Microsoft Working on Windows ‘Lite’ to take on Google Chrome OS


microsoft windows 10 lean

Further the report says, Lite is only designed to run progressive web apps, and Universal Windows Platform apps, which means you can only use the Microsoft Store and web apps on the OS.

In fact, Microsoft is boldly leaving out enterprise and any business use case, and Petri says you might not even be able to buy a copy of Lite, like you could other versions of Windows.

“The goal of Windows Lite is to make it super lightweight, instant on, always connected, and can run on any type of CPU”

The timing of the news is peculiar as Qualcomm has officially unveiled the Snapdragon 855, which we know will be able to run Windows significantly better than the 835, or 850 and will also be more power efficient. With an OS and applications tailored for such an environment, we expect Windows Lite to be a really snappy experience.

The question as always remain whether OEMs would be enthusiastic about yet another attempt by Microsoft to create a light version of Windows. It may already have planned amazing new hardware to show off its potential, as hinted by rumors about Andromeda and foldable Surface PCs.

There are no guarantees of success. Android support on Chrome OS has brought in tons of success for manufacturers, especially in markets in developing countries such as India and in the education sector. Both of these will obviously be key targets for Microsoft too, given that these are real growth areas for the PC industry.


  1. It’s not even supposed to be called Windows as far as leaks confirm. It just has Lite in its name and a lot of people expect it to come with a different name dissoaciating from the Windows brand.

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