Xiaomi is all set to unveil MIUI 12 on the 27th of April in China. One of the major improvements with this upgrade is Dark Mode 2.0 and the company has detailed some of its features on Weibo.

Wallpaper Dimming

According to Xiaomi, MIUI 12 will support a feature named Wallpaper Dimming that dynamically adjusts the color temperature of your wallpaper based on the time of the day. Xiaomi has not clarified if this feature is limited to a specific set of wallpapers or can be used on custom-wallpapers as well.

miui 12 wallpaper dimming
Credits: MIUI / Weibo

Custom Animated AOD

Xiaomi will add support for custom animated Always-On Displays with MIUI 12. It will be based on MAML framework and will let developers use non-linear animation with time and weather on the AOD. There will be almost 1000 custom AODs to choose from.

Credits: MIUI / Weibo

As you can see below, there are quick toggles that you can use to customize the Always-On Display as per your preference. Xiaomi will also be bringing Mi Bunny, Kino (Redmi K30 avatar) AOD and has partnered with some companies like Game for Peace (Chinese version of PUBG Mobile) for custom AODs.

Credits: MIUI / Weibo

Font Weight Adjustments

Xiaomi claims MIUI 12 will automatically adjust the font weight. The feature is based on MIUI 11’s dynamic font system. On Weibo, Xiaomi says the feature will help reduce the glare and blur. Moreover, the font weight will be automatically reverted to normal in light mode. For instance, Xiaomi highlights how a text with font weight 580 gets converted to 630 in its new dark mode.

miui 12 font weight
Credits: MIUI / Weibo

Font Contrast Adjustments

To improve readability, Xiaomi says MIUI 12 will rely on screen brightness to adjust the font’s overall contrast. If it works as intended, it would help reduce strain on eyes.

miui 12 font contrast
Credits: MIUI / Weibo

Xiaomi might be teasing more features of MIUI 12 in the coming days, so stay tuned for more updates.