging. But, we will let you whenever there’s information on this. So, stay tuned. And do share your thoughts on the new milestone in the fast-charging arena in the comments below.

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